Add favorite folders to Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer makes it easy to add your frequently accessed folders to the "Favorites" menu, so you can quickly access them without having to navigate through the folder tree. favorite-folders Although this is a standard feature in Windows 7/8, many users are not aware of it. Here is how to do it: If the folder you want to add is currently open in the right page, simply right-click on "Favorites" and then select "Add current location to Favorites". favorite-folders Alternatively, you can also drag`n drop any folder onto the "Favorites" header and achieve the same result. favorite-folders You can also customize the icon for each folder If you want to distinguish your folders with custom icons, simply right-click on the folder and choose the "Properties" menu item. favorite-folders On the "Shortcut" tab, click on the "Change icon" button. Windows will show you some default icons to choose from. You can also browser for more icons in other DLL files. Tip: You can find a large number if icons in "%SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll" favorite-folders Here is what it looks like after we added a few favorite folders and customized the icons. favorite-folders Note: You can easily remove a folder from Favorites by right-clicking and selecting the "Remove" option.