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LastPass screenshot


Absolutely love it5 starsby eddy.pinson146
It does what it's supposed to do, retain dozens of different passwords for different sites, fill in forms with ease, but one must always double check if all fields are correct. And it is so easy to create complex passwords. I couldn't work without it anymore.
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VeraCrypt screenshot


Good clone of truecrypt, but very, very slow2 starsby ianmacm (Read all my 174 reviews)
VeraCrypt is intended to be an up to date replacement for TrueCrypt, which was discontinued in 2014. The interface of VeraCrypt is basically a clone of TrueCrypt, but it is not compatible with files that have been encrypted for it. The main issue is the time taken to load encrypted volumes or devices. 30-90 seconds is quite normal and older processors may take double that time. VeraCrypt says that this is necessary for improved security, but after a while I became tired of being able to boil an egg before the volumes and devices loaded. Similar on-the-fly encryption programs can mount the encrypted files much more quickly, and I think that the trade-off for improved security is being spoiled by the egg timer wait for them to load with VeraCrypt. Unless you are trying to keep a top level expert from accessing your files, it may be better to stick to a program that loads the encrypted files in a more reasonable length of time.
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Angry IP Scanner screenshot

Angry IP ScannerAngry IP Scanner

Best scanning tool!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 156 reviews)
Angry IP Scanner keeps getting better. One of the features I have enjoyed most is the Favorites. I can store IP ranges so I don't have to keep typing them in. This allows me when working from my laptop to quickly fire up Angry IP scanner and select that network and I've got the information I needed. It is the little features that add flare to already amazing program. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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ManicTime Free screenshot

ManicTime FreeManicTime Free

Useful 4 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 6 reviews)
The program has several interesting features for the correct evaluation of computer use. The automated way is a crucial point. It is a useful and well-designed program. The only drawback is the high price of the paid version.
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NetworkActiv Web Server screenshot

NetworkActiv Web ServerNetworkActiv Web Server

Ease of use & nice features5 starsby Prowler_1
My Go to web server 4 ever. Super easy & simple to set up, a click or 2 and its up & running smooth. Never encountered any issues.
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MusicBee screenshot


Musicbee and 1by1 are the ones!5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I have thousands of songs already organized into Win7 folders. Both MusicBee and 1by1 saw the folders as they are and didn't fiddle with any unwanted re-organization or worse. That's my number one requirement in music players. Leave my collection alone, get off my lawn!! Sound of course matters but I cannot distinguish. When I just want to hear some tunes I use 1by1 but when I want lots of extras with a sophisticated UI it's Musicbee.
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Qoppa PDF Studio screenshot

Qoppa PDF StudioQoppa PDF Studio

Excellent software.4 starsby ru02976970
I have been looking for a replacement to Adobe Livecycle. PDF Studio was an excellent find since it does what I need to get done and plus it is a cross-platform software which makes it awesome (I run Linux on my laptop and windows on the school office computer).
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Wise Video Downloader screenshot

Wise Video DownloaderWise Video Downloader

Download any video from youtube4 starsby millerlucas90986 (Read all my 3 reviews)
When I found any funny and interesting videos from youtube, this free tool can help me to download it quickly and easily. Really useful.
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Foxit PDF Reader screenshot

Foxit PDF ReaderFoxit PDF Reader

Doesn't work as promises1 starsby olivi78305 (Read all my 2 reviews)
It doesn't remove hidden data as promises; only it covers them. And it allows another person easy to find and read them.
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Hardlink Shell Extension screenshot

Hardlink Shell ExtensionHardlink Shell Extension

Excellent5 starsby shawndarichuk607 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Works great. I'm using it to move my files in preparation for a new work computer. Move files to the external hard drive, create a junction in the old location, and everything works like normal. They can take the old computer away and leave all of the files on the external drive.
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Mozilla Firefox screenshot

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

Not what it used to be1 starsby asrs2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
It used to be my favorite, but after it refused to work with java, I had to give it up and was surprised to see that new generation brosers were better in many respects.
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FastCopy screenshot


