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digital alarm clock Alarm is a digital alarm clock that you can set to display a message and play a sound or music file (.mp3, .wav or .mid) at a time of your choice. The alarm message can be displayed in a small pop-up window or in full screen mode which cannot be overlooked. The program offers a configurable snooze timer and customizable LED colors for the time display. Copyright

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Publisher David De Groot (5) Price Free
Version 2.0.7  history Last updated Jun 28, 2013
File Size 705 Kb Requirements None

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My friend for quite a while 4 stars by Henry8 Apr 20, 2013 (Read all my 37 reviews)
It's not the perfect calendar program, but it was never meant to be? A very nice and user friendly alarm for simple tasks like
when does the film start on TV
boiling eggs, potatoes or rice or whatever
remember to check... whatever
doing janitor job I am: remember to lock the outdoor. Its simplicity vastly excels its lack of further qualities. If you need an alarm like the old mechanical "screw it to the amount of minutes you need" which usually ended at one hour, I recommend you try this. Easy to caliber, it is. The best recommendation may be: I use it. show Review details
Would be alright 2 stars by gimpguy Aug 26, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Without a default repeat on the alarm, it's all but useless to say, wake someone up. I tried my own .wav sound, hit repeat, still went off only once. Maybe this can be used for a one time alarm when on the PC but let's face it, when you install an Alarm, "typically" it's to keep alerting, not just one popup and sound. So that said, if you need something to actually wake you up with options, use get Free Alarm Clock, if you want something just to alert you once (even though others do this anyway) this would work. The sad part is, a few more options, this would be an excellent alarm clock, I do love the interface but again, not much use for it. Wish I could rate 2 and a half but that's not an option, so I give it a 2. show Review details
Easy to use, works well 4 stars by wingwalker Nov 14, 2010
If you need a simple alarm clock on your pc, this is a great little program. If you don't need recurring alarms, and I don't, give Alarm a try. As the first reviewer said, this one actually works. show Review details
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