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Message Export for Outlook

Export Outlook Email to PDF and other Formats! Message Export has become the premier tool for extending Outlook's capabilities to format, copy, name, and convert e-mail messages to PDF and other formats.

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Eusing Taskbar Hide Eusing Taskbar Hide

One hell of a powerful app! 4 stars by ccbob1901769
For very long I was looking or a program that would hide a particular application I am using for ages that many other similar apps failed to do and this one just did the job exactly what I wanted. I can say this is powerful because that particular application is protected by another security apps from being manipulated and yes this security apps really is very tough yet EUSING TASKBAR HIDE manage to bypass it. I have tried like dozens seriously and none satisfied me other than this. I'm not a techie guy so I don't know if this will works for you but this program really helped me and I recommend you to try it as well. By the way, I been using internet for more than 20 years and this is the first review I made as I am really overwhelmed. Thanks for the creator of this application, more power to you.
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Avidemux Avidemux

Good for basic editing 3 stars by PogMoHon (Read all my 18 reviews)
Avidemux could use a few more codecs. A (few) transition filters and easy movie begin and end titles would make it as good as complete to me. Accepts the most common codecs and you can save your movie as e.g. mpeg2-PS(vob), which makes burning a video DVD afterwards (with another app) easier.
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Easy CSS Menu Free Edition Easy CSS Menu Free Edition

Good but they missed a trick 4 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
I have the paid for version, because sometimes you get sick of programming and coding your own stuff. Also with Responsive Web Design it would take a lot longer, so you look for other tools. This has been updated this year (2014 at the time of writing) and oh Blumentals what were they thinking. This is still a good bit of kit, but with the update they made it so it was Responsive, so they got that bit right, however and this is a big mistake, is that they didn't put the menu buttons so it went at for eg 300px when viewed on smart phone, so the buttons are just normal size but made responsive. People reading this might say it's nitpicking, it's not, the competition mostly have got it right. Having said that it's still worth using.
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Notepad ++ Notepad ++

Overhyped 2 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
Many web developers use ++ as their main editor, which has always had me a bit baffled. There is a load better HTMLtext editors around and with software like Brackets, which is in a different league. It's better than Win notepad and it's free.
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John`s Background Switcher John`s Background Switcher

Love it 5 stars by CPMacDonald (Read all my 7 reviews)
I create a lot of Fractal Images and it's nice to be able to have multiple images across several screens. Great software.
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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

An easy to use package 5 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
Like most Ashampoo software this is a simple to use and the best version of this software. It has most basics that you need to doll up photos and some nice little extras, like fire, snow etc. It doesn't have features of the nature of their big boy Photo commander, or something like Zoner, but if your just a casual user and want something simple this is something to think about. And you can get money off if you know how to play Ashampoo.
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Easy Image Modifier Easy Image Modifier

Not what I wanted 4 stars by darkocean (Read all my 32 reviews)
It took me two tries to get this to work on an image. This is with out reading the instructions. (lol) So I'd say easy to use. I love all the features, except the sad end result of a pixelated large image. If I want to do that I can resize it in paint. : Well onward with my search. Also looking for a animation program that is compatible with windows 8 Would prefer freeware, but it no longer has to be freeware. Personalty I'd recommend simply because it lets you change the file name and original date, and works on windows 8, very nice!
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Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player

Crashes more than any of my software! 1 stars by Arzan53Alderon41
Adobe Flash crashes more than any other major software (not including small freewareshareware apps) I have installed on either my Win7 or Win8.1 computers. It crashes at least once a day on both Firefox (my primary browser) and Chrome (secondary), and sometimes crashes as many as 10x in just a few hours if I'm working in a lot of windows with extensive Flash, which I often do in my research work. I used to think it was a memory limitation on my duo core 32 bit Win7 PC with only 3.3 GB of usable memory (4GB installed). But it still does it on my 64 bit Win 8.1 laptop with 8 GB of usable memory, and much less software on it that could be competing for memory. I found that if I rolled my Flash version way back to 10.xx, it stopped crashing. Then Firefox started blocking add-ons that have security vulnerabilities, so I couldn't use Flash at all anymore without upgrading to the latest version. Of course, when I upgrade to later versions of Flash it's back to constantly crashing again - seriously limits my productivity!! I HATE Adobe Flash Player more than any other software - arghh, it drives me crazy! If there was any way around it without limiting my web use in any way, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. I can hardly wait until everyone replaces their sites' Flash video plugin with HTML5!!!
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LastPass LastPass

