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eSobi screenshot


Missing way too much1 stars
Just too little to be charging for. Lacks ability to set individual feeds to different update intervals. Lacks ability to mark feeds read without either clicking on each or deleting. Minimum update interval is 30 minutes. No favicon for feeds. Nice looking GUI though. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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oCam screenshot


Nicely done4 stars
I have to agree with Gimpguy on all aspects of his review. Though I have several programs to record screen I felt a need to test. Impressed with ease, quality, and GUI. Nice work and looking forward to see this program develop. Price: Free
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Clover screenshot


Improved. . .4 stars
This is actually a second review, the first not being favorable. There was an issue that caused "Windows Explorer" to crash. Snapfiles contacted me and said the issue had been resolved. . . and it has been corrected. The only reason I mentioned the past review is to express my confidence in both Snapfiles and the developer. Snapfiles in acknowledging the issue and informing of its correction. The developer in quickly resolving. Yet I'm still concerned how such a major bug was not detected before release. The developer made a statement on his site that the code has been "hastily written." Maybe just incorrect wording on his part, though this doesn't induce confidence to a user. Again the program works well now, and looks to have a good future. Curious on how one will be informed of an update since there is no "about" or "preference" window to this program. (at least not that I could find." Price: Free
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A1 Sitemap Generator screenshot

A1 Sitemap GeneratorA1 Sitemap Generator

Satisfied user5 stars
Been a very satisfied user since the upstart. Never an issue with the program, and creates very accurate sitemaps. Questions are always answered very quickly from the developer, and he stays on top of all changes required from Google and other search engines. Highly recommended. Price: Free Trial ($69.00)
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TeraCopy screenshot


My choice5 stars
As a Pro user, I couldn't be more pleased with the software and customer support. My choice for CopyMove handler on my PC and over our LAN network. Some minor changes I would like to see implemented, and will discuss with CodeSector. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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PrivaZer screenshot


Good product. . . but4 stars
Yet really not for everyone. 1. 30 minute scan.
2. Ten hours to clean. . . Good thing it was a test comp.
The clean-up was indeed very in-depth and no real issues. One thing I did notice was a very fragmented system when done. I use "Disckeeper Pro" and it keeps the test comp usually at about a 49 percent read write improvement. This was the first time it ever fell to 25 percent. I did verify and the read write had fallen. Now before one panics. . . after running a manual defrag with "Disckeeper Pro" I had a 59 percent improvement, the highest ever. So "PrivaZer" did fragment the system. Though once that was addressed the system was at its best in a very long time. Please know what you are doing, and as always. . . Back-up your system. Price: Free
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Directory Monitor screenshot

Directory MonitorDirectory Monitor

Good program4 stars
Good program to monitor folder file changes. Developer actively improves the coding. Price: Free
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JetClean screenshot


Good program4 stars
Very well done, yet I would not recommend to newbies. The registry cleaner scans very deep and could cause issues if your not sure what not to clean. As always... back-up your registry. Price: Free
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C-Organizer Pro screenshot

C-Organizer ProC-Organizer Pro

Truly professional5 stars
As the title states, this is the most well thought out organizer on the market. Professional by every definition. Friendly interface, and very CPU kind. The features and useability for business and the home user are unmatched in my opinion. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer screenshot

Colasoft Capsa Network AnalyzerColasoft Capsa Network Analyzer

Good product5 stars
User of the Pro version, yet the free version is still full featured and highly recommended for small and home networks. You wont be disappointed. Price: Free Trial ($695.00)
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FastStone Capture screenshot

FastStone CaptureFastStone Capture

Worth every penny5 stars
Why pay when there is others for free. Because it simple works better. Good quality. Great editor has FTP function. Comes from a programmer that gives some of the best image freeware. So a little support fee for this one is well deserved. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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LibreOffice screenshot


Flawed2 stars
I have tried with every update trying to give this project a fair review. Unfortunately every attempt has stumbled upon error after error. Think it may be worthy in time, yet for now there is just to many issues to even be considered for any production comp. Price: Free
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Commands in Demand screenshot

