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DriveImage XML (Private Edition) screenshot

DriveImage XML (Private Edition)DriveImage XML (Private Edition)

Awesome back-up software5 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
This is one of the simplest HD/File back-up software to have. You can back-up HD to an image & then browse it, restore an HD to the same one or another, copy HD to HD and schedule it with Windows Task Scheduler. I wish more software would use Windows utilities with their own. It is a good way to create a light program. Also you can use it on a boot CD like BartPE, but you will need to download the plugin from their(DriveImageXML) website. It is very easy to use. I usually use this when I back-up my HD and migrate to a new HD. My only complaint is that since this process takes time, it would be great if they had an option to "shut down" the computer when it finishes the back-up job. Then I can just set it and go to sleep. It doesn't have some other features that other similar software have, but I love how simple it is and when I back-up files it doesn't interfere with anything else that I'm doing on the PC. Just use it!
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Flashnote screenshot


Keeps it simple and works great.5 starsby skybabyblue (Read all my 3 reviews)
After trying many of the various note type programs I finally stopped my search and stuck with this one. It's lightweight loads up instantly has autosave so you never have to worry about accidentally closing it and losing anything. This one might not be as fancy as the others but it makes up for it with a well built clutter-free interface so you can concentrate on your notes. It's portable so just unzip to a folder and start using, if you don't love it just delete the folder.
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RegSeeker screenshot


The best5 starsby ronjsch918
You can't find a better registry cleaner. Absolutely the BEST...!
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Apple Safari screenshot

Apple SafariApple Safari

Bad for your Windows computer.1 starsby skybabyblue (Read all my 3 reviews)
Total time using Safari about 1 hour. Total time trying to remove it- a lot longer. This is a bloated piece of apple junk (windows version at least, maybe on a mac this is ok but my review is only for the discontinued windows version). After waiting a longer time then should be necessary installing this browser, which also installed an apple product updater tool deep into the system without letting me know. I had to find this on my own. I then tried the browser for about an hour, it seemed sluggish the entire time and froze up a couple times when going into the options part of the browser. This was long enough to realize this apple browser was not happy inside my Vista laptop so I tried to uninstall it. Try being the keyword, it left behind that apple updater which refused to completely uninstall itself so I had to use Revo Uninstaller to finally clean up all the leftover sour apple pie bits. A bad experience for me and my laptop, we are both happier with Firefox or opera or even IE. Since I dislike Google I don't recommend Chrome but even that is a better choice than this.
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FastStone Image Viewer screenshot

FastStone Image ViewerFastStone Image Viewer

Great, it lets you focus on your photos!5 starsby skybabyblue (Read all my 3 reviews)
An image viewer that is a pleasure to use and lets you focus on your photos not on the program. Once set up according to your own taste (choice of skin, mouse and navigation options, etc.) you can just sit back and relax and use this everyday. Very rarely will you need to open another tool to mess with your images, but if you do need to open an image with another program you can do this right from inside Faststone using the "edit with external program" feature. I tested many other free image viewers but no others feel as solid as Faststone, solid as a rock (stone) you can say. Recent versions of Faststone image viewer are great but I still prefer the look and feel of version 2.5 the best. Give that version a try if you haven't, sometimes older is better. But either way you shouldn't be disappointed with this program. I'm an artist and a lover of photography so I have spent many long hours enjoying Faststone.
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Kindle for PC screenshot

Kindle for PCKindle for PC

Typical Amazon1 starsby Tooloose (Read all my 3 reviews)
Amazon leads you to believe that you can download books but what they mean is that you can download them to Amazon. The reader has only one feature; the ability to bookmark a page. You can't make notes or underline. I'm perfectly content with paper if this is the level of technology for a leader in the e-book industry.
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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter screenshot

Advanced BAT to EXE ConverterAdvanced BAT to EXE Converter

This is not a compiler1 starsby mail694
This program does NOT "compile". Batch content is wrapped and extracted to Temp Tested with Process Explorer http:s7.postimg.org3vj36zsobadvb.png
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DeskPins screenshot


At last Skype behaves the way I want5 starsby psamson491
Well done. A useful app, well executed. While is shouldn't have been necessary to augment Windows with such a key feature, I am grateful you did. Also happy to contribute a few bucks to keep up the good work if there is a way.
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Skype screenshot


