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BurnAware Free BurnAware Free

Exactly what I was looking for. 5 stars by Protocom (Read all my 2 reviews)
Exactly what I was looking for. Its always nice to start looking for a solution to a minor problem with just a concept of what will fix it and wind up with a nearly perfect solution. I needed to burn files to DVD. Thats all, just point A to point B. Found this among various burning and backup software products. Downloaded, installed, ran, select function, select files, burn. Never even needed to look for instructions, it just worked and did exactly what I needed. It seems to do a whole lot more, perhaps someday I will need that as well.
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AllWebMenus Pro AllWebMenus Pro

A very helpful application 5 stars by tomaslensen626
Once, you get how to use it it has straight forward steps to create javascript or css menus. It has really a lot of features and in my opinion the most important to me is the responsive menu feature, so that the menus are perfect for all the devices and can follow the responsive design of modern pages. Another good point is their support, I was really amazed when I sent them a support e-mail and I got their response in less than half an hour. It's one of the applications I happy to pay for.
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Directory Opus Directory Opus

Not cheap, but you do get what you pay for. 5 stars by bolgwrad (Read all my 2 reviews)
How much money have you ever wasted buying gadgets or dumbware in the hope that it would improve your computer experience? DOpus isn't one of those. I first bought DOpus back in v4, it's now v11 - they charge for full version upgrades, but I'm hooked. Insanely customizable interface WITHOUT being confusing and you can view almost every file from the 'explorer' pane - from text to videos to CorelDraw. My favourite is editing RTF files without opening any other app. Save window layouts and recall them from the menu bar, double-click anywhere on the desktop to open whatever window layout you specify, you'll never run out of things to tweak or functions you didn't know you had. And the forum support is excellent; not that you will need support, just that you will have lots of ideas. If you're a tweaker, you won't regret buying it.
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Opera Mail Opera Mail

Robust, quality feel, free, a welcome relief. 5 stars by blueroverdotcom698 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Ok. I'm not a huge email client guy. I do know that I hate OUTLOOK though. I've used WINDOWS LIVE MAIL, POPPEEPER, and eM CLIENT. Pop peeper was cheap and easy, but too antiquated. Live mail felt too bulky. eM client turned out to be a 1 month trial. :- Didn't carte for the THUNDERBIRD interface. So....OPERA.....freaking incredible. Light weight, doesn't feel bulky, you CAN add your own email notification .wav file (I like that), and it handles ALL the major email services (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc..) It's a very professional, streamlined GUI interface too. Hmmmm.....not much else to say.....it's free, it works incredibly well, and I can tell you for sure that it beats the 'crap' out of a lot of these other clients out there. If you're going strictly by user's feedback responses to try and find an email client that does not suck, then you can rest assured that this is the one......stop looking. However, I'm not running a business with this client so I'm not sure how it will hold up in a business setting?? Seems like it's up to any task. :-) I freakin love it, and it's F R E E! Judging by OPERA MAIL, I kind of wonder if their browser is the same quality experience, but I love my FIREFOX w add-ons (and sometimes CHROME), so I'm not even going to try. :-) Happy receiving and drafting emails without worry! :-D
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SynWrite SynWrite

Good for matlab texts 5 stars by aaa5500119
I tested at least 5 usually very high rated programming editors, and found SynWrite more or less only by chance. Finally I found that SynWrite is one of the very best editors, and for my needs the editor of choice. I am actually surprised that it is still not more popular and not much more frequently referenced to and then also higher ranked by programming editor comparing blogs and journal articles. In general: it has Code Folding it runs perfectly stable and is outstandingly fast it has syntax highlighting (lexer) for almost every language around, and for the case still needed, lexer configuration is very well documented. A detail to add to this, for my personal needs: it comes already with a basic and yet sufficiently functional MATLAB syntax highlighting, something almost all competitors miss.
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Advanced SystemCare Free Advanced SystemCare Free

Too much 2 stars by MrJaw69 (Read all my 34 reviews)
Advanced SystemCare Free follows the idea of optimizing my computer to increase performance. The trouble is, this software (and some others of its kind) then proceed to install piles of files, run at startup, and run in the background thereby adding to my machine's overall workload. Advanced SystemCare Free seems to have integrated itself into many areas of my computer, and I'm not convinced that it's really doing that much more than the optimizers that run and then go away.
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Calibre Calibre

