BORG (Berger-Organizer)

BORG (Berger-Organizer)

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calendar and task tracking system BORG (Berger-Organizer) is a combination of calendar and task tracking system with project management and To-Do lists. The calendar offers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view styles and support one-time or recurring events that can be organized into categories and also color coded. It can remind you of upcoming events via pop-up notification or by sending an email with the integrated SMTP component. In addition to regular calendar entries, you can also quickly add a note or to-do item to any given day, without the need to configure an properties. The built-in task manager can be used for full-scale project management with assigned tasks and sub-tasks, or you can use the CheckList feature to create simple to-do list with check boxes. BORG stores all your information in a local database (HSQLDB, mySQL, H2 or generic JDBC) and can export/import your data to/from XML format. Other features include optional encryption, custom color schemes and advanced search options. The program is portable but requires Java (JRE). Copyright

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Publisher MBCSoft Price Free
Version 1.8.3 Last updated Aug 27, 2017
File Size 3.77 Mb Requirements Java

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