It's still good.4 starsby salam.eater494
Though many people say that skype is getting outdated. To my opinion, skype is still good in terms of availability when contacting a close-friend, family, or a distant relative that resides on a different country. All you need is a device that is internet capable and internet connection, and connecting to those people are just a few clicks away. Though the revamped version kinda ruins the scenery, it's still good that Skype is evolving. Microsoft has plans for this great app, to lead and compete with viber and other applications across the internet.
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USB Raptor screenshot

USB RaptorUSB Raptor

Good but easily defeated in safe mode3 starsby rouillard.joseph134
Works pretty well but can easily be disable in safe mode.
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SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive screenshot

SlySoft Virtual CloneDriveSlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

Excellent, efficient, easy5 starsby rob949 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've used this app for years. Smallest footprint of any ISO mounting app. Never had any problems with it.
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Skype screenshot


Long time user, but its time for the truth1 starsby pandasforsale759
I have been using Skype since the 2.X days, way back then it was a newer entrant on the market. It offered IM services combined with VOIP, and that was unique enough to gather the support of coworkers, friends, family, and more. It became the client of choice, and there isn't much I regret more. Skype hit a sweet spot in the 3.X generation. Though there were certainly bugs, it worked. It had customizable UI components, the VOIP had improved, its footprint on the CPU was reduced. However, 4.x onwards marked a significant change: features were removed, redone, and reworked. The Skype tech-supporters were notorious jerks even when the program worked, so trying to report any of these new problems was greeted with a stream of 'are you sure you're connected to the internet?' hogwash. Since, this program has been 'improved' into the ground. It constantly sucks CPU when idle, it crashes when closing AND opening, it fails to send messages (sometimes for days at a time), and the chat UI went from simple to ugly. The devsupport team was never great, now their product has caught up. If it wasn't such an inconvenience to move my Skype contacts to a competitor, I would have dumped this steaming pile when it automatically updated to 4.X.
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Instant File Name Search screenshot

Instant File Name SearchInstant File Name Search

Fast! file search supports LAN5 starsby michaudb220405
WOW! I'm impressed. I used "Everything" for years and was never thrilled with "Locate32" for the LAN. This program allows you to save the search configuration database for the LAN; you can actually search for filetypes like video's or JGP or MP3... I have a video and music LAN server so this is now my favorite search tool.
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Ashampoo Burning Studio Free screenshot

Ashampoo Burning Studio FreeAshampoo Burning Studio Free

It's free. but so is the static.2 starsby mutaulgia251
Was so impressed with ABS Free. Installed it to burn an audio cd. Simple & intuitive, compiling and burning couldn't be easier. Skimmed the 1st disc burned to verify. Sounded good. Made several more copies after the 1st take. THEN, I listened carefully to the ENTIRE cd. Whoa. About halfway thru the disc (didn't matter what track), the tiniest SNAP, a CRACKLE here, a few POPS there. Of course, these sounds were NOWHERE on the original recordings. Even installed ABS Free on a different computer. Same deal. The occasional staticky snap or three halfway thru the disc -- even with a completely different playlist of tunes. Is this ABS' way of mitigating copyright infringement? Long story short, reburned wCDBurnerXP. No snaps, crackles or pops. Anywhere.
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Comical screenshot


A forgotten pioneer2 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
Comical was once one of the popular e-comic readers and helped pioneer the software genre. It has a simple user interface with basic features. It's cross-platform and only supports .cbr and .cbz files. The user interface is good and simple to use, but since it has not been upgraded for years some advance controls are absent for example the use of the mouse-scroller. It is only a viewer so it lacks a library organizer. It is a bit buggy. If you have ecomics with HD images(which are common nowadays) it may not be able to extract the image and an error message will appear indicating that the image may be corrupted(but it is not). Also while receiving that error message it fails to create thumbnails of some images for the explorer on the side. It is better to use ComicRack or YacReader which are the superior e-comic readers with the most advanced features. Or, if you want something simpler I'd recommend HoneyView, SumatraPDF or STDU Viewer. All of these are updated regularly. Having not been updated in over 9-years, missing many advance features and buggy, it is difficult to recommend Comical. Perhaps someday the developer will raise it from its grave and update it. For now it is not worth using when there are better e-comic readers to choose from.
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PrivaZer screenshot


