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Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel

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online content filter Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel is an online content filter that works independently from web browser or other applications. It filters the content directly on the TCP/IP level, and therefore works with any software that uses the Internet, including email programs, instant messengers and so on. The program comes with integrated filters and does not require any configuration. You can customize the filtering to some degree by specifying additional sites to allow or block, which also allows you to override any incorrect filtering. During our review, we were unable to access due to false identification, which could be corrected by checking the site as trusted. Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel offers 3 security levels based on age of the viewer, and an integrated update function to keep the filters current. The program can also be used to restrict access to a list of trusted sites, as well as limit usage to specify days and times. Additional features include email notification, chat blocking, online game blocking and password protection. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel is currently not available.

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