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TicketCreator screenshot


Awesome solution for in-house ticketing.5 starsby SNUSA1 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Takes a while to understand, but once you get it.... This thing is a POWERFUL tool! Incredibly customize-able & can print on everything from regular printers to thermal POS receipt printers. Works FANTASTIC as a POSinstant ticketing solution. (Need one ticket, ONE CLICK. Need ten (all at once), only a couple of clicks. Replace your tickets and keep track of what's been issued..... Reporting and so much more. With a little imagination you can do some crazy things with this tool in a business environment! (that it wasn't even designed to do) We're replacing ALL paper tickets with this! (no per ticket fees. Buypay once and use unlimited on one PC!) Only negative (also a positive) is: This is a desktop application. So you won't be selling tickets online with it. (not designed for that purpose) Almost forgot: Bar-code inventory capabilities in one version. (Issued tickets can only be used once.) Have not tried the smartphone integration yet.
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Replace Genius screenshot

Replace GeniusReplace Genius

Genius!5 starsby iwilliams2003822
Really needed a tool to perform search and replace which stored the selections I made and then repeated them on future files I gave it. Excellent & Free!
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CDRoller screenshot


Overjoyed4 starsby aa.a233
Used CDRoller to recover data from corrupted DVD-R. After I finish projects, I archive all project files to optical disks. Unfortunately one disk was unreadable. Installed CDRoller and recovered 8,576 files from five different projects. Life saver!
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HDDExpert screenshot


Hddexpert declines2 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Seems like the developers have spent more time finding ways to monetize the errant button pushes instead of keeping a simple and good interface/application available and updated. RIP
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Double Commander screenshot

Double CommanderDouble Commander

Very good usability5 starsby sergei.gnezdov770 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I've been looking for a good file manager and have tried quite a few: FreeCommander XE, MultiCommander, NexusFile5, xplorer2 as a successor or 2xExplorer. Nexus was awsome, but it does not have file search. FreeCommander and MultiCommander have all the features, but ... not intuitive. This one has the features and manages to stay easy to use. Best balance so far.
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AKVIS SmartMask screenshot

AKVIS SmartMaskAKVIS SmartMask

Wayyyy overpriced4 starsby edwardgudz529 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Not saying that it is not good but there are so many other tools like this available for a mere fraction of what this costs. If you are looking into background removal tools, do your homework first. What they are asking for this is simply highway robbery.
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Active@ Disk Image screenshot

Active@ Disk ImageActive@ Disk Image

Great little program5 starsby arware24583
I work in IT and I got my company to purchase this product. It's great for Microsoft OS imaging. I use it for syspred and non syspred images. Works great. I store my imaging on a portal hard drive and restore from it. Cheap and practical. A++
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) screenshot

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

Epson gt150005 starsby hugee101957
Works with Epson GT15000 A3 scanner in Windows 10 64bit, changing profiles a bit fiddly but overall a nice bit of software that does exactly what it says.
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Hotspot Shield screenshot

Hotspot ShieldHotspot Shield

Decent but privacy is iffy.2 starsby antivenum790
Fairly easy to install and use, but it allows others that use the service to route portions of data through you and vice versa. They also may cache information you accessed for later use. You can find this in their Terms quite easily. While in their Privacy Notice they say they don't save any personal identifying information they go on right afterwards to say this, and I quote. "Please note, however, that for purposes of this Privacy Notice, AnchorFree does not include your IP address or unique device identifier within the definition of Personal Information." That means they do save unique device identifiers and IP addresses. Though they say they don't tie it directly to your online activities nor do the cookies they may install. While the free version shares things with advertisers they also say they don't control what those people do with the information. Not top tier and ads are annoying, but if you have nothing else and don't trust other free VPNs it is something to at least use. Wouldn't trust it with anything truly sensitive.
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ClipAngel screenshot


Very handy5 starsby tormozit157
Nice app but consumes much RAM. Not a problem for me but can be a problem for you.
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NetTime screenshot


Time tastic!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 176 reviews)
I starting using this program some time ago and now updating another machine an needed a program that I know worked at keeping good time. It has a small memory foot print, simple to configure, and just simply works!! Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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Kaspersky Free screenshot

Kaspersky FreeKaspersky Free

This just replaced avast on some of my pc's5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 18 reviews)
I am a bit demanding when it comes to an AV program, and some either lack a lot of features and controls, or have a lot of false alarms, or too many popup ads etc. Avast is very good, but on two of my slower AMD PC's I noticed that boot times were very long, and in fact one shield in Avast would fail to load at times and I'd have to manually launch it. So I saw that Kapersky had a Freeware and gave it a shot. Kapersky has a very capable AV that you pay for, so why not? Well, Windows now loads 2x to 3x faster on those slower PC's, and even some software like Firefox launches faster! And Kapersky has a lot of configuration in the Setup area (Gear Icon, lower left) and can be temporarily shut down via the Taskbar Icon and so on. Just setup an account with them using an Email and a password (done within the program install) and you're done! You can then use that same emailpassword for any additional installations of Free Kapersky. Fast and very capable. Out of all of them out there, I would only recommend this or Avast for Free Anti-Virus software's these days, and Kapersky may soon become my favorite!
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Calendar Magic screenshot