A must have! 5 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Go ahead. Try to find a better e-book manager/reader. You may find some good ones, but still not as good as Calibre. It is the most complete e-book manager/reader that I have used. Anything that you could possibly want to do with your e-books can be done on Calibre, so there really is no reason to mention the functionality here. If a feature is not in Calibre, you can bet that it will be included sometime in the future. Development support is constant with continuous updates frequently available. There is no need to use another e-boook manager/reader unless your favorite e-book store forces you to use their own. The worst thing that I can say about Calibre is that there should be a "skin" or GUI option. The current icons used are unappealing. Various icons are used from different icon sets, so Calibre has no themed look to it. If you are handy at changing themes, it can be done manually by changing the Resource/Image folder in the Programs folder. But most users would not know how to or bother to do it. So overall Calibre is definitely your one stop solution to all your e-book needs.
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Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox

Beginning to suffer 2 stars by EmpressTrudy (Read all my 14 reviews)
FF has become increasingly clunky and slow and bloated. And it's becoming difficult to say in sync with add ons. For instance FF 32.0 is incompatible with Symantec Vulnerability add on. And almost immediately they released a 'fix' to 32, 32.0.1 which is supposed to address stability and security issues (of course) but it runs slower than 32.0 which was ever so slightly faster than 31 but the overall trend had been bigger, bulkier, slower, fatter. And the releases don't appear to add much except for developers.
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Folders Popup Folders Popup

Extremely useful - a real time-saver 4 stars by patwolves (Read all my 6 reviews)
I've only been using this for a week and I'm already wondering how I managed without it before! It does exactly what it's supposed to do - allows you quick access to selected folders and specific files without having to trawl through a mass of directories. You can also add URLs which, although useful, you'd probably already have added as bookmarks in your browser. The write-up from the Author implies you need a middle-button on your mouse to use Folders Popup but this is not the case; it can be used by configuring a variety of left or right button combinations and it can also be called using a definable keyboard-shortcut. A definite "keeper" and many thanks to the Author.
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CloneSpy CloneSpy

Is it just me? 1 stars by MrJaw69 (Read all my 34 reviews)
I expected the usual duplicate finder fare, but what I found is software that wanted me to go through and decide, duplicate file by duplicate file, which I wanted to keep. I admit that I didn't read the help file, because I used enough of these things that I figured I could navigate through the options relatively easily since I've used several other duplicate cleaners. Clonespy might be dynamite, but in my 15 minutes with the software I didn't find anything to indicate that. If you're not in the mood or don't have time for a learning curve, you probably want to look elsewhere.
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AllDup AllDup

Bummer. 3 stars by MrJaw69 (Read all my 34 reviews)
It didn't find all my duplicates. I can sympathize with someone trying to write software like this as it must be pretty elaborate and somewhat trying to test, still, I wish that it caught all my duplicates.
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BitKiller BitKiller

Works, but...kinda slow 3 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Bitkiller is not a bad digital shredder. It has the basic shred methods; Write all 0's, Random Data, DOD 3pass, DOD 7pass, Gutman 35pass, but it offers nothing more. The interface is basic Windows GUI, but is very easy to understand and use. It has a drag and drop interface which is missing from other shredders. The weakest point of Bitkiller is that it is slower than other shredders. Compared to some other shredders, it took a 85mb file twice to three times as long to erase (using Gutman 35pass). With other shredders out there that are faster and offer more options, it is hard to recommend this. But if you just need a simple portable shredder to destroy small files then this may be OK for you. It is only at the 1.3v, so I think if the developer continues it, it can become a much improved digital shredder.
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NeoDownloader NeoDownloader

Not good enough 2 stars by robapacl147
Neodownloader is not a bad downloader, but neither is it good. It is marginally better than free Webripper which I have used for years, but it is overpriced for what it can do. There are many websites it won't download anything from, including Yahoo, which Bulk Image Downloader has no problem with. With the exception of single page and whole gallery, it is quite flakey and unpredictable. I frequently find that the few images which attracted me to the download aren't included, or at least not within a reasonable folder size limit. For video downloads, I've had no problem using the freebies ( 5 of them ) which get me the vast majority of what I want. The site is also unresponsive regarding problems, like how do I stop it from resetting min image size to thumbs.
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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

