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3uTools screenshot


Outstandig freeware, forget itunes labyrinth.5 starsby SERGITO (Read all my 6 reviews)
Finally a way to manage easily your iPhonei/Pod/iPad without the unpleasant iTunes: rigid, trouble-full, slow, non practical and unfriendly software. Now You can really browse the inner places of Your device, copy, retrieve and preserve info that otherwise You will lost forever. It all started when my iPhone 5, iOs 10.33 stops allowing whatsapp to work at all. I uninstall the app and then try to install it again, but somehow iOs avoid that possibility, showing the never ending circle of downloading or installing, but never completing the process. With this software I was able to download the app, and install it via 3uTools. With the last version of iTunes You can not manage Your apps, so 3uTools is now THE option. And now my whatsapp it's working fine without having to restore the whole iPhone. I can not believe it is free. That's it.
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CompactGUI screenshot


This is a caveat regarding the program3 starsby jealexander1950990 (Read all my 4 reviews)
There is no information as to how it will affect the readwrite values (wear and tear) on an SSD. It also seems to have issues with games and with Windows 10. One should only use this software if one is willing to take a risk. It may also increase CPU usage in Win 10, especially on SSDs.
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Auslogics Registry Cleaner screenshot

Auslogics Registry CleanerAuslogics Registry Cleaner

It really saved my pc5 starsby geormac1985990
I'm actually using this program and definitely need it. Can't remember exactly when I saw it first time but I remember it was a free trial version, really useful though. Then I also tried Auslogics Boost Speed for my Windows 7 PC. I couldn't really believe it but my PC changed greatly, it stopped being wonky and slow. Now I've got two Windows laptops, both of them are cleaned by Registry Cleaner and I repeat the operation normally twice a month. I can recommend Auslogics because me and my family are really pleased with how it works. Thanks Auslogics! This really works.
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MakeRoom screenshot


Ultrafast5 starsby ftrani250
Perfect to understand what to delete to "make room"
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XMind 8 Free screenshot

XMind 8 FreeXMind 8 Free

Overpriced 1 starsby wolfyfrog333
Overpriced for the one thing i needed to arrange PICTURES and thoughts.This may be okay for someone that don't need pictures.But i found something with rich text for free that will do what i want
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Everything screenshot


Software excellence5 starsby smaragdus (Read all my 9 reviews)
This is one of the few programs which deserve the highest possible rating- free, tiny, light, fast, stable, easy to use, feature-rich and highly customizable, an absolutely excellent piece of software.
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Complete Internet Repair screenshot

Complete Internet RepairComplete Internet Repair

Best internet repairer4 starsby mohammadraee544 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I tried it to fix my Internet connection and it seems to have done a good job. Thank you.
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HiBit Startup Manager screenshot

HiBit Startup ManagerHiBit Startup Manager

Great little tool5 starsby mohammadraee544 (Read all my 3 reviews)
What a great little tool this is, 10 out of 10. Thank you.
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HiBit Uninstaller screenshot

HiBit UninstallerHiBit Uninstaller

Best uninstaller5 starsby mohammadraee544 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've used a lot of Uninstallers, but that's the best.Thanks for sharing.
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HiBit Uninstaller screenshot

HiBit UninstallerHiBit Uninstaller

Better than revo!5 starsby danielson (Read all my 8 reviews)
This app is jam packed with goodies! It's surprising all the OS and application info. Readily available and how good it performs at completely removing programs. 5 stars +
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ScanTransfer screenshot


Transfers files easily to my computer!4 starsby phxjw68
This is one handy little program with a portable option too! For some reason though, I cannot seem to get it to send more than one file per session, even though I DO have multiple files selected prior to pressing "Done" and starting the transfer process. Still, it transfers file(s) very quick and is very easy to use. A keeper for sure.
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ScanTransfer screenshot


Excellent5 starsby seagorman (Read all my 4 reviews)
Excellent piece of Software, works like a dream, top marks
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HiBit Startup Manager screenshot

