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personal planetarium CyberSky is an astronomy program that provides a personal planetarium to the sky and shows you the current positions of the stars and planets based on your location. It also offers a real-time animation that calculates the current sky and allows you to go back or forward in time. You can customize the display by showing or hiding object labels, constellation boundaries and figures, grid lines and also quickly locate the 8 (9) planets via buttons on the toolbar. Other features include a search feature to locate stars and deep space objects by name, or input of coordinates, atlas or horizon display mode, printable star charts and more. The sky display is rather technical and lacks the eye candy and 3D enhancements offered by other products, but it includes a good deal of detail and information for hobby astronomers. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

CyberSky is currently not available.

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