Just remember 1 password... 4 stars by melen001 (Read all my 14 reviews)
This password manager is an excellent choice. It's quite easy to use, will take you a few minutes to run through it and get to understand but that's not a problem. You will need to remember only 1 password to access ALL your stored passwords and LastPass will automatically run your stored passwords. It's cloud based so you can access you passwords from any computer. I see that a few have commented that they don't want to use cloud service or share their passwords and have given LastPass an inferior RATING. If you don't want to share your passwords then you will need to use another password manager but PLEASE don't base your rating on that issue. Cloud technology is not bad and it's only a commercial name for marketing what really are servers which we have been using for decades. If your looking for an easy to use password manager then i would suggest LastPass FREE version .... enjoy
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Rankaware Rankaware

Not bad 3 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
This is easy to use with nice looking interface. I got the pro version from a freeby, so it's hard to judge the value. There are tools that are better for SEO, this one you can't put one site against another, like you can with others. This is basically a keyword program, which is debatable whether keywords in modern development are that important. However it does tell you fairy accurate where exactly your site is, which is good because your cache can tell lies and put you higher than you really are.
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Easy GIF Animator Easy GIF Animator

I still use this but it's boring. 3 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
Easy Gif has an updated version which can convert video to GIF after about 5 hrs wait. This one is well ok, I don't really think there is a great GIF animator that does everything I want it to. Like all Blumentals software, I hate the way their licence works and I find it quite sly. I've told them this but..
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Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter

Just great 5 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
This is a great bit of software that I've used for ages off and on, it's better than other paid one's. The paste URL feature, is just fantastic and good time saver. As long as you can get past the silly third party installation, this is a keeper.
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Efficient Diary Efficient Diary

Easy and efficient... nice interface... 5 stars by melen001 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I've never had a diary so i just downloaded the free portable version to see how it looks. Was i surprised!!! This is an excellent diary tool. The interface is nice, it's fast and extremely easy to use. No need to fiddle around with the settings for it performs great right out-of-the-box. It's performs like a "word processor" so you can just write about what ever you like. The "pass-word" feature is a plus and very handy to keep snoopers out. What else can i say but "great piece of work" and thanks for inspiring me to start my DAILY LIFE STORY .... and thanks for the FREE version...
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WeatherDan WeatherDan

It's ok 4 stars by Grizzly660 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Easy to use program that only uses 4,400KB of memory in the background. Does what is says it does however when you want to check out the radar feature it loads the Weather Channel page radar. Other then that it's a nice small program to keep you up to date with the forecast. Going to keep this installed.
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HDDExpert HDDExpert

Good but not necessary ... 3 stars by melen001 (Read all my 14 reviews)
HDDExpert is a good tool and uses S.M.A.R.T. to analyze your hard drive. I personally use the feature provided by Piriform's Defraggler and have same results. I find no need in using this software but still it's a good tool if you want to check your hard drive.
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PhotoDemon PhotoDemon

Learning this is strictly trial and error! 3 stars by pvsurfer33710
Having read some good things about this free portable image-editor, I eagerly downloaded and ran it. I've used a few other similar photo-editors so some of the functions were intuitive, but quite a few others are not. Unfortunately, there is NO user-guide, nor are there tutorials or helpful videos anywhere to be found. So the learning process will be a struggle (to put it mildly), but it may just be worth it. pv
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HandBrake HandBrake

Fast, easy to use converter 5 stars by lental731
I'm surprised the editors have only rated Handbrake four stars. I've used other conversion programs in the past and all have worked reasonably well but Handbrake is by far the fastest and simplest to use. I use it to convert Quicktime MOV files to AVI files for use in Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7. It's worked flawlessly for me.
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Great tool for everything 5 stars by marina.lester366
At first I downloaded this app to get several converters. But I've found that it also has a very useful Skype recorder which I use to record online lessons. The only problem is advertising during the installation. But if deselect the boxes everything works fine. Excellent.
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VidCoder VidCoder

Good 4 stars by PogMoHon (Read all my 18 reviews)
The mp4-settings you need. Conversion at reasonable speed.
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ColorMania ColorMania

Cake to use and invaluable 5 stars by JamJar (Read all my 25 reviews)
This is one of these programs, that does basically one job and does it excellent. I've used tons of these pickers previously and many do what they say, but this just feels good. I'm a web developer/designer/photographer nut and it comes in handy esp with web work.
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BDlot DVD ISO Master BDlot DVD ISO Master

Does what it claims 5 stars by patwolves (Read all my 7 reviews)
Finally, a DVD to ISO creator that lives up to its claims. Very straightforward to use, fast and removes various disc protections without any problem. Most of my DVD collection has now been backed up and BDLOT hasn't had one failure yet. A definite keeper.
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RecentX RecentX

