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Anti-Spam Solution Cloudmark DesktopOne (Free Version) is an anti-spam solution that can be used with any POP3, IMAP or Web mail account and offers additional toolbar integration for MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird. The program automatically filters spam, virus and phishing scams from your Inbox and routes it into a designated Spam folder POP3 quarantine, from where you can review the spam messages and, if necessary, recover them. If a junk message slipped through the filter or was incorrectly marked as spam, you can easily re-classify it by clicking the toolbar icon in your (supported) email program or the POP3 Spam Quarantine. Cloudmark DesktopOne uses online intelligence that automatically adapts to new spam trends without the need for manual filter adjustments or updates. You can manually create a list of senders or domains that should be excluded from filtering but beyond that, it offers very little control over the filter settings. The free version has several limitations, it only supports a single email account and folder, and the option to automatically trust senders from your address book is disabled. Copyright

Cloudmark DesktopOne is currently not available.

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