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remove EXIF tags from photos ExifCleaner enables you to remove specific EXIF tags from your digital images. All digital cameras store additional information in your photos, including a wide range of technical data, camera model, exposure settings, owner information and much more. While this information can be very useful to manage and identify your images, it may cause privacy concerns for those who are sharing their photos on the Internet. ExifCleaner allows you to remove the information that you don`t want to disclose for privacy reasons (e.g. personal keywords, photographer name, GPS location etc.) while leaving other information intact. In addition to EXIF tags, the program can also remove XMP, IPTC (including the whole Photoshop IRB section), ICC profile, Adobe APP14 segment and JPEG comments from your files. You can also choose to strip tags completely, which can be useful if you want to reduce the size of your images to save some disk space. ExifCleaner does not alter the actual images data and all operations are performed lossless. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: 30-day trial, only process up to 7 files at once

ExifCleaner is currently not available.

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