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rename and organize your movies Collbee can automatically scan your media collection and automatically rename and organize your movies and TV shows. The program provides can optionally place each video into its own folder (with additional fan art and folder image), rename movies and TV shows by using a consistent naming pattern - movies are named after the movie tile and the release year, and TV shows are rename to reflect the name of the show, episode number and season. Collbee uses popular public movie and TV show databases to retrieve the information about your media files along with artwork and optional meta data for Windows Media Center and XBMC. You should note that once you add your media folders to the "collections", Colbee will immediately start scanning and renaming your files. We recommend to check the renaming options before you add any folders for processing - better yet, test the results with a small subset of your collection before starting to rename all your files. In a future version, we would like to see a preview option that allows the user to assess the renaming results before applying them to the files. Copyright

Collbee is currently not available.

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