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speed up internet connections Speed up your internet connection by caching DNS requests. AnalogX FastCache is a caching DNS server that runs on your local machine and handles any DNS request that your computer makes. Every time you launch a web site, send an email or perform any other internet activity, your computer needs to lookup the domain name from your ISP s DNS server. It only takes a couple hundred milliseconds per request, but these seconds can add-up over time or slow you down if DNS response is slow. FastCache caches the results for a configurable number of days, so you don t have to waste time on repetitive DNS lookups. Additional features include tandem request (query primary and secondary at once), detailed statistics and more. Please note: This is a DNS proxy and requires you to change your network settings to use localhost (or IP of the machine) instead of your normal DNS entries. It requires some basic networking knowledge. Copyright

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Publisher AnalogX (23) Price Free
Version 1.03 Last updated Mar 20, 2009
File Size 381 Kb Requirements None

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Simple 4 stars by asamgaram Sep 16, 2010
It's simple and very easy to use. It saves time to lookup the DNS requests from your computer when browsing the web and make it faster. Works very well on my Windows XP SP3. show Review details
This free product could save you money. 4 stars by Redrik Jun 03, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
If you access the internet you access a DNS server every time you access a website. FastCache is your own DNS Server running on your own computer, keeping track of where you like to go but only for your own benefit. When you want to access a site a second or subsequent time FastCache already knows what to do so you save a little bit of upload and download every time. That might save you money and it WILL save a little time. For the price you pay (nothing) it's an absolute bargain. It WORKS and once set up you have nothing else to do, BUT you must read the documentation to set it up properly. It's easy for almost anyone to do and if you don't do it you are wasting your time downloading. show Review details
Simple, useful 5 stars by Riddick51PB Dec 26, 2005
This is a fine bit of software. if you're not able to configure FastCache, you should sell your computer and take up knitting. show Review details
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