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Copernic Desktop Search Lite screenshot

Copernic Desktop Search LiteCopernic Desktop Search Lite

If it's like the pro version 6 - steer away!3 stars
As a regular user of pro version 5, must admit that CDS6 feels more like an alpha at this stage of the game. One is left with the impression that they've followed the Microsoft tactic of imposing themselves based on reputation. Cannot recommend this version (free or paid). Price: Free
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Pale Moon screenshot

Pale MoonPale Moon

Not impressed3 stars
After reading latest readers most positive comment and after a long hiatus of using this browser, I decided to install PM for another spin. Other than the fact that i wasn't able to view their homepage without giving its own browser a formal permission... Contrary to previous commentator, I have only about 30 extensions on Firefox, so i started to find my first basic one "Firegestures" - oh oh! not available at Palemoon add-on repertoire and the one at Mozilla's is incompatible. My second alternative, "Mouse Gestures" didn't show up at PM site either. Sorry guys, either you have an integrated mouse gesture or add-on or you don't. Every browser has one (except for IE). Back to Firefox or Chromium based browsers. Price: Free
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360 Total Security Essential screenshot

360 Total Security Essential360 Total Security Essential

Deserves to be no.15 stars
Lightweight, fast, no nagging sounds or ads, feature filled... What more can someone ask from a freeware program? Have tried and tested many, even shareware and this one takes them all! Simply a must for security minded people. Price: Free
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Mozilla Firefox screenshot

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

33 is good!4 stars
If the advent of Australis edition brought this browser down a notch in quality standards (GUI flexibility and addons compatibility issues)it still remains a good contender to the main stream browsers. This latest version seems to be a lot perkier than its predecessor. Android version is nice too! 4+ Price: Free
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Classic Theme Restorer screenshot

Classic Theme RestorerClassic Theme Restorer

Excellent addon for firefox!5 stars
Although betas work better at present time, it is still the best option available to restore Firefox 29+ to the way it was. Kudos and many thank yous to the author! Price: Free
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Opera screenshot


Not the Opera it used to be.1 stars
Opera is dead. Who wants a Chrome coated with Opera skin? Just download Chrome or Chromium. 15 'final' doesn't even have half the features it used to. Price: Free
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CintaNotes screenshot


Now with simplenotes sync!5 stars
The program is a gem! Adding SimpleNotes sync and tabs have made it a definite keeper. Price: Free
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