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Ocenaudio screenshot


Very good audio editor5 starsby Hollinski (Read all my 2 reviews)
I was searching for an Audio Editor for a Long time that can edit short and Long Audio files in most used formats and here it is. I used to use Wavsaur and Audicity and more but this seems to be the best for me at this time. VST-Support is included and i didnt miss anything as long as i use it until now.
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VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) screenshot

VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)

The only one i use - music and video5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
Haven't experienced any problems with saving settings myself. This software plays everything I've thrown at it, and it's worth spending a little time setting up the look & feel to your liking. By default it works fine. Very technical options are available if you are geeky enough, so it's a lot more than just a player. If you don't need these, you don't need to bother - it just "does what you want".
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OpenOffice screenshot


Don't waste time and money - this is it!5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
Other reviewers have pretty much covered the advantages of this very complete office package. I was using an old version of the MS equivalent, which got more and more creaky with Windows version upgrades. This is so much better and more complete - haven't tried the current MS product, but I don't know what it could offer me that is better. And it's FREE!
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Mp3Tag screenshot


First class, and free5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
I was putting together a set of old favourites for my car player, when I realised just how variable the tagging was on different albums, if it existed at all! Playing these randomly in the car drove me crazy with many displays making no sense. Finding favourite albums and tracks was a nightmare, ex-CD tracks a special problem. This tool made the problem about as simple as it could be, allowing labeling multiple tracks with the same album andor artist etc. Powerful methods to extract info from file names, individual track editing easy too. Also has methods to sort out the filenames - very useful. I was surprised how quickly I sorted out almost two thousand old tracks into some kind of consistent sense. THANKS very much!
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PerfectDisk Pro screenshot

PerfectDisk ProPerfectDisk Pro

Actually worth paying for!5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
Having used many defrags over the years, including some excellent free ones, I finally decided to pay for this one, after trying the 30-day trial, which is absolutely full-featured. Main reason for looking afresh at defrags is that I am now using some SSD drives. Having read scare stories about defragging SSDs, I took the trouble to do some thorough technical research. Almost all defraggers have some sort of SSD option, including Windows 7,8,10 built-in one, but differ a lot in what they actually do. In the end, a safe bet is to NOT defrag SSDs at all, but some data reorganisation (not simple defragmenting) is beneficial to performance and life-time if done intelligently (and not too often). So I ended up comparing the established well-known products. Diskeeper offers good solutions for both HD and SSD drives, as does PerfectDisk (and O&O among others) but these two both additionally have intelligent algorithms which avoid much fragmentation before the data is actually written. This is a VERY good idea whatever kind of drive! Having free-trialed both, I am satisfied that both do this very effectively. Both are set-and-forget, and default to sensible options too. Factors which led me to prefer PD over DK are: 1. PD can operate on USB-connected devices; 2. PD offers more optimisation options, especially for non-SSDs; 3. I believe the PD option for SSD is optimal; 4. PD costs quite a lot less!
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Partition Wizard Free screenshot

Partition Wizard FreePartition Wizard Free

Great free tool, especially for ssd drives5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
There are many fine free partition tools out there, and I have used several. One thing I noticed about this one is that the free version has a fully functional "align" feature, which will correctly optimize partition alignment for maximum performance. Worth doing, especially on SSD drives, because Windows installers and Disk Management don't take care of this. Helps with performance, space usage and life-time on SSDs. This tool does many operations much quicker that some others, it doesn't insist on moving data about unless essential, and can do most changes without re-booting - EaseUS and many others take a brute-force attitude to almost everything. About the only handy feature the free version lacks is partition merge. I can live with that!
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AutoHotkey screenshot


A great way to make your own utilities5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
I have done some programming, but I agree with a previous reviewer that, with patience, "you can do it". I had found a number of utilities on Snapfiles that "almost" did what I want, so I made up a few simple AHK scripts to control them. Problems solved! So by combining the (very easy) hotkey features with the ability to run and stop programs, check their state, control windows, etc, it can do an amazing number of things. The help includes quite a few helpful examples, and there are links to many user-contributed scripts to do all sorts of things. You might find one that does exactly what you need, or near enough that you can crib from it! I also looked at AutoIt (also on Snapfiles), which is another powerful tool, and you might find that more to your liking - a matter of personal preference. This is my choice.
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Comodo Internet Security screenshot

Comodo Internet SecurityComodo Internet Security

Most complete protection out there - and free5 starsby mikesantana (Read all my 23 reviews)
Been using this for many years, and the latest version is very complete, and now very easy to use. Very few people will need to vary from the default settings, and the "help" is good if you really want to know. Comodo runs a very active forum, and it is clear that they do respond to it, and have taken on board the comments in the version improvements. On an old slow PC, it will impact performance at times, but (unless very old) shouldn't discourage you from giving it a try. You can certainly live without the paid upgrade features (mentioned by another reviewer) but this year I chose to do it because it's not a lot of cash, and I felt I owed Comodo! Actually did use the interactive "Geek Buddy" help that comes with that, and it certainly saved some time - upgrading to Win10 had left a few problems lying around - not just with Comodo though...
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360 Total Security Essential screenshot

