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pre-boot access authentication CompuSec PC Security Suite is a security software that uses pre-boot authentication and full hard disk encryption as well as encryption of floppy disks and other removable media. The pre-boot access control requires you to enter your UserID and password before the system will boot up. There are two encryption methods available, one that will keep your data encrypted prior to boot, and one that will encrypt data on-the fly. If the data is encrypted before boot, your hard disk can only be accessed with the proper password (even removing the hard drive would still keep it protected). The Full Hard Disk Encryption uses AES with fast encryption speeds to keep your data private and secure. The program can also encrypt floppies and other removable media, so that the files are only accessible by the authorized user. It currently only supports a single-user pre-boot logon. CompuSec PC Security Suite is completely free and not limited in features. The developers also create hardware e-identity devices that are compatible with the software and allow logon with a USB or Smartcard key instead of typing a password. Since the software needs to modify the Master Boot Record, it is important that you disable any anti-virus software during installation, otherwise the install will fail. Copyright

CompuSec PC Security Suite is currently not available.

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