Privazer competes with ccleaner -- very well!5 starsby ltgargaz367 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I've been using Ccleaner for at least a decade, and it's great. I will not replace it with PrivaZer -- yet. However, I will use PrivaZer to do a deep and thorough cleaning at least 1week. It is feature rich and easy to use -- especially for the more experienced user. Like Ccleaner, you can protect selected cookies and the rest will be deleted. The UI is friendly and their support appears to be excellent. I'm thinking that just prior to defragmenting my HD, I will run PrivaZer -- not Ccleaner. I HIGHLY recommend PrivaZer. They know what they are doing.
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KeePass (Classic Edition) screenshot

KeePass (Classic Edition)KeePass (Classic Edition)

Faultless performance5 starsby JURYCOM (Read all my 33 reviews)
Faultless performance. I used this as a back-up for LastPass - the free online version but, HEY you never know when the net might not be working. Always pays to have a back up especially for really private stuff that you don't want the gov' reading.
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NexusFont screenshot


NexusFont should be your choice5 starsby JURYCOM (Read all my 33 reviews)
I've been in the internet business since '92 and this is the best font manager I have ever used. Give it a try. You'll like it.
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SMTP Mail Sender screenshot

SMTP Mail SenderSMTP Mail Sender

A cool little program5 starsby sonia.steinhart463
This little program (version - 35 KB zip file) cannot be any easier to use. Works perfectly. The developer replied to my inquiry promptly and very helpfully. Thanks Joey!
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EaseUS Partition Master screenshot

EaseUS Partition MasterEaseUS Partition Master

C drive full? Solution here.5 starsby bassaniobroke (Read all my 5 reviews)
Once again sanpfiles has offered me wonderful solution. My C drive was full and I could not install any program. I badly needed adobe reader as I had to fill some forms. I came to snapfiles and found EaseUS Partition Master. I was able to merge C drive with adjacent D drive and was able to increase space in C drive. I have only used this feature but there is lot more. So far have not discovered any worm or other issue but I have refused all other program that were bundled up along with this program and only installed EaseUS partition master, and I use win XP.
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Reduce PDF Size screenshot

Reduce PDF SizeReduce PDF Size

Barebone pdf reducer for best expectations5 starsby nandor7140
Sleek, slim, fast, normally I do not read any reviews before deciding. I go after my nose. I did well with Reduce PDF Size, as it seemed very sleek. Only 7.04 Mb and as I was on a Internet diet that fit to my needs. The interface is just what is need, every button are in the right place, nothing unnecessary whistle and bells. Just choose the file, adjust the quality needed, than go! The result will land in a folder you choose during the process. In my test I choose a file with 8337 Kb which was reduced in 155 Kb in a few seconds. I was impressed as the software did not receive very good critic. The quality was also good, not seemed to be reduced.
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360 Total Security Essential screenshot

360 Total Security Essential360 Total Security Essential

Perfect5 starsby robmo5246
Ease of use, download and installation, and protection make this perfect for my two desktops and laptop. Highly recommend!
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio screenshot

DVDVideoSoft Free StudioDVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Great tool for everything!5 starsby chaoskid19690
At first I downloaded it just for the YouTube to MP3 converter, but then I've found it that it also has a huge amount of other usefull apps, for example the Skype recorder, or other converters like the video to JPG converter. If you have DVDVideoSoft Free Studio, you don't need any other tools!
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YACReader screenshot


One of the best ecomic viewers!5 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
I used YAC years ago when it wasn't very developed and lacked may features. But, now it has greatly improved and has become one of the best ecomic viewers! It supports all of the ecomic formats including PDF and popular image formats, customized viewing, image adjustments, library organizer with searhing and tagging. You can also import your comics to your mobile devices. It only lacks the ability to convert ecomic files like ComicRack. I did not like the bulky distracting icons that it used before, but thankfully the icons have changed to black flat-style icons which I like very much. Very easy on the eyes and does not distract when reading. Because of the conversion feature, I still favor ComicRack over YAC, but not by much. YAC could easily become my favorite. Even if you love ComicRack and satisfied, give YAC a try. It may become your favorite.
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio screenshot

DVDVideoSoft Free StudioDVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Very good4 starsby beertjewit564
I use it for some years and still happy with it. I tryed others but they are never that good. I use to use most youtube downloader and convertor. Also mp3 is easy to take from the clips.
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Foxit PDF Reader screenshot

