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Any Video Converter Free screenshot

Any Video Converter FreeAny Video Converter Free

Very easy to use for job5 starsby sanawahid940760
I am not real "technical", but the Any Video Converter did the job we needed it to do with no problems. This is the second video converter we have ever tried. The look of the program could be more attractive.
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CintaNotes screenshot


It only keeps getting better!!5 starsby LadyoftheForest
I have been a CintaNotes user almost from the beginning, and have made sure to have it on all my computers. it's lightweight, easy to setup and use. Having the ability to have multiple databases is perfect for home and office. It works right from a flash-drive with no problems, and synchronizes with your computer databases with no issues. Fantastic value for the pro version, and I will never be without my CintaNotes.
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Open Hardware Monitor screenshot

Open Hardware MonitorOpen Hardware Monitor

Very nice4 starsby TommyD (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is a very nice utility. As mentioned in a previous review it could be improved by allowing offsets to be applied. It reports temps a bit higher than those reported by my motherboard. I'm going to start using this on a regular basis. Thanks!
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Free Download Manager screenshot

Free Download ManagerFree Download Manager

Yesssssss5 starsby bassaniobroke (Read all my 4 reviews)
This is it, Once again snapfiles has provided a solution to me. Every thing is here which I wanted. You get following for free: 1. Its free still no spyware or worms. When you stop the program you feel as if you never downloaded this software. 2. It speeds up the download 3. It gives the status of download with speed and all data 4. easy interface, just drag and drop link from any where even youtube. 5. The interface gives several information options such as how many downloaded, download under process, scheduled, the history of download along with in what folder downloaded. 6. The preview section may play the audio or video within the software. I haven't used any download software from long because it used to corrupt the window system's original setting and infiltrated with worms and spywares. BUT this is not the case with "free download manager". I haven't tested any other download software but I don't need any; as this is giving me everything I want. I say GO FOR IT. Thanks to snapfiles and software developer for providing it and for free.
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CleanMail Home screenshot

CleanMail HomeCleanMail Home

Useful product but oh so slow!3 starsby Robin_G (Read all my 2 reviews)
Easy to set up as long as long as you are comfortable adjusting the incoming server settings on your email client. Strangely, on first use, it classified two out three of the built-in MS Outlook test messages generated during account changes as SPAM - easily rectified by whitelisting but should I really have to whitelist my own messages? Main problem is it's VERY slow in use. Not too noticeable during the first day's use when email was arriving in ones and twos, but the next morning when I had 19 emails(1.3MB)queued to download I found myself waiting several minutes on a fast internet connection. As a result I uninstalled.
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2015 screenshot

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2015AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2015

What happened - reminds me of ad-aware2 starsby royw2307 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Went downhill, downhill.....downhill. Used to be great, it's updated to death as is Spybot and Ad-Aware...huh? I still use Spybot S&D 1.6.2
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W8 Sidebar screenshot

W8 SidebarW8 Sidebar

W8 sidebar best discovery in long time5 starsby kato45
Comes with with many useful extras ! Very easy to use even for laypeople. The start menu looks not only beautiful but also is very functional. Portable and for free,definitely worth a try !
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Honeyview screenshot


Great viewer, not editor or organizer4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
HoneyView is great for those who just mainly want to view images and do a little tweaking. It doesn't have all basic editing features; no cropping, contrast, hue and saturation capabilities for example. If you need to edit images you can assign your favorite editor to open up from HoneyView. You can manage your pictures by moving or copying them. It supports a lot of compressed image file types and lossless camera type files too, but not raw. As an ecomic reader it is great. Reader controls are easy to use and viewing images is fluid. Great to use when you want to kick back on a weekend and read some ecomics. As an image viewer it is great to use, but it lacks many basic editing options and does not organize your images when compared to others.
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STDU Viewer screenshot

