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File Scavenger File Scavenger

I always use File Scavenger first! 5 stars
I'm PC repair tech with over 9 years experience in fixing desktops and laptops for the public. I have performed data recovery on drives that had issues from minor corruption to head crashes to complete catastrophic failures. I have tested almost every data recovery program on the market today. File Scavenger is always the one I use first. There are other much more expensive programs that work better for certain specific problems but I rarely use them because File Scavenger recovers the files 95 percent of the time. If the drive spins then FS will get the data off it almost every time. I have had a professional license for this program for over 5 years and it's worth every penny. I have recovered pictures, financial data, business contacts, tax files, payroll data, and lots more for my customers. FS has saved them tens of thousands of dollars by recovering the files without having to send the drive off to a clean room for dissection and put quite a bit of money in my pocket in the process. There isn't another program out there that recovers files with the consistency and accuracy of FS from drives with so many different problems. A little advice, whatever your PC problem is don't take it to "A big Box Store"(I'm sure you know which one I mean) They don't have true techs, they have salesman that know very little about computers that pose as techs. I've seen them take advantage of so many trusting people. They lie to the customer and overcharge just to sell them a new computer Price: Free Trial ($54.00)
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