Good things come in small packages! 5 stars by danielson (Read all my 6 reviews)
It took a very long time to get this major update and I hope people have been as patient as I have! If it's any indication of my appreciation compared to previous version, I've been using this one on a regular almost daily basis. Sometimes more than a few times in same day! Not so with previous version. The new clipboard feature is nice and simple. Do like the fact that it can simply reside on system tray instead of top corner of the screen. Integrates well with probably most recent browsers (something that was much needed). Perhaps this is an oversight, but an option to view and increase clipboard memory size would be useful. Overall, quite satisfied.
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360 Internet Security 360 Internet Security

My new favorite av 5 stars by Klatuu (Read all my 16 reviews)
I've used Avast and AVG in the past. Avast slowed the system too much, and recently AVG's program update refused to install, so back to Avast. Once again, as the database grows in Avast, things slowed down. There were also several safe programs that Avast tried to scan, even if on the Exclusion list. So, after reading several reviews and lab reports on 360 Internet Security that stated it was very good, I gave it a try. I have it installed on on of several PC's here at home, and it's great so far. Faster than others, pretty easy to figure out, lets Windows load far faster than Avast, and several programs seem a bit snappier to load. I think it's now going on the rest of my PC's!
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Everything Everything

Great but I have a wishlist 4 stars by boa888696
I have four disks so this is great as I can search all the disks at the same time. It searches folders just fine but I have not figured out how to search just one of the hard drives. Note from Editor: Go into the settings and uncheck all the drives you don't want to be included in the search.
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DrawWiz DrawWiz

Basic templates and easy.... 3 stars by melen001 (Read all my 14 reviews)
Extremely easy to use. Just pick the templates and away you go. Really not suited for the more advanced but if you are just looking to make basic and simple cartoons with a "no hassle" tool then this is it.
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

Gee, I really didn't know that! 5 stars by da49gator-email40
I'm a SpywareBlaster user for over 10 years. I haven't kept up with its improvements over the years. When I first encountered it, its main claim to fame was that it was a blacklist of malicious Web sites. It filled the "hosts" file with undesirable URLs and assigned them invalid IP addresses, thereby blocking them from being accessed by any browser. What I've read recently tells me that I was unaware of other, more sophisticated, techniques. Well done, guys. (In my world, "guys" includes "gals"; e.g, "chairm'n", as we pronounce it, includes "chairw'mn" too.)
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Directory Opus Directory Opus

Opus is to a computer as salt is to the sea 5 stars by amerifax (Read all my 3 reviews)
There is absolutely no one that knows how to turn on a computer that can't benefit from Opus. Never found a program in all my years that financially benefited my needs. As far as the utility program I guarantee you will never find an equal. Utility! It would be better for me to list what it cannot do. But then I wouldn't know what that would be. Recently I was a victim of the way extremely harsh embezzlement. I am the only source in the state of Wisconsin that had the ability back in 2011 to list every home built since 1989. I had to reconstruct that database to same accuracy I had before the embezzlement. I searched high and low for a program that could save and reconstruct my damaged files. I could not find anything even close to what I needed. Then I started toying around with opus which I had for 8+ years. To my surprise I had the perfect program already installed on my computer, Opus. It gave me the capability to save my company. Sounds a bit heavy, but it's a fact. An absolute necessity. Whenever I reinstall, Windows XP to Windows 8.1 64bit, the 1st thing installed is Opus. The latest update to 11.6 "... Best update that I have ever received in all my years with computers. I feel I have an additional 70 of feature power. Short on experience, take out of the box and fly. Techie - Definitely Makes Your Day. Better said. Create whatever you want. Forum Support (You'll never find better) http:resource.dopus.com Search amerifax and see the speed and response quality.
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RollBack Rx RollBack Rx

Great for do-overs 4 stars by TobiasN
Great software that allows me to do a lot of software testing without a problem. Efficient at what it does and fast at restoring computer with snapshot program. Helps that it works separate from Windows. Accessible despite system crashing. Would recommend for anyone, as it is also helpful for eliminating viruses and other forms of malicious software.
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

The very best scanning software 5 stars by stepanton
For many years I had been searching for a good scanning program for my old HP ScanJet (3500c), that would let me scan one page after another without any interruptions, until I finally found NAPS2! Scan a set of pages and save them directly into PDF in ONE GO! Very easy "scanning profiles" management. 3 SIMPLE STEPS: select profile & press scan (repeat) & save ... DONE! Multipage TIFF export possible. GUI: simple, uncluttered, easy to understand and control. Installation: NO REQUIREMENTS!, small install-file. And it's FREE!
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FlaX FlaX

Wow!! 5 stars by sakhaniilei404
All i want to say is THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU Keep up the good JOB!
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