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Local Website Archive Lite Local Website Archive Lite

Local website archive 4 stars
I, originally, tried this program and had some problems with it...but after reading some of the other reviewer comments, I decided to test it on a different one of my PCs. This program is pretty good, originally, I had another browser tool installed that was interfering with this one. I would recommend trying this tool. It's pretty good...and so is the cost! (smile). Price: Free
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WordWeb WordWeb

Wordweb 5 stars
WordWeb is not new...Ive been waiting to find an off-line dictionary that's better...but so far, I haven't found one. This dictionary is "SUPERB" !!! It's the best I've seen!!! Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit pdf reader 5 stars
I'll take Foxit over the more well known bloatware PDF readers, ANY DAY !!! Foxit does the job simply and efficiently. This is a superb piece of software! Price: Free
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Process Explorer Process Explorer

Process explorer 5 stars
I've compared this one to a variety of others. This "Process Explorer" is more efficient and accurate than the others I tested. It also worked on my Win98se machine as well as XP. Better than the rest that I tested ! Price: Free
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Startup Control Panel Startup Control Panel

Startup control panel 5 stars
I've tried about six or seven of them...and I prefer this "Startup Control Panel". It's simply better!!! Try it...ya can't get any simpler and efficient than this for a startup control manager! Price: Free
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Res-O-Matic Res-O-Matic

Res-o-matic 5 stars
This tool is simply Wonderful!!! So-o-o-o handy!!! A real "keeper". Price: Free
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Textview Textview

Testview 5 stars
Textview is my favorite text viewer. Although one can't edit with Textview, it has enough other goodies to compensate for THAT! It's VERY with it and you'll see a few "nice" surprises! Price: Free
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ActivIcons ActivIcons

Activicons 4 stars
This program is really good...I just wish they'd revise it to where ya don't need the "Active X" to use it. But,'s a "keeper"! Price: Free
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NoteTab Light NoteTab Light

Note tab light 5 stars
I must admit...this is one "goodie-laden" text editor! Definitely in the "top 5 ever made" (in my humble opinion)! In a nutshell: It's designed extremely well and it does a lot! Price: Free
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CopyWriter CopyWriter

Copywriter 5 stars
With this latest upgrade v3.02 Copywriter is now one of my favorites! This is definitely worth checking out, depends on what you're lookin' for, of course...but Copywriter v3.02 is a great tool. It does txt, html and doc files too... Price: Free
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MAX`s HTML Beauty 2004 MAX`s HTML Beauty 2004

Max's html beauty++ 2004 5 stars
I remember when it was the 2001 version! MAX is the KING as far as I'm concerned! There are a lot of good ones out there...but, for me: MAX is the baddest of the bad! (That's REAL GOOD) HA! Does it all! SUPERB! Price: Free
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XnView XnView

Xnview 5 stars
There's only 2 programs of this type that I prefer over Irfanview..."Slow View" and this great Xnview. It's a tie! Naturally, it all depends on what one wants in a viewer...this baby does the job for me! Excellent piece of software! Price: Free
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Connection Keeper Connection Keeper

Connection keeper 5 stars
I've tried about 4 or 5 of these things...but this "Connection Keeper" is the best that Ive come across! It does a great job! "KUDOS" to the maker of this baby!!! A real "blessing" ! Price: Free
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Fresh Download Fresh Download

Fresh download 3 stars
I tried it, simply because I respect the "Fresh" group. But I've yet to see ANY download manager speed up my dial-up connection's downloads. (And I've tried a whole bunch of 'em). (Maybe it's my location...or somethin')? This one is as good as the others I've worse. Maybe other people have had speed-ups with it...but it didn't do anything for me! A plus: it didn't screw-up my system ... like some others have! Price: Free
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Visual CD Visual CD

Visual cd 5 stars
I've tried about 7 or 8 of these catalog tools. I had a pretty good one...but this Visual CD is DEFINITELY the best one I've come across. I'm not gonna look for any more...this is what I've been looking for...for a long time! Simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency! I love it! Price: Free
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ToolbarCop ToolbarCop

Toolbarcop 5 stars
Great lil' fuss! Just does the job! Period! Price: Free
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EasyRead EasyRead

Easy read 5 stars
This tool is OUTSTANDING! I'll never surf without it again! Price: Free
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