360 Total Security Essential360 Total Security Essential

Seems ok, but...4 starsby Geejay (Read all my 14 reviews)
Running an older PC with WinXP and I haven't noticed any slowdowns using TS360. However scanning files manually, via context menu, seems to be a hit or miss: Some scans never start/complete. Incidentally, the first file I did successfully scan manually, which arrived via email attachment, passed. This same file was flagged at VirusTotal... Nevertheless, I still recommend TS360 because NO anti virus is 100 bullet proof.
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Ashampoo Burning Studio screenshot

Ashampoo Burning StudioAshampoo Burning Studio

Constant offers ... annoying2 starsby thetechfirm (Read all my 2 reviews)
Just installed this and a bit annoyed it didn't notify what promotional links or offers it was going to be displaying as well letting me know that everytime i start or shutdown the app, i would be prompted for more offers... Its just day one and i will see if i can work through it, otherwise I'm turfing it
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Classic Shell screenshot

Classic ShellClassic Shell

Made win 8.1 usable again5 starsby EmpressTrudy (Read all my 16 reviews)
It's a great option, particularly if you were stuck with Lenovo's awful Pokki shell before. Classic shell is a great add on that makes Win 8.x operate just like Win 7. If anything it has too MANY features. It's lightweight and fast.
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Screenshot Captor screenshot

Screenshot CaptorScreenshot Captor

Great functions, ugly interface4 starsby indirizzobreve678 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I use it very often and it has many powerful & useful functions. Ugly interface is the main problem with small & not clear icons, menu too complicated, drawing/text functions far from intuitive use (need a learning period). In summary, it'is very good, but mainly for power user.
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Pale Moon screenshot

Pale MoonPale Moon

Best browswer I have used5 starsby dread.77769815
It is running fast and furious on my win 10 x64 machine, I can feel the difference it actually uses more of my RAM can you imagine that I thought having so much RAM was useless?. Now I'm running Pale Moon fully customized with complete themes, lots of addons; no freezes, no slow down, flashing pages load speeds it's just like the old Firefox.
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Recuva screenshot


Very good, it saved me5 starsby dorthinick681
Never thought that would have a day with my most precious SD broken down and i had tried at least 10 others software without success recovering the data or request a purchase. Only Recuva fully saved all corrupted files from it, highly recommanded
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Wise Folder Hider screenshot

Wise Folder HiderWise Folder Hider

Finally no longer have to zip and encrypt5 starsby msmeal673
I have been using 7zip forever to encrypt my one drive contents after downloading longer have to do that now that I found this app. It's as simple as creating a password, selecting to hide the flash drive, create another password and that's it. Just tested it at work and had my co-worker plug into his laptop - he couldn't see anything. Just need to see if it works on windows 10 as I did the "hide" on a windows 7 laptop but for EASILY gets the highest rating.
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Video To Video Converter screenshot

Video To Video ConverterVideo To Video Converter

Just what i needed4 starsby jwglidewell156
Simple to use and does a great job for my needs. Looked at a lot of others first but happy I found this.
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Envelope Printer Lite screenshot

Envelope Printer LiteEnvelope Printer Lite

Free version is too simple to have any value1 starsby IanGGJames (Read all my 2 reviews)
Since you cannot save anything (even the Return Address) you have to create all the data every time - which is pointless. Any word processor does this without needing external software. If you could save your layout (at least the return address) it might just about be worth using. Otherwise, don't bother.
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Partition Wizard Free screenshot

Partition Wizard FreePartition Wizard Free

Saved my files - many thanks5 starsby rwgrandcolas809
I accidentally un-allocated a hard drive that was left in a PC when I installed windows 7 on a separate hard drive. I thought I had lost all the data on the hard drive. Partition Wizard re-alocated the hard drive and assigned it a letter and I recovered 100 of the files. The software is incredibly user friendly and a self explanatory operation. I did not need instructions and had all my data back with in a few minutes. Awesome stuff. Thanks!
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Free Music and Video Downloader screenshot

Free Music and Video DownloaderFree Music and Video Downloader

Very simple5 starsby Hellraiser (Read all my 26 reviews)
Does exactly what it has to do, in a very simple way !
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Nitro PDF Reader screenshot

Nitro PDF ReaderNitro PDF Reader

The best5 starsby geraldwlewis760
This is hands down the best PDF Reader. No other works this well.
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner screenshot

Eusing Free Registry CleanerEusing Free Registry Cleaner

Works great for windows 7 and below5 starsby iAmEKMA (Read all my 6 reviews)
This program works great for Windows 7 and below (I have not tried with 8 or 8.1). I am unimpressed with using this on Windows 10 though. I found that after using in Windows 10, I was unable to access many apps and the app store. Sad...I really, really, really loved this app when I ran Windows XP and 7......
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HelpNDoc screenshot