And therefore, what? 3 stars by EmpressTrudy (Read all my 14 reviews)
Much like CCleaner or Hoverdesk's Regseeker, this prunes out a slew of old useless, nonfunctioning or stubb registry entry. On a scale of CCleaner being the least aggressive and Regseeker being dangerous in some circumstances, this one is in the middle. Whereas CCleaner might find 1 entry to prune, this found 376 and Regseeker found almost 1600. But a lot of things don't work after Regseeker. So I guess 376 is good enough. The issue is that 376 makes zero difference in how anything works or whether anything works better. Maybe the best use of any of these is ONLY in the case where something is actually already broken. Otherwise I've never detected any improvements in anything.
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Best program to quickly organize movies. 5 stars by 3cnm679
I just joined snapfiles in order to post a review of this program and thank its author. When I decided to catalog my movies last year I went through several programs including those requiring payment. None were as good as this one. It is simple to use and has an appealing design. It is also a work in progress. I just downloaded the latest version, 2.07, and it fixes some minor problems. To me, it is in the best tradition of shareware/freeware from the old days: ad and malware free. It is a valued utility like irfanview and vlc that I use everyday.
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HDD Guardian HDD Guardian

Yep 5 stars by oteotd (Read all my 49 reviews)
Tried this app today when got S.M.A.R.T. warning on Windows 7. Go figure, in 15 years that is the first time I ever got a hard disc warning from Windows. Anyway the warning as vague, ran the HD diagnostic tool from mfg and not much better just a fail notice. Now comes HDD Guardian. Shows me the failure, shows me what is wrong with a description of the failure and what the reliability of the drive is. I know snapfiles did not have a screen shot like that probably due to all good drives. Perfect app to show someone that they really have a bad drive and not just suspect. Only thing is I wish it could print a report. I recommend this to anyone wishing to verify disc failure. PS. Snapfiles if you would like a screen shot with errors just contact me at registered email. Feel free to remove this paragraph.
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

5 star product 5 stars by rkowensiv178
Works great on win xp.... vista... 7... and 8... best freeware protection... I have used Comodo Internet Security for more than 4 years now never a problem.
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Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Macrorit Disk Partition Expert

Works well 5 stars by oteotd (Read all my 49 reviews)
First I have not had time to totally test all the features of this application. What I downloaded it for was to create a fat32 partition on a 2TB external drive to use on Playstation. This app did that with no problems. I even noticed that aside from the fact Microsoft only lets Windows create a 32GB fat32 after creating and formatting the drive with this app Windows was able to read the entire drive even though it was a 2TB fat32. Now on a side note, this app has been updated since SnapFiles reviewed it. When you download directly from the applications home page you get a zip file with both an installable and portable version included. I used the portable version and it worked very well.
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Firemin Firemin

Kind of meh 2 stars by EmpressTrudy (Read all my 14 reviews)
It squashes out excess RAM but it makes your CPU work much harder. Anyway, the way most websites and apps are built today the bottle neck is the obscene amount of disc thrashing they force in order to get the limitless gobs of awful java and javascript to run
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The best! 5 stars by khamill498
I chose this program after being disappointed by a couple of the "Pay" ones. The present version is quite customizable and does everything I want it to do. Very intuitive and easy to use. GUI is clear and simple. I donated 20 for the program and another 10 to get the customized logo. (Keith's Movie Database) Highly recommended.
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FastStone Photo Resizer FastStone Photo Resizer

Very fast, feature rich, great quality 5 stars by trudz456
I've used this software for years and it just keeps getting better. Downloaded the latest version (3.3) today, then converted 100 high res photos to 8x10in just under 3 minutes. It also added my watermark, created a border, rotated, converted to jpg for web posting. Yesterday it took me all afternoon to do this one by one to various sizes of other photos, but when it came to making a batch of 16x20s into 8x10, this is the best program out there. Faster than writing a batch process because it does so many other things at one time. It's also free for non commercial use, so that's a great bonus.
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Partition Wizard (Home) Partition Wizard (Home)

