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document backup and versioning DocShield is a document backup and version tool that constantly monitors user defined folders for changes and automatically creates compressed backup archives of all files that are modified. You can configure the file types to monitor, how many file snapshots to store and also set exclusions for certain file types or subfolders. The program will then scan the selected folder(s) at configurable intervals and add update the backup archive with any documents that have been changed since the last check. When DocShield is running, it shows you a list of all the files being monitored, the number of available snapshots for each and offers options to view and extract backup copies from the archive. For additional security, you can also choose to copy the backup archive to a USB drive or upload it to an FTP server of your choice. DocShield is not designed to back up your entire system, but only selected folder locations that contain documents you change or update frequently. Free for personal use. Copyright

DocShield is currently not available.

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