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client-side encryption for your cloud files Cryptomator provides you with free, Open Source client-side encryption for your cloud files. It works with any cloud provider, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and any other storage service. Cryptomator works by creating an encrypted "Vault" that you save to wherever you store your cloud files. The vault can then be opened as a virtual drive letter from the Cryptomator interface and you can add files by moving or copying them with Windows File Explorer. Everything you put onto the virtual drive ends up encrypted in your vault from where it will be synced to your cloud provider. Unlike disk encryption utilities (e.g. VersaCrypt), Cryptomator does not create an encrypted container but encrypts each file individually. So if you only edit a few files, only the corresponding encrypted files are changed, which means you won't have to sync your entire vault each time you add or edit files. Cryptomator uses AES encryption and every file you add to your vault is automatically encrypted on-the-fly. You only need to enter your master password when you unlock the vault. Cryptomator can also be used to simply store files securely on your hard drive or portable USB drives, you don't need to use any cloud service to sync your files. Copyright

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Version 1.9.1  history Last updated Jun 07, 2023
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