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protect files on CDs and USB drives CD-Lock allows you to encrypt portable data on CDs, DVDs, USB drives and other removable media. It securely encrypts the files, using Blowfish, and can optionally scramble the original file names as well. What makes CD-Lock unique, is that it can transparently decrypt the files on the CD, after the password is entered. It does NOT require you to copy files, then decrypt them - instead just asks for the password and displays the files. The files are automatically locked again when the CD (or other media) is removed. CD-Lock works with regular CD-Rs and does not require to use CD-RWs. CD-Lock disks can be distributed to anyone and will work on any computer running Windows 2000 or XP. (Win 98/ME users can decrypt the files on the CD, but it won`t be done automatically). The user only needs the password, and does not have to install CD-Lock. The program is also very useful to protect data on a portable USB Thumbdrive or similar devices. Even though CD-Lock prevents viewing of your data, it does not prevent access to the CD or media. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

CD-Lock is currently not available.

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