Log on automatically in Windows (Vista/7/8)

Tired of having to enter your password each time your computer starts? You can set Windows to log you on automatically without having to use a no-password account. Just follow these easy steps. Screenshots were taken in Windows 8 but it works the same way in Vista and Windows 7. If you are running Vista or Windows 7, use the "Run" command from the Start Menu and type in netplwiz. windows-automatic-login In Windows 8, you can use the Search feature and search for netplwiz, then click on the app icon. windows-automatic-login Next, remove the check from the "User must enter a user name and password" check box and then click the "OK" button. windows-automatic-login You will now be prompted to enter your logon password. windows-automatic-login Once you have entered the password, Windows will remember it and log you on automatically the next time you boot your computer.