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process images from the right-click menu CoolTweak enables you to add customizable image processing options to your right-click menu that enable you to conveniently resize, watermark and share your images. The default options include image resizing, watermark and sharing via Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter. You can customize these and also remove the options you don't want or need. CoolTweak can be used with "Live" actions, which allow you to specify each time how you want to process an image, or you can use pre-configured actions that will immediately process the image based on your settings (e.g. Resize to 900px). You can also choose to move and rename your images, customize the output quality, test your settings and choose from several presets. The "Editor" interface to configure you actions is modern and attractive, although I found it to be a bit over-engineered and confusing for my taste. Copyright

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Publisher Gueven Price Free
Version 3.3.0  history Last updated Jun 07, 2017
File Size 22.3 Mb Requirements .NET Framework 4

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Not as customizable as it claims. 2 stars by Lloyd_B Jan 08, 2017 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I installed this to make quick changes to images but when I wanted to add an action to open an editor, there was no obvious way to do it. I also found the program pauses at times. This is the only application on my system that does this. I'm probably going to uninstall it since I can get another application to do these functions and be easier to customize with custom actions. show Review details
Nice tool 4 stars by neuron-riot85 Nov 30, 2013
I just installed this software and it runs fine, I really like the idea to be able to launch actions from the right click menu and to be able to customize what is actually shown inside. Once you've dropped all the unnecessary menus, it gets quite handy (for instance, I just send photos to my flickr account so I removed all the other sharing entries). The only confusing thing is that the menu editor starts just after the install process and I didn't understand what it was all about at first (a little too complex). I like the design but it you should be more intuitive. And to react to previous comment, yes ! It's obviously frustrating not being able to uncheck the disabled check-boxes in pref windows but I don't think it could gathers more data than any of web-browsers or anti-virus software silently do ! show Review details
Couple of questionable issues 3 stars by gimpguy Nov 26, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Ok, understanding this is BETA, I still have an issue with having to be able to send anonymous information to them when I don't want to, or having to have updates installed when I want them to or not. They say these options are disabled because it's mandatory with the beta so they can find issues. Now, I've been using software since oh... 1997 and never once did I see a beta that forced either one of those options. I find that a bit questionable sorry. Aside from that I found the interface messy and over blown, could have been much less confusing and easier to set what you want. I have others that do the same and are a lot more user friendly. I gave it a 3 "being nice" since it's BETA and in the works and time will tell if there are improvements but note to author or authors... anything I'm forced to keep checked, beta or not, I consider a security risk, sorry that's just the way it is. show Review details
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