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easy to use file encryption with cloud support Cloudfogger is a file encryption tool that you can use to encrypt local files and/or files that you are synchronizing with online cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, SkyDrive and others. You can use the program to encrypt a file from the right-click menu in WIndows Explorer, using a master password that only needs to be set once.Cloudfogger also creates a virtual drive letter that acts as a secure container and automatically encrypts all files that are added to it. The files in your virtual drive are encrypted/decrypted on-the-fly. They can be accessed from any application - no need to enter a password as long as the drive is unlocked. Once you lock your drive, the files will become inaccessible without the proper password. To use Cloudfogger with your cloud service, you'll need to select the folder that you are using to sync with the cloud (e.g. your Dropbox folder) and the program will automatically sync your encrypted files with the selected folder. Each time you add a file to your local Cloudfogger drive, an encrypted version will also be added to your Dropbox folder. Other features include optional sharing of encrypted file via an integrated sharing service (requires email registration) and secure file deletion. Cloudfogger uses AES encryption to protect your data. Copyright

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