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regular-expressions-based URL rewriter ISAPI_Rewrite is a regular-expressions-based URL rewriter for IIS that installs as an ISAPI filter. It offers powerful features that enable you to modify URL properties on-the-fly, allowing for dynamic page redirections, search engine optimization, referrer blocking, content negotiations, load balancing, changing dymamic links to static links, and many other uses. You can also use the software to fight URL based security risks and SQL injection attacks (to some extend). ISAPI_Rewrite is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite, allowing you to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa. The software does not provide a GUI since configuration is rule based and done via a text file. Some basic scripting and use of Regular Expressions is Required. Copyright

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Publisher Helicon Tech (2) Price $99.00
Version 3.1.95  history Last updated Nov 13, 2012
File Size 3.32 Mb Requirements None

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