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provides protection against ramsomware CryptoPrevent is an anti-virus/anti-malware software supplement that is designed to provide protection mainly against ransomware and some other malicious software threats. The program monitors your files and folders and looks for certain infection tactics and launch point locations to detect and intercept a potential ransomware infection. CryptoPrevent uses a combination of white/black list, behavioral detection, blocking of certain programs and hash identifiers that can be customized to your need with three different protection plan. Some of the available options are a little technical and require at least some basic knowledge of the operating system. Based on your settings, certain types of files will be prevented from running within the protected areas you define. If this causes problems with legitimate programs, you can customize the white/blacklist policies to your needs. The core protection features are free, a Premium version is available for purchase. This is the last release of the free edition, future releases will require a license fee. Copyright

CryptoPrevent is currently not available.

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