STDU ViewerSTDU Viewer

Great compact image viewer4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
If you want just a small application to read ebooks or pdfs in addition to viewing some popular image files then this is the app for you. STDU Viewer is good for people who are not into organizing their files and just want to view them. It can view tiff, pdf, fb2,, pcz, dcz, djvu, cbr, cbz, test, wwf, azw, xps, jbig2, jb2, tcr, pdb and epub. I would not take points away from it just because it can't read MS word docs or any other word processing file because it's not that type of viewer. Why would anyone expect it to read doc-type files is beyond me. It can just be used as a quick viewer and is comfortable enough to be used as a main viewer. Very light program and available as a portable version, too. Not very feature rich, but sometimes simplicity is best.
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ComicRack screenshot


The best ecomic reader...seriously5 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
If you want a full packaged ecomic reader then this is it! It is pretty much the Calibre of ecomics or just imagine your favorite music/video file organizer. The library organizer is it's strong point. It organizes your comics into a very nice interface with details that you can download or add yourself. You can bookmark pages, change reading order, share ecomics over a network and convert ecomics. As far as viewing ecomics it has all the controls that you'd expect. The one feature that I love that I find missing in others is the magnifying glass. This helps to read comics without using zoom-in all the time. The only con that I can think of is that new users will be over-whelmed by its feature and options, and may take some time to learn. But once you understand the interface it will be easy to use. What can I say, it is the total package and available for Android and iPad, too.
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Sleipnir screenshot


Now a ChromeBlink browser4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
At first you may be a little confused by the interface. Actually the interface is set-up more similar to Opera than Chrome. The setting button(like Opera's) is on the left instead of the right. All ChromeBlink option's are there with the ability to sync devices and pretty much feels like Chrome. But there are some differences. The biggest difference is that the tabs have a website thumbnail on the tab, so you can distinguish each website tab. Also it has a "tab-stash" feature that was similar to Opera/Blink's when they tried to replace bookmarks(now discontinued in OperaBlink). You can create tab pages and "stash" your favorite websites on them; kind of like speed-dial tabs. Each tab looks like a speed-dial tab, but they are really opened website tabs. Very useful if you like to keep a lot of tabs open. I'd say it was a good idea that they dropped the Explorer/Firefox browser cap and created their own browser. Now they have the opportunity to be creative and innovative rather than riding on Explorer's and Firefox's back. I'd like to see more unique features to be added. I recommend that you give it a try.
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Opera screenshot


Major engine transplant, but still great5 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Yes, Opera had some major surgery. The developers have gutted the Presto engine and replaced it with Google Chrome's Blink engine. The good news is that Opera is as fast as (or maybe faster than) Chrome and 100 compatible with its extensions/plugins. On top of that Opera is working its way up to create the same browser they once had with the Presto engine; the speed-dial, sync-devices, tab preview, clone tab and turbo mode are included. Also there are some other new features such as Discover(a built-in news feed), new book-marking style and more options in "settings" than Chrome. The bad news is that there are still some fan favorite features missing. The biggest one being the email client(which can be downloaded as a separate desktop application from their website). This is the biggest minus for Opera because many of their fans favored the browser just for that built-in email client. Will it come back? Who knows? I haven't heard about it returning in the new OperaBlink browser. Also the ability to re-arrange parts of the browser is unavailable. This was one of the most innovative features that was only available in the OperaPresto engine browser. Although the new OperaBlink is missing some of its features from the OperaPresto browser, I still think this is the best Blink browser to use. If you miss the old Opera then you may want to try Vivaldi browser, made by former Opera staff members, but (as of this writing)still in beta and not stable yet.
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Paint.NET screenshot


Must-have replacement for paint5 starsby rupert783 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Paint.NET is an excellent picture editing program. Always my first choice for a graphics program due to the simple, tidy interface and solid performance.
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Notepad ++ screenshot

Notepad ++Notepad ++

Must-have replacement for notepad4 starsby rupert783 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This is always the first program to install on a new system. A solid text editor with themesstyles (I use "VS2012-Dark"). The macro feature has saved me hours of work.
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro screenshot