Commands in DemandCommands in Demand

Everything but the kitchen sink5 stars
I hope the others that looked at this program really took the time to play explore the program. It goes way beyond what I've seen described and there couldn't be enough screenshots to visually explain the usefulness of this program. Take the time to really look this one over. . . it's not just a keeper, but something you'll use every single day. Though. . . I did find a typo. (and I'm the worst about making my own). In the calendar app when selecting today's date to copy to clipboard, well I got: Fabruary 01, 2012 (oops!) Now add a "to-do-list" and "sticky notes" and it will have everything. Price: Free
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WindowsPager screenshot


About time5 stars
I've tried so many "multi desktop" applications, including the one that comes with ATI cards; none every stayed part of my system. Frankly most were just more then one really needs for a production comp. This one is simple, complete, and truly usable without a single hassle. Easy "drop and drag" right from the taskbar was key to my satisfaction. Thanks for your time to make this program available to the public. . . a worthy achievement. Price: Free
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eXtra Buttons screenshot

eXtra ButtonseXtra Buttons

Not ready for prime time3 stars
Wonderful idea. . . yet does cause issues with some programs, ok you can blacklist those. Well then new issues can occur e.g. access violation issues. Noticed a few when a program checks for updates, shutting down programs, and restarts. Now this was on a Vista 64bit system, so over to a 32bit to test. . . well same issues there too. Again a wonderful idea, yet not even ready to be called Beta. Price: Free
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ContaCam screenshot


Stunned5 stars
Now I have been a solid user of another program and even owe them my thanks for helping putting some away. . . Yet I still had to look at this program. Simply put, I was blown away by its features, its incredibly low resource use, and what sold me on this program was the very intelligently way they created for browsing the stored files. The GUI is clean. Honestly the list of options was more then I could of even think of having for a free program. Starting to worry about this programers sanity. . . Giving this away is just nuts. Price: Free
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Diskeeper Pro screenshot

Diskeeper ProDiskeeper Pro

Simply the best5 stars
Been using Diskeeper Pro for years now, and thoroughly pleased with its performance. Keeping all our comps on the network running 42-47 percent faster. Never had an issue contacting support or receiving prompt service. Yet only needed them twice in four years. They are simply the best and most recognized defragment tool on the market. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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iSpy screenshot


Outstanding5 stars
Was a little surprised that ISpy had not been reviewed. Been using for sometime now and been very pleased with its capabilities. 8 (eight) cams monitoring the premises, and I fully trust ISpy to properly detect, alert, and record according to my settings. Again I would like to state. I do have a high level of confidence in this program, and thanks to them. . . a few are now doing proper time. There are several advanced and well thought out options for movement detection. Yet if you're looking for a pretty GUI. . . this one is really ugly. (whats up with that BTW ISpy) Price: Free
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Secure Cam screenshot

Secure CamSecure Cam

Needs work3 stars
Was a little disappointed with "Secure Cam" inability to access the web cam settings. One would have to set the cams advance settings through another program. e.g. all my cams were set to a manual exposure to compensate for low light outside night viewing recording. That setting of course was no good for day viewing recording and no way to correct reset this from this program's interface. (or it was well hiding) Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Feb 15, 2012: Unfortunately yes the IP cameras hardware specifics will have to be configured outside of the program, only the DirectX cameras have hardware config access. This is largely due to IP cameras not having a standardized way to deal with remote settings, some can push XML, some can only use a web interface, ect. Where DirectX has implemented a standardized way to access camera settings. Some programs may offer remote settings for IP cameras, but each camera must be coded for support individually, and tested individually. Where SecureCam2 is more designed for universal IP camera compatibility, I hope this explanation helps, thanks!
RJ TextEd screenshot

RJ TextEdRJ TextEd

Mind boggling5 stars
This is an incredible program! What mind boggles me is why Rickard calls it TextED. . . It's so much more. A full fledged texthtml editor, file commander, FTP client, and Et cetera, Et cetera. He (the developer) could have easily charged for this program. (a donation is forthcoming) Try it, and chance are you will be using your uninstall on several other programs. . . I did. Thanks for your time and effort to bring your program to us. Sincerely, Heidi-Ann Kennedy Director Scientific Frontline Price: Free
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Interactive Calendar screenshot

Interactive CalendarInteractive Calendar

Perfection5 stars
Pretty much blows others away. There's a small bug that I have contacted them about. They responded very quickly, in fact I would call it well above the norm for a free program. The bug is with Vista from a windows update and is being corrected, does not affect usability at all. Price: Free
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