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remove all non-default software from your PC Decrap my Computer is a tool designed to remove the bloatware that most manufacturers pre-install on new Windows computers. When you first run the software, it will scan your system and then present you with a list of all removalble software, from which you can choose the items to remove. Unfortunately, unlike the original PC-Decrapifier, Decrap my Computer is completely clueless when it comes to decide which software is commonly considered unneeded "bloatware" and will suggest to remove pretty much *all* third party software that is installed on your computer. In our case this included our CD/DVD burning package and media software (which came pre-installed), as well as ATI video driver software, our Wi-Fi adapter, Microsoft Games, Windows Live applications, Windows DVD Maker, Flash player...., and any software we installed manually. Unless you really want to remove all non-Windows default software from your PC, you should be very careful when using this software, especially if you have software installed that you've paid for. Decrap my Computer does offer you to create a restore point so you can (potentially) undo the changes, but due to the large amount of changes, extra caution should be taken. The batch uninstall itself, which we tested with about a dozen programs, will choke as soon as a reboot is required and you'll have to start over... If you really just want to get rid of common pre-installed "Crapware", the free PC-Decrapifier is a much safer choice, especially for non tech-savvy users. However, if you prefer a nuclear approach, feel free to give Decrap my Computer a try. Copyright

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