Bayside Sniper II

Bayside Sniper II

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eBay auction manager and sniper Bayside Sniper is an easy-to-use and effective auction tracking and sniping program for eBay auctions. It is capable of placing bids at the last few seconds of an auction (Sniping) and also offers a variety of additional features that make bidding at eBay more convenient and efficient. You can keep track of any number of auctions, and add new items by simply copying the auction ID to the clipboard while surfing the eBay web site. The program also offers NIST time synchronization, auto update of auction items, multiple user and category support and alerts when items change. The color coded display allows you to easily recognize the status of each auction. Additional features include quick access to search results, auto-dial, item archiving , and more. Bayside Sniper works well and comes with many useful and convenient features at a reasonable price. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 14 day Fully Functional

Bayside Sniper II is currently not available.

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