HiBit Startup ManagerHiBit Startup Manager

Cannot remove delay1 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 21 reviews)
The interface is rather sparse, and once you delay something there is no command to remove the delay! If you don't know the exact location in the registry, you can highlight the listing and read where it was located at the bottom of the screen. However, there are no Parameters. So, if it was 'local machine', was it Start? or Start Once? etc etc. I had boot problems with the delay and had to right click each item and choose MOVE TO (there is no RESTORE or REMOVE DELAY!) and then guess as to where to move it and under which parameters. Not a safe way to do things and could really mess up your registry. Not Recommended!
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Shell Tools screenshot

Shell ToolsShell Tools

Right-clicked4 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
This shell utility has not been updated for some time so that being said it is simple to install and performs all the function that are noted in the description. The downside is that you cannot add any of command or features to it. I am not sure if this requires additional coding or if it just using already built in functions of the Explorer.exe shell. If you like the features that it provides then download it but it probably not for advanced users that would like to added additional functionality. Overall it works, it's small, reliable and takes no resources to operate.
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GlassWire screenshot


A flashy network monitoring tool2 starsby OnePiece (Read all my 11 reviews)
This is a revision of my previous favorable review, after the changes that version 2 brought. GlassWire is essentially a network activity monitoring tool that will inform you when your applications first access the net (in- and outbound connections are both detected), or they change (e.g. are updated or perhaps modified by malware). You are informed about these events in small popup windows. In addition, you can see the active applications and their connections, the destination of these connections, etc. The usual stuff. If one noticed anything suspicious, they could block the corresponding program from accessing the net -- in the previous version. Thus it had some simplified "firewall-like" functionality. This was removed from the free edition starting with version 2, leaving you with a fancy network monitoring tool that consumes a bit more resources than its alternatives, and displays an annoying popup urging you to upgrade. Not recommended anymore.
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Kana Reminder screenshot

Kana ReminderKana Reminder

Small but well formed5 starsby Rhyull
It does what you want a reminder program to do. It's easy to add new items, there are repeat options up to annual. It runs happily in the sys tray, starts with windows, and pops up a window, with or without sound, when a reminder is due. That's it. It does what it's supposed to and it's free. What more do you want? OK, just noticed a minor but easily corrected defect. Preset options to recur include every 3 weeks and every month. But NOT every four weeks, which is NOT the same as every month. It can be set in 'custom' but it's a strange omission.
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UnityPDF Free screenshot

UnityPDF FreeUnityPDF Free

Pdf unified5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
Wonderful and Portable PDF utility. One cool thing off the bat that it shows how many pages are in the PDF which is usually an afterthought but nice element. The features all work great and will make a wonderful addition to my Portable Apps tools. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it! Note: Unfortunately, is no more. The domain is up for sale.
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PDF Info Changer screenshot

PDF Info ChangerPDF Info Changer

Info updated!!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
It is interesting that when we look at a PDF we don't notice that there is additional information related to the document. I just started looking into this and found that this PDF Info Changer does a nice job because it does one thing and does it well. Now I can update all my PDFs with the proper header information. Wonderful untility!
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ORPALIS PDF Reducer screenshot


Pdf shrunk!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
This program is nice! Good interface, plenty of options to control how it compresses the PDF, and relatively small. The nag pop-ups are annoying but after playing with the program and performing some tests it does quite well in reducing PDF files some over 50. I looks at different elements in the PDF and reduces each differently verses some programs that just process the PDF as a whole. Overall great program. If you want command line support to process a lot of PDFs the Pro version is 199.00. If this is part of business to produce and reduce then CLI seems to help automate that function. The free version and an home entry point is reasonable with the nag screens. It is pretty cutting edge in the way they manipulate objects, very cool. Two-Thumbs Up!
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Reduce PDF Size screenshot

Reduce PDF SizeReduce PDF Size

Pdf reduced5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
This program is wonderful to reduce the size of PDFs. I did a side by side comparison of a 779K file to a reduced 225K file and 225k file looked great. Not sure what it compress or changed but the results very apparent. One thing I wish it had was a drag-n-drop of a PDF to the interface but other than that, it small, fast, and shows the reduced size.
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Bat To Exe Converter screenshot

