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time synchronization utility AtomSync is an advanced time synchronization utility that can be used on a standalone PC, or can act as a time server synchronizing your entire LAN. AtomSync allows your machine to connect to an internet time server of your choice and retrieve the official time. The program can handle automated or user activated adjustments when necessary. It can be scheduled to check time on a user defined schedule and offers customizable figures for acceptable time differences. Additional features include optional user pop-up notification when time adjustments are needed, WAV file notification of time adjustment as well as integration with Microsoft Agent for spoken and animated user notifications. The tray icon indicates the status of your time, using a customizable color coding. When registered at the server level and running in a network environment, AtomSync can function as a time server and broadcast the correct time to all machines in your workgroup (LAN server license fee is $69.99). Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

AtomSync is currently not available.

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