Simplify and probably end your problems5 starsby janekate010364
Use Long Path Tool, Long Path Tool can simplify and probably end your problems in unlocking, managing and renaming files that appear to have a long filename.
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FlashBack Express screenshot

FlashBack ExpressFlashBack Express

Very powerful + free5 starsby ricohflex77 (Read all my 7 reviews)
The free version first records the video. The rendering process is very fast, a few seconds. After that the player screen opens. Please remember that what you captured has NOT yet been saved. Do not exit at this point or else all the recording is lost. You can save the file as an FBR format. (there is no other choice) You can specify the output folder. But it does not seem to remember your preferred output folder. Yet to see if that can be overcome. If you want to view the video in other players, then you need to "Export" the captured video to WMV. In the Free version, there is only 1 choice. Only WMV. If you want to export to other formats within this software, you need to pay to get the Pro version. But no issue, since most of us have got numerous video converters by other software developers. Just export to WMV. The wmv file plays back very well in Windows Media Player 9. After the export, your video capture is safe, and you can exit the software. This software allows a lot of choices in resolutions of video capture. The default is 650 x 480. You can customise the hot keys. I changed the Record to F8, Stop to F9 and Pause to F10. You can specify region capture and the outline is in red. There is a countdown of 3-2-1 seconds before capture starts.
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PicPick screenshot


This is the best one by far.5 starsby sonders991 (Read all my 4 reviews)
PicPick has all the features most people need instantly. Auto save all snaps. It is free and better than almost anything else. I use this a lot and it is the easiest way to take screen shots there is. You can take screen shots and the magnify and so on immediately. My thanks to the PicPick people.
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avast! Free Antivirus screenshot

avast! Free Antivirusavast! Free Antivirus

It still provides good protection, but !3 starsby Belatucadrus (Read all my 13 reviews)
I've been using avast! for years I used to recommend it when asked without hesitation but recent developments are getting me to consider alternatives. It still works well and provides excellent protection BUT the software is getting more like AdWare by the week with ever increasing pop-ups nagging you to upgrade or buy something else add to that the inclusion of a new browser that it don't want and didn't ask for and the irritations are piling up.
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Image Eye screenshot

Image EyeImage Eye

Excellent photo viewer5 starsby czanoni
I was looking for a seamless photo viewer to pin some photos to my desktop, and this makes it PAINLESS. Its a single image viewer, but you can open as many copies as you need. Tts not a photo editor, but does give you some control if you need it...and as a viewer it can't be beat.
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Revo Uninstaller screenshot

Revo UninstallerRevo Uninstaller

By far the best of all uninstallers !5 starsby Hellraiser (Read all my 27 reviews)
The one and only !!! By far the best of all uninstallers ! And you can believe me, because i tried them all ! Absolutely no chance for all the others !
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Textify screenshot


Nice tool4 starsby remdenfan
Great for error messages, etc. and copying text that is locked.
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UpSafe Gmail Backup screenshot

UpSafe Gmail BackupUpSafe Gmail Backup

Upsafe is the best tool for gmail security5 starsby caislenoir303
I use the online version of Upsafe to back up my Gmail and Google Drive. The tool is really good, although you can only back up 5Gb for free. Still 2 per month is really not a high price for my documents' security (I moved all the files and folders that are most important to me from my home PC to GDrive after the machine nearly went down). I don't care so much of having a copy of my mailbox and contacts, but having my GDrive backed up is really nice. The interface of the app is quite simple and straightforward, although it's not really attractive.
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PDF-XChange Viewer screenshot

PDF-XChange ViewerPDF-XChange Viewer

8 years later, still an excellent pdf tool5 starsby bawldiggle (Read all my 6 reviews)
Free "Editor" (out of the same stables as "Viewer") is a little too aggressive with watermarks when re-accessing comments. "Viewer" is more forgiving, as long as you don't "flatten" (integrate) the comments/shapes into the original pdf document. Watermarks are not subtle visually. Accidental access can be minimized with a setting in "Preferences" Edit -> Preferences -> Categories: Commenting - enable two check boxes to " block mouse access to comments unless SHIFT key is used" Shortcut keys for tools can be customized via ... Customize Toolbars (RClick in empty toolbars area)-> Commands (tab) ... select a command -> Properties (button)... My shortcut for "Hand Tool" is Escape
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro screenshot

