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image compression tool Caesium is an image compression tool that can dramatically reduce the file size of your JPG images with little or no perceptible quality loss. You can process multiple images in a batch and optionally set different compression ratios for each image. A built-in preview allows you to preview the results of different compression settings without making any changes to your images. The compressed versions of your pictures can be saved to a folder or your choice or renamed with a custom prefix. Caesium is not an image resizing tool, it will compress your images but maintain their original dimensions. Copyright

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Publisher Matteo Paonessa Price Free
Version 1.7.0  history Last updated Nov 29, 2013
File Size 21.8 Mb Requirements None

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Amazing conversion for free 4 stars by realbull2009250 Aug 13, 2013 (Read all my 60 reviews)
I'm reviewing the 1.6.1 version, but I've been using this since the 1.5.0 version and tried versions before that. This has improved a lot since I first tried the 1.4 versions. The early versions would leave the compressed jpg with those jagged blocks around images that we have become familiar with. But the more recent versions fixes all of this! Compressed jpg images are virtually lossless, near or perfect conversions in my experience, but it depends on the quality setting in which you choose. It's right on par with Adobe PS own built-in convert image for web compressor. Conversion is fast, too. Many times the conversion time was almost instant. The GUI is very simple with icons used in the menu bar drop down list, but there is an option to show the toolbar, but the toolbar has no icons. What happen? I can see my cursor hover over tiny buttons/dots to click-on. Maybe the developer didn't see this as important or perhaps it will be added in the next version or just eliminate it. You can set the quality and image file you want to convert to or the same as input. You can manually resize the image or keep the aspect ratio. And you are able to choose where to save the file(s). There is also a preview of the image(s) you want to convert. After you compress your image(s) you can see details of the percentage that it was compressed to. My only complaint is that it only converts to JPG, PNG and BMP. How about GIF? An amazing converter that definitely deserves much more recognition. show Review details
Excellent, free and works great! 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I took a 600 kb image, compressed at 80, down to 206 kb, could not tell a difference. I then tried at 50 percent, 145 kb, still no difference that they eye can tell. I blew up both images to max and I still can't see a difference. If someone understands how jpeg compression works, it's not magic but either way, this does a great job. I've tried some that at 50 percent leave a blocky noticeable difference, this does not. It's fast, it's free, it works great and no installer. show Review details
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