One of the best, seriously! 5 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Some several years ago I was using a laptop with Vista OS installed on it. The laptop had a 250G HD in it but for some reason, MS likes to hog up a considerable amount of HD space for their OS which I think is unnecessary. Since there was no installation CD included, I couldn't reinstall the program without all the "junk" that was hidden with the OS. So I decided to use Minitools PW to migrate the partition to a new 500G HD. At that time I was pretty experienced with a PC, but I had never used partition software nor did I have any experience. To my relief the process was as easy as copy and paste. You can't get any easier than that! And that is the way it should be. Easy to understand interface and terms for novices and very easy to use.
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Postbox Postbox

Recommend 5 stars by sheilamarielub47
Love everything about Postbox
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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Advanced Uninstaller PRO

One of the best 4 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 33 reviews)
This is a great uninstall program for 32-bit & 64-bit programs. It has a lot of other tools included; file & registry tools, Internet browser tools, PC reporteranalyzer, start-up & service managers, privacy cleaner, start menu cleaner, font manager, control panel manager, web tools and PC health check. What "Raptozilla" was complaining about was the PC health check program. Even though you check for AU Pro to not start up, the health check program will still start up. This is rather annoying. Use Autoruns to stop the exe file from starting up. It does a thorough scan after you have uninstalled a program. Make sure you don't have many files on the desktop or it will take a long time. The only thing I don't like about it is the interface. The functionality works, but it is too retro looking. It still looks like it belongs to XP. I think the GUI needs a more modern look, but not necessarily a Win8 Metro style, though many may prefer that. Overall it is a good uninstall program even though you may not need the extra ones included in it.
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Multi Commander Multi Commander

Great explorer 4 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 33 reviews)
This one of the best explorers I have ever used. There are a lot of features built in to it. Also you can customize buttons and hotkeys to your liking. I have used this on 32-bit & 64-bit Windows OS, Vista32bit & Win764-bit. Both work fine on each OS. But, when upgrading on the 64-bit Win7, I had many problems. The uninstaller will not uninstall certain files or registry keys, therefore when installing the update, it won't install correctly and have many errors. If you managed to get it installed, you can't uninstall the program again. Several times I had this problem and had to use system restore to alleviate the problem. It is best to use an uninstall program which will scan and COMPLETELY uninstall the program before updating. This is a good explorer for advanced users and may be too complex for casual users. I can't recommend the 64-bit version because of the upgrading problem. If you have a 64-bit OS, it may be best to install the 32-bit version until the developers fix the problem. However I have never tried it.
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

It's a utility for google apps 4 stars by EmpressTrudy (Read all my 14 reviews)
As a heavy user of Google apps and Google cloud printing you NEED Chrome. Fair enough. It works well, isn't too bloated and runs fairly elegantly. My only two quibbles is that font rendering is weak AND, 'running in the background' doesn't always work nor do Google Now Alerts.
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Flame Painter Flame Painter

Strange...yet remarkable! seriously amazing. 5 stars by g.chambers487
I'm just getting started with Flame Painter 3 Pro and it can produce some beautiful light ribbons but I have only begun to explore. I have been looking for something like this for artwork and finally found it. Copy&paste function is great for quick work with external software such as Gimp. Plug-in saves your time while working with Photoshop. I am thrilled to explore new features of this application. However, price of Pro version was a bit above my budget but I must say that I don't regret buying this at all.
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Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

Superb free software 5 stars by j.johnson534378
I was a little suspicious at first as it sounded to good to be true, I did a bit of research and thought that the makers must have written them, however the only bad reviews I could find was that it was slow sometimes. I found it easy to use and extremely quick too, some of the speed problems may be due to antivirus I use Kaspersky and had no such problems. I would definitely recommend this software.
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Excellent dictionary software 5 stars by iwillneverstop (Read all my 22 reviews)
It does contain everything I need for a dictionary software such as lookup dictionaries, capture word on screen, full text translation. It additionally offers text-capture plugins for Adobe Reader, IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and speech-engine add-ons, e.g. Natural Voice Packages. Besides, there is a portable version which is valuable in my case. I highly recommend it.
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HTTrack HTTrack

Great program 5 stars by Sam_the_Man (Read all my 52 reviews)
Saves a lot time being able to access the needed information that a website has without having to print it out or be concerned that it may not be there in the future.
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