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password manager Access Manager provides fast, easy and secure storage for all your passwords. You can organize passwords into types and categories for easy access and keep notes, web site links and e-mail addresses with each password. Email addresses or web site URLs can be automatically launched from within the program. The program is easy to use and uses a clean MS Outlook style interface and can be protected with a master password. Also included is an option to generate random passwords, search functions, printing of password lists and more. Free for personal use. Copyright

Access Manager is currently not available.

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Does not work on Windows 64bit1 starsby Bigfatbob Apr 26, 2011
I've always used Access Manager and would have liked to have continued using it. However, the software isn't compatible with 64bit windows and consequently I'm forced to look elsewhere for alternative password managers. Suffice to say that I'm ever so slightly peaved and I shan't be returning to Access Manager. Anyone considering AM take note. The developers rarely provide updates and they appear to have very little interest in keeping their users happy. showReview details
The software developer responded to this review on Jul 11, 2012: We are sorry that it has taken so long to produce a 64-bit version of Access Manager - but it is finally here. We understand that it has been difficult for many people but we hope that you might consider taking another look at it at some point in the future.
Forget about it - if you use vista 64bit1 starsby sndrdg Jun 20, 2009
Since 2005 - I have been a paid user of their product (freeware version had too many restrictions to be of any use to me). I am disgusted that the developer - for literally years now - has failed to port their product to work on 64bit Windows operating systems. This product is old and stale and the source code is proprietary. The good news is - I spent a huge amount of time evaluating competing products - and I highly recommend KeePass Password Safe. KeePass is free - with no restrictions - and perhaps more importantly to some - it is Open Source (OSI certified). The source code is freely available to be examined by "us" - the community at large - to ensure there is nothing funny going on under the hood. Because I had the "paid" version of Access Manager - I was able to easily export my password file as a ".csv" file - and with minor manipulations - was able to import it directly into KeePass. showReview details
This is what I needed5 starsby gimpguy Sep 30, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While I like RoboForm, it was a bit too much for what I wanted, not to mention the problem with email not being a secure source. That said, this is excellent for doing what I want, storing,organizing, protecting my saved passwords. It's very easy to use, up front, and I like the fact it Exports my lists of passwords so if I want to print it, I can keep a hard copy as well. I export to PDF or whatever and it works great! Also, it's password protected, "Master password" protected even to export or print which is a huge deal to me. I have no complaints on this and think they did a wonderful job with it. It's now staying on my PC for good! showReview details
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