Our Adware/Spyware Policy

With the ever increasing distribution of adware/malware/spyware components, you may be concerned about the risks of downloading software from the Internet.

SnapFiles has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spyware and malware. We do not list any software that is bundled with malicious components of any kind.
Every program you find on our sites has been downloaded by us, installed on our machines, and (as part of the review) tested for any type of malware and viruses, using several industry leading products.

We are proud to maintain the highest standards when it comes to downloading quality software products, and have been well known for this for many years.

Acceptable Adware

We feature a very limited number of adware applications that do not contain any tracking components or backdoor advertising methods such as popups or malicious browser modifications. These programs are marked as "Ad-Supported" and merely contain a banner or textual ad display, similar to what you see on just about any website. They may also offer to install a browser toolbar sponsored by Yahoo!, Google, Ask.com or similar well known companies.
Click here to read more about our Browser Toolbar Policy.

Email address requests

In addition to the obvious malware criteria, we also reject any software that requests your email address or other personal information before you can use it. The only exception are certain community applications where the email address is used as an identifier.

The quality and safety of our download catalog has always been Priority #1 for us, that is why we go through the extra steps of personal reviews and testing before we publish any product on our site. In fact a good portion of our time is consumed by software that you will never find on our site, either due to malware, poor quality, questionable authors and many other reasons.

Rogue anti-spyware programs

Due to our diligent review process, Snapfiles never has and never will list any rogue anti-spyware programs.

Some programs may cause warnings or alerts

Due to their nature, some products are expected to cause an alert or warning from your anti-virus or anti-malware software. These product are usually intended for password recovery, employee or child surveillance, keystroke logging, file sharing and similar activities.

Please do not install a software to spy on your kids or to recover forgotten passwords and expect your anti-virus software not to issue an alert - it will, and it should.

alert Read more about virus concerns and warnings.

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