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standalone font viewer dp4 Font Viewer is a standalone font viewer that enables you to browse all installed system fonts. You can preview the fonts by ASCII character range, type your own sample text or load a text file to preview how the selected font is rendered. The program supports filtering by font type, weight, width and class, making it easier to browse your fonts by limiting the selection. In addition, you can preview fonts from any given folder without having to install them, print selected (or all) fonts and more. Standalone, no installation. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Digital Performance Price Free
Version 3.3  history Last updated Apr 07, 2016
File Size 763 Kb Requirements None

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Outstanding font utility 5 stars by DoogieH Sep 08, 2011
This program does precisely what I needed it to. I have hundreds of fonts, and I wanted to print out a sample of each font; that way I would be able to leaf through a few pages to see how each font looks, when I'm trying to choose one for a project. Also, I have hundreds more fonts that are not installed on the computer (they just live on a DVD right now). This program had no problem finding and loading them almost instantly. I looked at some of the big commercial font managers, and was amazed at their prices. This program does precisely what I needed, so the expensive programs can't be better; at best they can be equal. But this one is free. I used it in Vista (64-bit version). The file is tiny and there is no installation required. This program really couldn't be better. show Review details
Good viewer 4 stars by gimpguy Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
With risk of being redundant, has a good set of filters, lightweight, plenty of options and does what it's intended to do. If you want something a bit more, look elsewhere but for most font viewing needs, this will work wonderfully. show Review details
Nice filters - no registry mods 4 stars by RobOppen Jun 12, 2009
Dp4 has filters that let you view sub sets of fonts, such as: only monospaced, by serif type, bold, condensed, etc. Very helpful. You can download a zipped version that does not need an install. Very small program. I like it. Could have more display options (like show all the font samples at once), but hey, its free. show Review details
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