Perfect to write abstract (free export pdf)5 starsby indirizzobreve678 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I know that this software is aimed to write manuals, but I use the free version (from many years) to write personal abstracts (study,...) and the final document (having a clear and visual separation among sections) it's MUCH more clean & easy to create, maintain and use as reference than a wordlibreoffice document with index page. Formatting is not advanced as a word processor, but it's more than enough for normal use; it's possible to insert images and has many other options (icon sections,...) with a good overall speed. The ONLY LIMIT of the free (non commercial) version are light banner on exporting document in other format (html, doc, PDF...). NOTE: now I have the latest version (4.8) and IT'S POSSIBLE (since earlier versions) TO EXPORT IN PDF (description in this site IMHO it's wrong) having also index created basing on sections. In summary, for me it's: - very good to write abstract for personal use - easy to use as reference of the final document using the native format (having HelpnDoc installed) or exporting final document as pdf
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Run-Command screenshot


Excellent run utility!!!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 148 reviews)
What makes this different from the normal method is the feature list and simplicity of it. The default hotkey is CTRL-R, quick execution of any given command plus the quick access to the Control Panel, command prompt, Disk Manager, Device manager, and computer managment. Under Favorites you have a whole list of CMD, Explorer, System, and Tools shortcuts right there. I like that it has Run and Run as Administrator right there to run the command you want. This will definitely be added to my system tools, plus it is portable. Two-Thumbs Up!
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BezierDraw screenshot


Neat applet but not a full application3 starsby brothergabriel (Read all my 18 reviews)
This is a Java Application that comes as a .jar file, not a regular Windows executable. It's highlight is that it can easily create geometric shapes and export them as .png and .svg files. And since it is vector, you can manipulate all of the numbers. If you have trouble running it, right-click on the .jar file and choose "open." It has an "under construction" paint palette that is supposed to allow you to colour the object. I played with this for a few minutes and exported a png file. The application lacks some features necessary to make this useful. You cannot choose the export path or filename, for example. I created two beziers in the window and exported them and they do not save their colours nor line thicknesses; there are a few other bugs like that, and my attemptz to export .svg files (on Windows 7 x64) were unsuccessful and it takes a really long time and has no status indicator. However, it I say it is neat because you can manipulate the shapes and see how they make their spiralgraph effects. I recommend this program to someone so they can play with it, although I don't find it particularly useful or
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Recuva screenshot


Has anyone seen my photos?5 starsby regcyn9028
Recently accidentally deleted a few pictures from a vacation from my phone. Tried to recover pictures to no avail. Downloaded 2 supposedly free recover software, which took me thru the motions of recovering files. 1 program took over 5 hrs to scan entire phone( my phone has 32gb internal storage and a 16gb sd card installed) once scanning was done though the pictures were shown. I clicked on files i wanted and clicked recover , and next screen says to continue with recovery its 49.95!! 5hrs wasted! Other program wanted 39.95. Came across recuva after another (Hint,Hint) free search, downloaded it. Program let me chose which files I wanted program to search for, which made things easier and faster. Once I checked the photos I wanted to save, I clicked on recover button expecting to be taken to a pay screen to complete recover like other so-called free programs. I was amazed, no pay screen just files being recovered. In less than a minute I had recovered my photos I thought was gone forever. Recommend this software to anyone looking to recover files. FINALLY something that says its free, really is free!!! A+
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EMCO Ping Monitor (Free Version) screenshot

EMCO Ping Monitor (Free Version)EMCO Ping Monitor (Free Version)

Decent solution3 starsby objective (Read all my 6 reviews)
This software works and provides a fair set of options. I used to use the paid version of this software (EMCO Ping Monitor Professional). I paid good money for it. But then I got prompted to install an upgrade, and I made the mistake of allowing it to install. Then I found out my license would not work for the upgrade. Revert? The old download was no longer available. Support? No.
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DiffPDF screenshot


Makes my job a lot easier5 starsby shawndarichuk607
I use this program to compare engineering drawings. Comparing hundreds of drawings could take a week to do on paper, but it could take as little as 10 minutes with this program.
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Adobe Flash Player screenshot

Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player

It's great!5 starsby Shodan816 (Read all my 39 reviews)
How anyone could rate this software anything but "Excellent" is beyond me. It works flawlessly and installationupgrade to the latest versions is always quick, smooth and painless.
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SlickRun screenshot


8 years and counting!5 starsby Bojames43
I've been using this program for 8 maybe 9 yrs. now and just can't do with out it. The best of the best of all application launchers, I've ever come by. I'm very surprised Snap file's, editor doesn't give this program a 5. With me included, you have 8 excellent ratings. What does it take? Try it folks, I guarantee you'll love it!
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Moffsoft FreeCalc screenshot

Moffsoft FreeCalcMoffsoft FreeCalc

Very good free calculator4 starsby objective (Read all my 6 reviews)
I can't stand the Win10 calculator, so I was looking for a replacement. This one does the job, has a nice tape feature, and looks just fine. You can make the face all black and make the buttons flat if you like. I was surprised to learn that this software was put out in 2004.
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