Greenfish Icon Editor ProGreenfish Icon Editor Pro

Both 32-bit and 64-bit 5 starsby bawldiggle (Read all my 6 reviews)
Easiest icon creator I have used. Download provides both 32-bit and 64-bit portables, incl 28 languages.
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IE PassView screenshot

IE PassViewIE PassView

Works fast and flawlessly5 starsby Nicholas (Read all my 61 reviews)
Only two words suffice to honor this useful program: 'Fast' and 'Perfect'!
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Free Download Manager screenshot

Free Download ManagerFree Download Manager

Easy to use and efficient5 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 6 reviews)
It works perfectly, many useful features, fits most browsers.
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Multi Commander screenshot

Multi CommanderMulti Commander

Free and great! recommended!5 starsby planax88863
I'm using MultiCommander 64 bit on Windows Server 2012 R2. It's great, and I've had no problems so far. I decided to use it because Total Commander, which was the default choice, is expensive when you start having more servers to maintain. The UI is also fairly simple, but I would love to have a bit more meaningful icons. No big deal anyway. This software does exactly the same thing, for free, no "Premium Only" crap, just install and use. Thank you guys!
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TagScanner screenshot


Outstanding5 starsby TGB_72 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Probably the most flexible app for tag and rename audio files. It's full of features and it allow scripting too. The UI is very intuitive.
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LastPass screenshot


Fail import, fail install, fail support1 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 8 reviews)
During the install of this on Win7 you'll come to a point where it will ask you if you want to proceed AND ERASE ALL LOCAL PASSWORDS ON YOUR SYSTEM. Figuring, ok, I have BACKUPS, why not then allow my pws to exist on their encrypted server instead? I guess that might be ok, but then after ok'ing it, the installer's next step was to Import my passwords. OK, seems logical, but then the usual green progess bar would just burp at the seeming end and restart itself, over and over, for half an hour. I finally used the Task Manager to break out of the process. Then, logging into the LP site, I can see that my passwords are in their Vault. Good, ok, but because I broke the installer process it never got to the point of installing a Firefox or IE add-on, nor did it erase my non-secured passwords. Without LP running, my Fox still will auto-fill my credentials. I'm not sure how bad that is, but whatever functions the add-ons ADD are not there. I looked around the LP site for add-ons installers but no go. I emailed the LP folks but they're busy with supporting paying users, no reply. Obviously this works well for most, but I just got fed up and uninstalled it.
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BrowserSelect screenshot


Makes using multiple browsers easy5 starsby WanjiSanji (Read all my 4 reviews)
If you use multiple browsers, this is a very handy program. I use a few browsers for specific sites, and one browser as my main, everything-but-those-few-sites browser. A few clicks and that's set up. I set up my specific sites, then manually entered a rule for "" to use my main browser. You can even then set up a rule to have a certain site ask you every time which browser to use.
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SpyDetect Free screenshot

SpyDetect FreeSpyDetect Free

Easy... fast... effective... free...4 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This app is small, fast, effective, no need to install and nothing is written to the registry and FREE. It does what it's meant to and in a very fast and effective fashion. No gimmicks or any setting-up is needed. Just run it and it will reveal if you are being spied on. Give it a try... enjoy.
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RocketCake screenshot


Not free for adding your own html code.2 starsby boroboro_2222830 (Read all my 2 reviews)
You must buy the application if your want too add your own html code.
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Lightshot screenshot


Very easy to use and fast....5 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I've used a few screen capture tools and this happens to be my go-to favorite. It's fast.... very easy with no learning curve... has the features I need... and it FREE. Features include edit what you want to write on screen shot, full window or chose what you want to capture, arrows, line, highlight, marker and color scheme which is all I need to get the job done. Can't get any easier than that. Highly recommended... enjoy...
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