eWall (Free Edition)

eWall (Free Edition)

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anti-spam gateway for mail servers eWall is a flexible SMTP gateway that can acts as a proxy for any mail server, and filter incoming mail based on a series of programmable filters and rules. It supports various anti-spam techniques including SPF, SURBL, DNSBL, Greylisting, Harvester detection, country block and more. The filters can be configured on an event basis allowing for more flexibility as they can be targeted at a specific part of the mail handling process. A scripting engine provides advanced users with even more control. eWall enables you to add highly configurable mail and spam filtering to your network, without having to change or upgrade your existing mail server. It also integrates with most popular anti-virus programs to provide virus scanning of incoming mail. eWall is free for personal or commercial use, but limited to 5 mailboxes. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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