Calendar MagicCalendar Magic

This calendar is magic!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 176 reviews)
Amazing Calendar Tool! It has so much information in this program it is quite surprising. I'm still finding features that I have not explored yet. You can personalize it to your location, given calendar preference, and other features at startup. I have been using an older version and no downloaded the latest and looking forward to any new added features. It has many calenders from around the world which allows you to see the differences from other cultures, very cool. Thanks for the amazing Calendar Tool. I give it Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, Use it, Rate it!
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Clementine Music Player screenshot

Clementine Music PlayerClementine Music Player

The only player that actually makes a playlist5 starsby JURYCOM (Read all my 38 reviews)
This Clementine player is 100 great. Making a playlist is super easy and flawless. I tried four other players from Snap Files and all were complicated or didn't work. Clementine is intuitive, easy and even asks where you want to save the playlist file. I am very happy I found this on Web Attack.
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XYplorer screenshot


A great windows explorer replacement - but...2 starsby joefabeetz557
This file manager has been one of the best for many years, but many of its inherent features can't possibly be utilized by more than a handful of advanced users. Trying to be "everything to everyone" is rarely a good idea and XYplorer is no exception. The EXE file has grown like a mushroom over the years and I know I'm not the only one who would like to see some of the "rarely, if ever used" options removed from the EXE and its associated INI file. On a positive note, it is truly portable and does not write to either the registry or to the Users folder.
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Pixia screenshot


Virus1 starsby raptozilla (Read all my 16 reviews)
Blocked and quarantined by AVAST so it didn't damage my computer.
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XnRetro screenshot


Looks great!4 starsby tuyetnam155184
Looks great thank you!
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Rename Us screenshot

Rename UsRename Us

Useful renamer5 starsby aslan.kerindi933
This Rename Us looks simple, but can do manu useful things. I customized it to delete my backup files with . extension, which I have speaded between many folders, and to work with MP3 files. What I miss there is EXIF functions, but anyway it is the best renamer I tried so far.
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro screenshot

Greenfish Icon Editor ProGreenfish Icon Editor Pro

Highly intuitive5 starsby JURYCOM (Read all my 38 reviews)
ONLY regret is this author has apparently not decided to join the big time as I don't see an install option. I ran it from the unzip directory and it works great from there, though. No guessing what to do. Controls are simple and fast. NOTE: If I didn't find the install icon and it was there, please let me know how.
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Freemake Audio Converter screenshot

Freemake Audio ConverterFreemake Audio Converter

Not free anymore1 starsby Mike_Troy (Read all my 8 reviews)
This used to be a great, easy to use auto conversion program. Recently, they changed it so that you cannot convert files over 3 min without paying for a 20 add-on. So it's really not freeware anymore.
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HyperSnap screenshot


One of the best in screencapture software4 starsby latechero381
Excellent perfomance in all kind of captures,including scrolling difficult ones.
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Screencast Capture Lite screenshot

Screencast Capture LiteScreencast Capture Lite

Version 1.6 is now available - problems solve5 starsby JURYCOM (Read all my 38 reviews)
The problems with ver 1.5 have been solved by Cesar Souza - the developer.
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Classic Theme Restorer screenshot

Classic Theme RestorerClassic Theme Restorer

Not for morons5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 22 reviews)
If you like cars with no steering wheel, dashboard, shifter, mirrors or brake pedal, DON'T install this! You'll only be confused.
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Seanau Icon Toolkit screenshot

Seanau Icon ToolkitSeanau Icon Toolkit

Excellent freeware!5 starsby david982
Excellent freeware, I like it! My favourite likes Photoshop layer function. 5 stars!
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AOMEI Backupper Standard screenshot

AOMEI Backupper StandardAOMEI Backupper Standard

Cannot go wrong with this, worth every penny5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 22 reviews)
Been using it for years as insurance. Even though it has many options I always just use the C boot backup. I save the image 2 places: internal HD #two and external USB drive. It's saved my Win7 PC from a couple of bad crashes over the years, and I used it to restore my favored Win7 after an "upgrade" to Win10 on a new SSD boot drive. The best! So good I paid for the Pro.
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Qoppa PDF Studio screenshot

Qoppa PDF StudioQoppa PDF Studio

Best one for linux users5 starsby alikazemkhanloo643
I searched entire the Internet for a pdf editor for linux, the best I could find was PDF Studio, I tried PDF Studio, and I amazed with lots of features that PDF Studio provides. I have to read a lot of old pdfs because of my college courses and I need OCR to be able to highlight the texts. I find OCR on PDF Studio very easy to use. Qoppa PDF Studio is cross platform, so I installed it on my Windows machine, too.
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) screenshot

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

Works like a charm4 starsby dawnskies (Read all my 9 reviews)
Simple, but functional, exactly as described
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RarmaRadio screenshot


Demo2 starsby dawnskies (Read all my 9 reviews)
Expires after 15 days, overpriced, crashed on first use on third station download and obsolete UI. I prefer Pocket Radio Player (PRP).
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Resonic Player screenshot

Resonic PlayerResonic Player

I'm at a loss of words5 starsby dawnskies (Read all my 9 reviews)
This thing is so fast it's hard to believe, and plays every audiofile I have. No setting up paths, super easy to use, click and play and posh looking interface, portable.
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ToDoList screenshot


Steep learning curve4 starsby dawnskies (Read all my 9 reviews)
Hard to understand at first, overkill feature set for most things, but once you get used to it (and if you need these features), incredibly powerful.
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