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text and file encryption Code Master is a simple encryption program that enables you to type or paste text into an input form and then encrypt it with your choice of algorithm. You can then paste the encrypted text into an email message or chat conversation to securely exchange the information over the Internet. In addition to plain text, the program can also encrypt any type of file or document. In order to decrypt the information, you (or the recipient) must use the Code Master application, select the encryption algorithm and enter the correct password, therefore it is imperative that you remember that information. Other features include random password generation and a folder monitoring option. Code Master supports many popular algorithms such as Blowfish, Twofish, DES , Triple DES, AES, Rijndael,RC2, and several older ciphers. Copyright

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Publisher CodeMaster Team (Open Source) Price Free
Version 2.0 Last updated Jun 09, 2010
File Size 312 Kb Requirements .NET Framework 3

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