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Advanced System Tools
A variety of tools that improve overall system management and productivity.
All-In-One Tools
These tools offer a wide range of system utilities, combined into a single application. They usually include tools for system maintenance, junk file deletion, tweaking options, tracks erasing and more...
Application Launchers
Launch your favorite web sites, programs or documents from one convenient interface.
Backup Software
Backup your valuable files as well as critical system files. Be prepared in case of a hard drive crash, or restore Windows settings after system problems. Also synchronize files across folders or computers.
Clipboard Tools
By default, the Windows clipboard only holds one item at a time. These tools offer great enhancements and add extended usability to the standard clipboard..
Clocks and Alarms
A variety of desktop clocks, some just for eye candy, others with alarms, and customizable features. This category also includes countdown timers, world clocks, egg timers, stopwatches and more.
Data Repair Tools
Fix and repair certain file and storage formats that have been damaged or corrupted, including archives, databases, scratched or damaged CDs/DVDs, email inboxes, corrupt images and more.
Defragmentation Tools
Defragmentation Tools reduce the amount of defragmentation in your file system, allowing for faster access to the files.
Desktop Search Tools
Find files on your PC, including pictures, sounds, programs, documents and more.
Desktop Tools
These tools allow you to enhance or organize your desktop in various ways.
Disk Cataloging
Disk Cataloging allows you to index your local or removable disks. You can catalog your CDs or other removable media and search the content without having to insert the actual disk.
Disk Space Analyzer
Manage your disk space usage, find files and folders that take up a lot of space.
Disk Tools
Manage your disk space, defrag and more
Duplicate Finders
Find duplicate files on your computer and decide how to process them. Most applications allow you to delete, move, copy or archive the duplicates.
File Compression
These tools are essential for most Internet users. They allow you to open compressed (.zip) files. ZIP files are compressed archives, that contain one or more files.
File Management
Manage your files - various tools to help you be more productive.
File Renaming Tools
Use these tools to rename files, add prefixes,incremental numbers and more or to rename files based on their content or ID tag information etc. ...
File Synchronization
Synchronize data between two folders, network locations, removable drives or different computers.
Misc. Utilities
Various tools and utilities that do not fit into any of the other categories.
Printing Tools
A selection of printing related utilities , including software to print business cards, photos, greeting cards and much more
Registry Tools
Not for beginners! Tweak, manage and clean the registry. The Windows registry is the "brain" of your computer. There are many ways to manipulate it, but they often require advanced skills.
Shutdown Utilities
Anybody knows how to shutdown or reboot a computer, but these tools offer you to perform this task automatically, when certain events occur, on a schedule, across a network and in several other ways...
Startup Managers
View manage and control programs that automatically start when Windows boots
System Cleaning
Clean your computer, remove temporary and other unneeded files.
System Information
Find out all the details about your system. What type of CPU do you have, how much RAM, what kind of motherboard etc...
System Maintenance
Maintain a healthy system, perform routine tasks that keep your PC running smoothly.
System Monitoring
Monitor your system performance, memory, CPU, disk usage and more.
System Tweaking
Tweak your system settings, enable "hidden" features and more.
Task Automation
Automate your daily tasks. Use macros to launch applications, send keystrokes and even perform complex computer tasks without user intervention.
Undelete and Data Recovery
Undelete and recover file, photos and documents that have been deleted accidentally from your hard drive, Flash card, SD card, USB drive or other storage media.
Uninstall Utilities
These utilities can help you remove previous installed programs.
Wallpaper Management
This category includes tools to change your desktop wallpaper (automatically), download wallpapers, and more.