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backup your files Comodo Backup enables you to automatically backup your important files and folders to a local drive, FTP location or your CD/DVD burner. The program offers 3 different backup methods, including a simple copy or move approach as well as folder synchronization. The built-in scheduler can run as a Windows service and allows you to run your backups automatically, even if you are not logged in. Other features include support for backup compression (2gb zip file limit), macro commands to construct backup paths, optional email notifications on completed backup, password protection, integrated DVDCD burning and more.Comodo Backup also includes an online backup option with 5GB of free backup storage. Copyright

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Publisher Comodo Inc (5) Price Free
Version 4.4.1  history Last updated Oct 08, 2014
File Size 21.3 Mb Requirements None

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First comodo product that has disappointed 3 stars by brutallyblue Feb 15, 2012 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Due to past experience, I have a high regard for Comodo. As a cash-strapped college student, their freeware was a blessing. Choosing their backup program was a no-brainer. Installing it was easy. Although the UI was a bit overwhelming, I still was able to figure out how to tell the program what I wanted to back up, where I wanted it to go, and how often. I clicked "start backup" and it began. The check box to have the program turn off the PC when it was done was very handy. The next day, I turned on my computer, and read the log, and everything went as planned. I was really pleased, but not surprised because Comodo quality to me. The trouble started when I tried to do a 2nd (incremental) backup. To start this task I just had to take my best guess, as there was no help. Nowhere to pick up where I left off. The schedule I had set was even gone.I was told it had to "scan" the backup in order to process the subsequent files to be backed up.I clicked on back up and it began. I came back three hours later. 0 of the files had been backed up. It was still scanning the backup."155644 files found" was what I got as updates every few minutes.The Comodo help site wasn't much assistance because I couldn't come up with the correct phrase to describe my problem in a search engine.I stopped it after 4.5 hours with 0 backed up. I don't have the time to research this problem right now, due to work and grad school. I will look elsewhere, but I still have high regard for Comodo. show Review details
Best app so far! 5 stars by JaJoa69 Oct 15, 2010 (Read all my 18 reviews)
Been using Comodo Backup for more than 1 year,and so far it is the best and simplest to use I have found.Only problem I have from time to time,is that it changes my Destination External hard drive letter from G to H or vice versa,and of course it won't work until you adjust it. show Review details
Backup to CD/DVD? Really? 2 stars by megabob6666 Nov 11, 2009 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Comodo's suggestion to do backups to a CD/DVD is to do the backup to your hard drive or a virtual drive and then burn the backup to a CD/DVD with your burning program. Despite Comodo's claim to the contrary, there is no way to do a backup directly to a CD/DVD. I installed Nero's InCD hoping that this program would detect the formatted DVD as another hard drive, but it would not. I really like this program's interface and the clean backups it does to a hard drive, but I need to do backups to a CD/DVD. Hopefully, Comodo will resolve this issue in the future and provide a better solution to doing backups to a DVD. This is an excellent program as long as you don't need to do backups to a DVD. I ended up going with GFI Backup on this website since it will do backups directly to either the CD/DVD drive or to the CD/DVD drive with InCD formatting; in the latter case, it treats the DVD drive just like another hard drive. show Review details
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