Bat To Exe ConverterBat To Exe Converter

Still the best bat to exe converter.5 starsby Shodan816 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Have used this gem for years and my only suggestion for improvement is to have the EXE file name mimic the BAT file name automatically, as it used to in past editions. Most BAT files are already named for the application they will be converted to and that feature was a great time saver. Please add an option to allow the EXE file name to be created from the BAT file name.
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ScanTransfer screenshot


Scantransfer is unique and works great5 starsby ILoveFreeware
The ScanTransfer program works great. This program does not require installing unless it makes it easier for you. I prefer the portable version of most software, if available. The ScanTransfer program is simple and does exactly what is claims to do. I installed a free QR Code Reader app for my android phone. After scanning the QR code the menu will come up on the phone and I click "Browse website" then "Select Files" which gives me 4 options "Camera" (for live shots), "Camcorder", "Voice Recorder" and "Documents" which lets me pick files from my phone. I click "Documents" then "Gallery" then select the picture I want to transfer. It works. It is simple to use and does not involve the internet or 3rd parties.
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EasyNetMonitor screenshot


Great way to monitor remote hosts5 starsby objective (Read all my 10 reviews)
EasyNetMonitor is just what I wanted--a quick, easy way to tell if my VPN, cable provider, or web host are having issues. I had been using GUI Ping Monitor, but I like having the tray icons constantly visible. It's easy to find a handful of really stable IP addresses and/or host names, and ping them regularly. Use both, and you can tell if you have connectivity but are having DNS resolution issues (i.e. if the host name targets become inaccessible but the IP addresses do not). Nice little utility.
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Picasa screenshot


Love it5 starsby Compulink (Read all my 12 reviews)
Does everything Gimp does but faster. Excellent free tool. Could do with a zoom in/out quick icon but can use keyboard shortcuts or menu to do it.
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Gimp screenshot


Fails1 starsby Compulink (Read all my 12 reviews)
Difficult to install. The download site says it automatically installs as 32 or 64 but on my 64 bit laptop it tries to install as 32 bit. When it does install it is slow.
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TextImages screenshot


Quick and easy to use4 starsby hydrogeeks.mail681
I Enjoy putting my Extensive Font Collection to use with this program. Quick and Easy to create one or a hundred images at once, Only Feature i do wish it had was the ability to create Transparent Backgrounds.
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Internet Download Manager screenshot

Internet Download ManagerInternet Download Manager

There is no alternative to IDM5 starsby zdfile
IDM is perfectly programmed by their developers. It has attractive and easy to use interface. Features are awesome like resume, scheduler etc. IDM compatible to any browser with any file formate. it is an extraordinary tool :)
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SimpleDLNA screenshot


Simple, and it works!4 starsby agillbb (Read all my 4 reviews)
This application is a working, simple DLNA server that you can turn on quickly to share media files across your network (and beyond). Navigation is file and directory based only, but you can select several useful ways to organize/display your files. Thanks to the programmer for this simple server without any bloat at all. It is now really easy for me to share directories on a windows machine and play files on TVs phones, tablets, etc. around the house.
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LightBulb screenshot


Screen dimmed5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
LightBulb works well. It has a small memory footprint, works immediately after installation, and your done. Simple and efficient. After installation I did not know how bright my screen was which may have been causing me some eye strain, it dimmed it just enough to make looking at the screen comfortable. Wow, loving it! Kudos! Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, Rate it!
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AllDup screenshot


Dup be gone!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 185 reviews)
Pretty darn amazing dup finding utility. It has multiple methods of finding the duplicate files. I use if for pictures and it works great. The format or size of the pictures does not matter, it will find those with no problem. The only thing I found was that if a pictures was rotated it will not see it as a match but kind of makes sense and it is an edge case. When you start the program it literally guides you to your first search. The interface is clean and easy to navigate.
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