Greenfish Icon Editor ProGreenfish Icon Editor Pro

Outstanding5 starsby rupert783 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Having tried various shareware icon editors, I had low expectations of Greenfish Icon Editor but it met and exceeded my highest expectations. If you want an icon editor, look no further.
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avast! Free Antivirus 2015 screenshot

avast! Free Antivirus 2015avast! Free Antivirus 2015

I think Avast is the best4 starsby sanawahid940760
I think Avast is the best Antivirus software. I have tried others years back and didn't like them.
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MyUninstaller screenshot


An excellent program5 starsby Stepan238 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Revo Uninstaller, (ever since i found it a long time ago on Snapfiles), has been, and is, my primary uninstallation Program. However, Revo can be "blind" in some area's and force Techno-Newbies back onto the extremely mediocre Windows uninstallation Thingy. Well, times change, and they can change everything suddenly, ha ha. And MyUninstaller has relegated the preinstalled Windows one to the back-row: MyUninstaller shows you all the programs that are installed on your computer and provides a lot of Geekish-But-non-Geekish information about them such as what are all the latest programs that have been installed on your computer - including one's that have got in through the back-door. Still Revo is the number-one Uninstallation Program, but MyUninstaller is ALWAYS kept on the Deck as is the very similar 10-Bit Uninstaller. Gimpguy gives it the thumbs-up, and that is a very high recommendation.
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Pricepirates screenshot


Fast, easy & handy to have ...5 starsby melen001 (Read all my 19 reviews)
I wasn't expecting this tool to be so handy. After I used for less than five minutes I can see that this will save me lots of time searching on the net. Thanks for a great tool.
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Beyond Compare screenshot

Beyond CompareBeyond Compare

Best software I've ever used5 starsby Mike77 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've used BC for years since version 2. The interface, design and function were superb then but version 4 takes it to a whole new level. If only all software was designed this great. Indispensable. Also, when I uninstalled BC version 3 with Revo Uninstaller, it found no left over file fragments etc anywhere. The only software I've ever used that fully installs completely, as reported in Revo.
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Honeyview screenshot


Great program, lacks crop tool 4 starsby Solfire (Read all my 4 reviews)
I can't fault this! It's great for what it's meant to do, but would benefit greatly with the addition of an easy to use crop tool. The interface is good, and sleek. Extremely easy to use with nice context menu intergration to boot! :D
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AbiWord screenshot


Fantastic5 starsby darkocean (Read all my 33 reviews)
My version of windows 8 came with a MS word but I have to register/pay or some annoying thing. This program is fantastic. It had a small problem for a moment, where it shrunk my text super tiny. This can be reset on the menu bar, look for 'page width' and reset to 200 or what ever size you like. This program has lots of useful features. The spell checker, for now seams useless. But it might be one of those kind where you have to teach it what words are good. And needs to generate a data base of correctly spelled words so, don't assume that it's crappy. It might get to be very good spell checker, later on. Anything is better then the Firefox one. Anyways the other things I like about it is the templates, those look useful if you have a website, or especially a blog. You can insert special Ascii charterers into it, can insert headers, footers, breaks, tables, text boxes, insert pictures, add page numbers, paragraphs, bullets/numbered lists, all text formatting, change language, check word count, search in Google and ad add in many more plug ins. Why is this free? Not that I'm complaining mind you! This perfect of you are an author or a webmaster. Mind you the html inserts it provides are very simple. Other then that this is just what I was looking for.
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iPrint screenshot


Compatability4 starsby mrmech01261
I have been using this program for years on a win xp machine without problems. Only wish it was compatible with win 8 and 8.1
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HomeBank screenshot


Tricky to get the most out of it3 starsby davidtemp2010-567458
I don't have a financial background, but I use this to keep track of several accounts. I find some of the advanced functions difficult to set up.
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Radiola screenshot


