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anonymous web surfing JAP enables anonymous web surfing with any browser through the use of integrated proxy services that hide your real IP address. The service uses a proxy mix cascade that effectively hides the identity of any one single user among the connections of all the other users - making it impossible, even for the proxy provider, to determine which IP belongs to which user. After installing JAP, you need to configure your browser to use the local proxy server (instructions provided) for web browsing. The provided control panel allows you to turn anonymity on or off, and also displays the current level of security. JAP comes pre-configured with several free service providers and also supports pay services. The free services are run by universities and other public infrastructures and are free of charge for the user (but can be painfully slow); additional pay services are also offered. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Project Anonymity in the Internet Price Free (Paid upgrade available)
Version 00.20.001  history Last updated Dec 19, 2016
File Size 33.5 Mb Requirements Java

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Too slow 2 stars by bigguy1 Mar 12, 2011
The few free sites it offers are all slow as sin. I don't know what they want to charge for the faster sites and I don't know how fast they would be but unless you want to pay money to use this system I don't think you will be happy with the slow free sites they offer. show Review details
Instructions are quite clear 4 stars by JohnofTaunton Sep 02, 2009 (Read all my 13 reviews)
For the non technical the instructions are quite clear, the program is reasonably easy to set up even with non Firefox browsers. I use Opera, even this browser was covered. Installed it takes up 8.7 Mbs. Its great. show Review details
Great tool 3 stars by mohd6606 Mar 11, 2009
Great tool and its free show Review details
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