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NIYoW - Name It Your Way screenshot

icon NIYoW - Name It Your Way

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (3)
  • Popularity: 33

NIYoW (Name It Your Way) is a utility for mass renaming of files and folders. It allows you to perform simple renaming tasks, as well as advanced operations that can combine multiple renaming rules into a single proces... more Category: File Renaming Tools

PDF-ShellTools screenshot

icon PDF-ShellTools

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (4)
  • Popularity: 77

PDF-ShellTools integrates into the Windows right-click menu and adds functionality to split and merge PDF files, as well as an info tip display that displays PDF file information in tooltip on mouseover. ... more Category: PDF Tools

Bulk Image Downloader screenshot

icon Bulk Image Downloader

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 3 (3)
  • Popularity: 1010

Bulk Image Downloader can automatically download and save the linked images from thumbnailed photo galleries. The program can be integrated with your browser`s right-click menu (IE, Opera, Firefox... more Category: Web Site Downloaders

DocFetcher screenshot

icon DocFetcher

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 3 (2)
  • Popularity: 66

DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop search application that enables you to quickly locate content in your documents based on a keyword search. Unlike many other desktop search tools, the program i... more Category: Desktop Search Tools

Luxand Glamourizer screenshot

icon Luxand Glamourizer

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: no reviews
  • Popularity: 66

Luxand Glamourizer enables you to enhance your portrait photos by removing skin imperfections (pimples, wrinkles, freckles etc.), red-eye effects, color cast and many other picture flaws. It offers a fully automatic mod... more Category: Photo Enhancement

PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader screenshot

icon PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (2)
  • Popularity: 44

PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader enables you to upload any file to the free VirusTotal service, where it will be scanned with more than 40 leading anti-virus products. The program adds an upload option to the Windows rig... more Category: Anti-Virus Tools

Multiple Image Resizer .NET screenshot

icon Multiple Image Resizer .NET

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (5)
  • Popularity: 11

Multiple Image Resizer .NET is an easy to use image processing tool, that allows you to process individual images or entire folders of images at once. You can resize, crop, add borders, overlay tex... more Category: Image Resizing

FenoPhoto screenshot

icon FenoPhoto

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity: 22

FenoPhoto is an easy-to-use program that offers one-click enhancement of your photos. It can automatically adjust levels brightness and contrast, equalize shadows, remove noise, enhance sharpness ... more Category: Photo Enhancement

AutoZipper screenshot

icon AutoZipper

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: no reviews
  • Popularity: 44

AutoZipper lets you create projects to easily archive files and/or folders into a compressed zip file. You can create multiple projects, define the files or folders you want to include in the zip ... more Category: File Compression

Sqirlz Morph screenshot

icon Sqirlz Morph

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (4)
  • Popularity: 11

Sqirlz Morph allows you to morph two, three or more images together, and save your animation as a Flash movie, AVI video clip, or GIF animation. As with other morphing tools, you place special con... more Category: Animation Tools

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