FollowUpXpert Business Edition

FollowUpXpert Business Edition

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send email auto-responders FollowUpXpert Business Edition enables you to process incoming mail on the POP3 server and send auto-responders based on various message criteria. You can create simple or advanced auto-responders, track link clicks and also send broadcast messages to senders that have been processed by the program. You can create multiple auto-responders and set filters based on sender,subject,keyword and other criteria to limit action to a specific target group. The senders can optionally added to a prospect database, which you can use to initiate future mailings, or to export the data to other formats. FollowUpXpert Business Edition can be used for anything from simple vacation notices to complex sequential auto-responders. Other features include mail loop prevention, integrated WYSIWYG message editor, mail merge, usage reports, support for attachments and more. Copyright

Trial Limitations: Demo sends up to 100 messages before it locks up

FollowUpXpert Business Edition is currently not available.

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