Nice player5 starsby sevick624
Drag&drop support for playlists are really useful - I can add my stations in a sec.
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Roboscan Internet Security Free screenshot

Roboscan Internet Security FreeRoboscan Internet Security Free

Very nice but beware of firewall4 starsby Smeagal1965 (Read all my 12 reviews)
The Nice Things: Even though there is a small Ad Banner on the bottom of the main GUI, Roboscan still has a nice and easy to navigate look. It has two layer protection. The Tera engine which is a heuristic engine and the world famous Bitdefender engine. It has Real Time virus and spyware/malware protection as well as a Self Protection module. It has a highly customizable but simple to configure Two Way Firewall (Please read cons). It has a highly customizable but simple to configure Scheduled scan function. Four scan modes, Quick scan, Basic scan, Advanced scan and Suggested or something of that nature. It can Auto Scan USB drives. It auto updates, it's free and much more! The Downfalls: The Firewall didn't pass my recent test on it. It appears that many ports are left opened. The ones closed were not stealth. I believe That even the native Windows Firewall does this better. That said it still provides two way protection and declines PING. Bottom Line: As a basic no hassle antivirus and spyware it does at least average and probably better. The firewall should be avoided. It is better to use the Windows firewall or something else. It has many nice features and at one time was VB100 certified. For average traffic computers and Laptops, Notebooks, etc.. it is a very light and fast alternative.
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Hardwipe screenshot


XP users need to pay to use this1 starsby airwolf872
If you try to use the regular program in XP or a 32-bit operating system you will get an error message upon installation. So I tried to use the portable edition (32-bit for XP) and it asked for an activation key to use the 32-bit version with XP. So if you still use XP, which I do, you are stuck and have to pay.
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MadAppLauncher screenshot


Good but I have my way of doing this...3 starsby melen001 (Read all my 19 reviews)
This tool is really good but I have my own way of doing the same and this is how. On Desktop I open a new folder and name it Tools & Apps and then I create shortcuts and just drag & drop them in the folder. When ever I need one of my apps or tools I just go to my created Tools & Apps folder. It's really a simple solution and find it useful. Try it and see if it works for you... enjoy ...
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Toolbar Paint screenshot

Toolbar PaintToolbar Paint

Limited, but no other like it4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Toolbar paint makes it easy for you to make toolbar buttons for software. Supports 16 color, 256 color, 24 and 32 bit graphics, up to 64 buttons in a toolbar, button sizes from 16 to 48 pixels square, standard set of drawing tools and effects, optionally generate a mask when saving, load toolbars directly from executables and DLL's, rearrange toolbar image list by simply dragging and dropping buttons, merge image lists, gray scaling to create disabled button images, plug in support. This is an old program which may have some quirks on the newer OS's. Actually I couldn't get the drag and drop feature to work. It would be great if the author could update this program. For now it is just a decent toolbar maker program that you cannot get anywhere else for free.
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Internet Download Accelerator Free screenshot

Internet Download Accelerator FreeInternet Download Accelerator Free

Super downloader5 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Internet Download Accelerator(IDA) is an easy to setup and use download manager. It integrates with many popular browsers and can rip videos from most websites. It also has an FTP explorer to search URLs. I've been using IDA and have never had a problem, but only improvements with my downloads. If your looking for a download manager then you should definitely try IDA.
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SynciOS Manager screenshot

SynciOS ManagerSynciOS Manager

This one is worth it5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 16 reviews)
I've tried a few other programs to get around using iTunes, and most were pretty lame. While this does require you to install iTunes to operate, once you do you'll never use iTunes again to connect to your device. This is so much simpler - using categories for what is on the device so you don't have to move, install, copy everything. One recommendation - create a folder on your hard drive to manage the files, since this program cannot. Then once you have a folder (and iTunes installed) launch SyncIOS and manage away - backup your iPod or phone to your drive, move media on and off, etc. Far better and easier than iTunes, and no more nagging to update every time you load it like iTunes does.
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