Foxit PDF ReaderFoxit PDF Reader

My new default pdf viewer4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
Foxit is full of options for free. I can't list them all here, but all the features that the average user would want is here. One thing that it does not have is a true PDF creator like Nitro Reader. Foxit can convert documents into a PDF, but it cannot create a customized PDF document or edit a PDF. If you want to create or edit PDFs you'll have to buy their Foxit PhantomPDF or use some other software. It is the fastest PDF viewer with many options(Sumatra is the fastest viewer, but doesn't have as many options) and can open large PDFs with reasonable speed. The only thing I don't like is the Windows ribbon GUI. It is rather large and takes up a lot of space, but you have the option to use the old GUI which has a thinner toolbar. Now Foxit Reader is the best free PDF viewer in my opinion.
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Nitro PDF Reader screenshot

Nitro PDF ReaderNitro PDF Reader

Great, but needs to be updated4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
I've used Nitro Reader for Years and was always the best one to me compared to others. It's strong point is that it has a great PDF creator in which you can customize the PDF the way you want to. It also can extract content, snapshot, notes & commenting, form filler, Quicksign, web restriction and java script disablement. But, recently I work with PDFs with large images and Nitro seems rather slow when opening them and turning to each page. I really like Nitro, but the sluggish behavior has made me change to a new PDF viewer. Other PDF viewers have improved and there are PDF tools available to edit PDFs, so Nitro hasn't become a real necessity. Nitro 3 was a great improvement in the past, but it hasn't had any upgrades while the pro version is at version 9. If they improve the speed I'll definitely use it again. If you don't mind how slow it is when viewing large images then you should try it. Its PDF creator would be the main reason to use it.
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Sumatra PDF screenshot

Sumatra PDFSumatra PDF

Great pdf viewer4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
When I want to view a PDF I'd like the viewer to display pages properly. Some of the free PDF viewers have some problems doing this. For example, if there are a mix of horizontal and vertical pages some viewers display the horizontal page with part of the next page which is vertical. Sometimes full page view is not possible. Sumatra PDF seems to have no problem with displaying the images the way I want it to...and that's the most important thing. Also its other strong point is the speed at which it can load and turn to each page. Some other free PDF viewers tend to be slow at displaying large images and freeze for awhile. In addition Sumatra PDF has all of the options you'd expect from a PDF viewer. You can custom view pages the way you want, zoom and set bookmarks. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the speed-dial page is really a great unique feature in Sumatra PDF viewer. Lastly, it is a great simple ecomic and ebook reader(other free PDF viewers can't do that). The only thing that Sumatra PDF lacks are extract, conversion, add notes and digital signing tools(and other features) that other free PDF viewers have. I'd love to see these features added in the future because it would make Sumatra PDF the perfect PDF viewer to have. But, if viewing is all you want to do then it is a 5-star PDF viewer for you.
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Debenu PDF Tools screenshot

Debenu PDF ToolsDebenu PDF Tools

Good, but lacking3 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 49 reviews)
I got really lucky a few years ago and received a free version of the pro version of Debenu PDF Tools(v2.2). The 3.1 version is available now and has watermarking and stamping, and flatten PDF to image PDF which the 2.2 version is lacking. Anyway the free version is lacking a lot of editing tools from the pro... too many to list in detail, but content extraction(but can do PDF to text), watermarking & stamping, print command, digital signatures, add password, page editing; ie cropping & rotating, bookmarking, attach & embed files, JavaScript editing, note & file removal, flatten PDF and custom PDF scripting are missing. But, if you just need something to do some simple editing, PDF to image & image to PDF, and like to do it on the fly from the explorer menu then this will be perfect for you. It's easy to use and works well.
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Clementine Music Player screenshot

Clementine Music PlayerClementine Music Player

Really good but needs some fixes.4 starsby seriousnoizemusic872
I am using Windows 8.1 and when first using it the software it kept crashing on me after a few song plays, or changing songs. I decided to turn off the mood bar feature and change the output plugin to Direct8 audio sink. This seemed to solve my problem with the crashes. Just thought I would mention this in case it might help someone else. This program has some really good features, I do wish they would make it to where you could disable some of the extra options to where they don't appear on the left of the screen that I don't use like Grooveshark and others. I hope they continue to improve this program and work out all the bugs. Very good music player with a lot of extras. Worth giving a try.
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