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restore several classic Windows features Classic Shell enables you to restore several classic Windows features that have been changed in Windows Vista and Seven. For one, the program lets you replace the new Windows 7 Start Menu with the classic version that you are familiar with from previous version of Windows. Classic Shell also includes a set of features that allow you to restore several Windows Explorer features such as the classic Copy dialog, the classic Windows Explorer toolbar buttons (copy/move/delete), the classic Explorer tree view (small + boxes) and some other features. The installer includes Classic StartMenu as well as the Classic Explorer and ClassicIE9 options - they can be installed together or individually. Classic Shell supports Windows 8 and enables you to bring back a XP, Vista or Win7 style Start Menu and Start button. It also includes an option to automatically skip the Metro/Modern screen and go directly to your desktop when your computer starts. Read our article How to use Windows 8 without Metro for more information. Note: As of December 2017, Classic Shell is no longer in active development. Check out Open Shell, which continues the project. Copyright

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Publisher Ivo Beltchev (Open Source) Price Free
Version 4.3.1  history Last updated Aug 14, 2017
File Size 6.85 Mb Requirements None

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A must have app! makes windows useable again! 5 stars by Bigdummys Nov 01, 2016 (Read all my 12 reviews)
It is on my top 5 apps to install on any of my new computers. i install it right after firefox. i just cant say enough good things about it. best thing since sliced bread! this app gives back what microsoft seems to take with every new os release. useability of your computer. it unmacs your pc. many of us actually use computers and need features more useful than something for a 5yr old. show Review details
All desktop users must have this! 5 stars by mikesantana Dec 09, 2015 (Read all my 25 reviews)
Started using this with Win7, via Win88.1 now Win 10. Lets you choose menu styles from Classic (I still prefer this), 2 column and Win 7 styles. Also allows selection of what is on the menu (and in what order), submenus, links, jump-lists, hot-keys, etc, etc, etc. Everything I always wanted! Can auto-bypass the horrible "new style" Windows Start page, but you can still get to it easily enough when(if?) you need to. Since the menu can include the "apps" list if you choose, who needs the Start page! Transparency and "glass" effects are available for menus, taskbar, etc (I use glass for the taskbar). Can customize the Explorer and IE look and feel - I like this. NOTE: most of the more detailed options are not displayed unless you click the "show all settings" box - well worth a look. FINALLY: can't live without it, don't know how anyone else manages to! show Review details
Made win 8.1 usable again 5 stars by EmpressTrudy Nov 15, 2015 (Read all my 16 reviews)
It's a great option, particularly if you were stuck with Lenovo's awful Pokki shell before. Classic shell is a great add on that makes Win 8.x operate just like Win 7. If anything it has too MANY features. It's lightweight and fast. show Review details
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