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IPHost Network Monitor screenshot

icon IPHost Network Monitor

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (2)
  • Popularity: 77

IPHost Network Monitor is a network and server monitoring software that enables administrators to keep an eye on internet/intranet websites and applications, mail servers, database servers and other resources inside and... more Category: Network Monitoring

recALL screenshot

icon recALL

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: no reviews
  • Popularity: 44

recALL is a password recovery tool that can retrieve the passwords and license information from more than 160 popular applications, including web browsers, email programs, instant messengers, FTP clients, database manag... more Category: Password Recovery

MailEnable Standard screenshot

icon MailEnable Standard

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (6)
  • Popularity: 66

MailEnable Standard (Free Personal Version) is a mail server with support for SMTP and POP3, an unlimited amount of email addresses, domains, groups and mailing lists. The server comes with powerfu... more Category: Mail Server

CuteFTP screenshot

icon CuteFTP

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity: 55

CuteFTP is a full featured FTP client that allows you to upload your web pages and pictures to the Internet, as well as download free software and music. Features include integrated HTML editing, podcast management, Per... more Category: FTP Programs

ArGoSoft Mail Server screenshot

icon ArGoSoft Mail Server

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity: 44

ArGoSoft Mail Server is fully functional STMP/POP3/Finger server for Windows , which will let you turn your computer into the email system. It s very compact, takes only about 1Mb of disk space, does not have any specif... more Category: Mail Server

SmartFTP screenshot

icon SmartFTP

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 2 (7)
  • Popularity: 88

SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet via FTP. It offers a Windows XP look and feel and features including SSL (Implicit/Explicit), FXP Support, Multiple connections, Proxy Firewall support, Drag and... more Category: FTP Programs

Mercury/32 screenshot

icon Mercury/32

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity: 33

Mercury/32 is a Windows mail server with special support for the Novell NetWare environment. It consists of multiple modules that can be activated depending on your needs. Mercury/32 comes with a long list of advanced f... more Category: Mail Server

Ability Mail Server screenshot

icon Ability Mail Server

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 2 (2)
  • Popularity: 22

Ability Mail Server is a small and easy to use mail server, that supports SMTP, POP3,IMAP4, Remote Administration and attachment blocking (based on file extension) to prevent many email viruses from getting to the user... more Category: Mail Server

EngInSite DataFreeway screenshot

icon EngInSite DataFreeway

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 4 (1)
  • Popularity: 11

EngInSite DataFreeway is a client application, that supports multiple access protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP) and WebDAV. It supports multiple file transfers, drag-and-drop, file synchronization an... more Category: FTP Programs

eWall (Free Edition) screenshot

icon eWall (Free Edition)

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity: 11

eWall is a flexible SMTP gateway that can acts as a proxy for any mail server, and filter incoming mail based on a series of programmable filters and rules. It supports various anti-spam techniques including SPF, SURBL,... more Category: Mail Server

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