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Recuva Recuva

Many false unrecoverable file flags 3 stars
I accidentally deleted over 100 files from a flash drive (trying to move the directory "tree" of those files). The "Recuva" program shortly found them (although most of them, Recuva had "red flagged" as being unrecoverable, due to over-writing). THAT, I found strange (since I'D CEASED USING the flash-drive immediately following the deletions and until I got "Recuva" running). Nonetheless, I "undeleted" each of those flagged files...after which, almost all of them proved to be intact and fully readable by their host program ("Word")...they were NOT "unrecoverable!" In addition to the many, just-deleted files, "Recuva" found MANY other files-deleted from over a year ago (but I wasn't interested in attempting to retrieve these, so didn't). Undeletion was a slow, painstaking process, as each file must be selected and "undeleted," individually (save them to a different drive as you go, to avoid overwriting the deleted-files-yet-to-be-retrieved). "Recuva" ultimately salvaged almost ALL my files and recreated their original folder-trees. It would be dandy if Recuva displayed the DELETION-DATES of the deleted files...BUT it does NOT. ALSO, one of the (INDEED, corrupt) files I'd retrieved to a desktop folder, defied almost all means to get rid of it - Win7 kept stating "This File Does Not Exist," EVERY time a "cut" or "delete" attempt was made on it via the GUI (graphical user interface). Its icon defiantly remained on my "desktop" screen UNTIL I DID delete it via DOS command-prompt. Price: Free
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