A+ Folder Locker (Free Edition)

A+ Folder Locker (Free Edition)

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hide and encrypt files and folders A+ Folder Locker (Free Edition) enables you to hide your sensitive files and folders inside secure containers that are password protected and encrypted. Once you unlock a container it is mounted as virtual drive and you can access your files from Windows Explorer as you normally would. You can create multiple lockers of various sizes and organize them into categories for easy reference. Your lockers can be protected with a regular password or a pattern password with an optional file key for added security. In addition to file lockers, the program also includes a steganography feature to hide and encrypt files or folders inside regular BMP, WAV and JPG files, as well as a secure file wiper. The Free Edition is has a maximum file size of 200mb per locker. Copyright Snapfiles.com

A+ Folder Locker (Free Edition) is currently not available.

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