Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync)

Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync)

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Automatically sync files via torrent connection Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) enables you to automatically synchronize files across multiple computers that are connected via LAN or Internet connection. The concept is similar to Dropbox and other cloud sync apps, however unlike most other services, Resilio Sync does NOT use the cloud as a middleman. Instead it uses a direct, secure torrent connection that transfers files directly between your computers, without uploading them to a third party. For each folder you want to share, you receive a "Secret" which is essentially a long random code that you can use to grant access to the folder from a remote machine. You can then install Resilio Sync on the computer(s) that you want to sync your files with, and simply enter the "Secret" code to start synching your files. The advantage of using a direct connection over a cloud service is that your files will never be stored on a third party server, and are therefore safe from potential privacy breaches. In addition, since files are stored on your own computer, there are no imposed storage limits. The downside is that your main computer (the one sharing the files) must be online and connected to the Internet whenever you need access to your files. Also, the file transfer speeds can potentially be slower since you are limited to the (upload) speed of your Internet service. If you prefer privacy over speed and convenience, Resilio may be a good, and easy to set up alternative to popular cloud sync services. Copyright

Trial Limitations: After 30 days free to use with limited features

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Publisher BitTorrent, Inc (3) Price $39.99 per year
Version  history Last updated Sep 15, 2016
File Size 14.3 Mb Requirements None

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Installed and like it 4 stars by Ubiquitous Jul 26, 2013 (Read all my 2 reviews)
The executable file size is to be recommended. Works on several desktop computers along with my laptops and tablet. I am using with WIN XP Home 32 bit, WIN 7 Home 64 bit, WIN 7 Pro 32 bit and Android 4.1 OS. Have not had any problems and the files are showing up in all devices quickly after sharing. When any file is deleted from any shared folder it is gone so I suggest making copies to share. I have not found a way to delete the history, if it is possible. All in all, just what I was looking for to securely sync my files between numerous devices without storing information in the "cloud". show Review details
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