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protect your data from prying eyes AntiSnooper is a sort of privacy filters that protects your open applications and data from prying eyes e.g. somebody standing behind you or walking up to your desk, also known as "shoulder surfing". Instead of quickly minimizing the open windows (which may look awkward), you can simply move your mouse off the application and AntiSnooper will automatically obscure the content of the window to make it unreadable or unrecognizable. You can adjust the obscure factor as well as the timeout to your needs. AntiSnooper will only obscure the applications that you add to the "Protected Profiles" list (e.g your word processor, your browser etc.), all other windows will behave as usual. Copyright

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Publisher Bagrify Solutions Price Free
Version 1.1 Last updated May 05, 2014
File Size 11.0 Mb Requirements None

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