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We are a download site that provides access to thousands of Windows software titles, that are either free to keep (freeware) or can be downloaded as a free trial (shareware).

We do not make any of the software you'll find on our site! Each product is submitted by a software company or developer - a link to the developer's web site is included with every description. What we do is review and rate the software, categorize it and make it available to you.

We are one of the oldest and most popular download sites on the internet and have served many millions of visitors over the years. SnapFiles (then WebAttack.com) was established in 1997.

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What makes us different from other download sites?
  • We download and test EVERY program before listing it.
  • We create the screenshots.
  • If it's not working for us, it will not be listed.
  • If it appears to be a waste of your time, we won't list it...
  • If we have any doubts as to the integrity of the software and/or author, we will not list it.

Unlike most other software download sites, we actually download, install and review every single program before it is listed on the site. We use our years of experience to bring you the products that appear reliable and worth your time. If it's not working for us, we won't list it. If it appears to be a waste of your time, we won't list it...

Adware & Bundle Policy
All products you find at Snapfiles.com are carefully selected and constantly monitored.
Please refer to our Adware policy for additional details.

Shareware, Freeware and Adware. What does this mean?

Shareware / Free Trial
Shareware (Free Trial, Try before you buy) is a marketing method, not a type of software. Unlike software marketed through normal retail channels, where you are forced to pay for the product before you've even seen it, the shareware marketing method lets you try program for a period of time before you buy it. Since you've tried a shareware program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it.

Shareware programs are just like programs you find in major stores, catalogs, and other places where people purchase software, except you get to use them, on your own computer, before paying for them. In fact, many of the product you can find in software stores, can be download and tried for free from our site. Since we update our catalog daily, the versions that you download from the Internet are usually newer than the ones found on a CD in the store.

What if I like a shareware program?
You can pay for it at the end of a trial period (typically 30 days) by sending the author a fee he or she has established for the program. You will then receive an unlock code or a fully registrered version of the software. If you decide not to buy it, just uninstall it. There is never a commitment to buy!
Freeware programs are either distributed for the love of humanity, for fame, or as stripped down versions of programs that do cost money. Most freeware, even though it's not commercially sold, is copyrighted by the author. Always check the license agreement if you consider using the application for anything than your personal use. Many freeware programs grant you a free license for personal use, but not necessarily for commercial usage.
Why do software developers give away free software?
  • To promote other (commercial) products that they offer.
  • Because they make money from (optional) third party products, offered during the installation
  • To make a name for themselves.
  • Because they like to program, but don't want to pursue it as a business.
  • Because they can :-)
What happened to WebAttack?
Snapfiles.com was previously known under the name WebAttack. While we have changed our name, everything else remains the same. You can still access us via www.webattack.com.
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