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create encrypted containers and drives TrueCrypt is an open-source encryption software that enables you to create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a virtual drive, that can be accessed via a drive letter. Any file that is stored on this virtual drive is automatically encrypted on-the-fly, and can only be accessed while the drive is mounted and unlocked with the correct password or key. TrueCrypt supports a variety of encryption algorithms, including AES-256, Blowfish (448-bit key), CAST5, Serpent, Triple DES, and Twofish. Other features include full disk encryption, support for FAT32 or NTFS formatting, hidden volumes, hotkeys for mounting/dismounting and more.TrueCrypt can be installed on a portable drive unless you want to encrypt your system partitions. Note:The development of TrueCrypt was officially ended in May 2014, based on (controversial) concerns over potential security flaws. However, a crowdfunded audit of the TrueCrypt source in 2015 has not found any flaws that would make TruCrypt insecure. Copyright

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Publisher TrueCrypt Foundation Price Free
Version 7.1a  history Last updated Feb 08, 2012
File Size 3.30 Mb Requirements None

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Best secure file or virtual disk available 5 stars by JohnTesla Jan 11, 2011 (Read all my 6 reviews)
As far as I can tell, True Crypt is so good it seems to have knocked other competing commercial software off the map. I use this every day to encrypt and protect sensitive data like my passwords and other sensitive information, including large files of sensitive tax data. It offers the user a lot of options for setting up their virtual secure "drive", including the ability to make the drive of nearly any imaginable size, and this program is essential for taking a lot of sensitive files when I travel. True Crypt allows me to keep identical copies of the same secure encrypted drive (as one single file) on my hard drive and also copy that to my USB drives or other storage devices. While there are other programs that are dedicated to login password management, for general secure, encrypted file and secure virtual drive software, I can't imagine anything better. I will say that it does require some user knowledge, so unfortunately like most really powerful software, you can't give this to grandma and expect her to be an expert. However, I have set this up for other people, and once set up, they use it quite easily securely for years. show Review details
An essential program for laptops 5 stars by Xristosnika Jan 07, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
My hard drive is partitioned and the partition is entirely encrypted with TrueCrypt. When I log on, a menu comes up and I type in the password and all of my personal files are available on a separate drive. When I log off, they are automatically encrypted. Easy and secure. Recommended! show Review details
Great features, some you may never guess! 5 stars by firefish5000 Dec 27, 2010
Review from Win XP/Vista/7 user, I don't know if its different for Linux so I'll let you decide. Not only can it encrypt files on your computer, but you can also download it to a flash drive and other types of removable media. Though it may not work if you install it from Win 7 to the flash drive and then try to use it on an XP, I know it definitely works the other way around. (It should work both ways, I believe the only feature that is only going to work on your machine is the association of .tc files with true crypt, which is optional) show Review details
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