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Firefox (Quantum) screenshot

Firefox (Quantum)Firefox (Quantum)

Firefox is back5 starsby fuzzy178795 (Read all my 2 reviews)
At last this is now again the Top Browser after many updates , at last we have a new Firefox it's back and it's fast it does not crash it's smooth it's Fantastic try this new Firefox I think you will like it This is now again my default Browser it's just great.
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GlassWire screenshot


Useful addition to other security measures5 starsby OnePiece (Read all my 11 reviews)
GlassWire is not a standalone security suite, nevertheless it can be an important supplemental tool in your security tool chain. (Which needs to include at least a firewall -- Windows Firewall is enough -- and an anti-virus program, too.) It is a good network activity monitoring tool that will inform you when your applications first access the net (in- and outbound connections are both detected), or they change (e.g. are updates or perhaps manipulated with ill intent). You are informed about these events in small popup windows. If you find anything suspicious, you can block the corresponding program from accessing the net. It is a nice simple, easy-to-use program that is kind of unique, and quite useful in what it does. And even if I may agree that its interface is a bit "flamboyant", I still found it functional and had no problems at all using it. So it has my recommendation!
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yWriter screenshot


Badly made1 starsby darkocean (Read all my 36 reviews)
It's one of those programs only the maker has any clue on how to use. I can't figure out where the actual typing area to start a chapter is at. That's just me though, if I can't figure out a program right away I ditch it. Well, not always but if I have tried every menu option and still can't find the simplest of things (the whole point of installing the program is to write in it.) then the hell with it. And, the search continues. I give this an epic fail, should be K.I.S.S.
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Classic Theme Restorer screenshot

Classic Theme RestorerClassic Theme Restorer

Was great, but can't be used anymore1 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 20 reviews)
I don't get the point of this update. This was indeed a wonderful Extension for Firefox - I used it all the time. But it cannot run in the latest version of the Browser that came out this month. Like so many other extensions, this one is no longer valid as of Firefox ver. 57. So why the update? No idea.
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3uTools screenshot


Finally - you don't need itunes!5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 20 reviews)
This is the first software I've found that can talk to my daughters iPhone or iPod without having to install the dreaded iTunes! All the other software that claim they can do this have always needed iTunes installed. It's not perfect. On her phone she can copy things off it to the computer, but she can't MOVE them off for space. You have to delete them on the phone itself. So it's ImportExport only - no Delete. But that's better than no management at all! Plenty of other features as well. Highly recommended for your Apple phones, pods, or pads!
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Safe PST Backup (Free Edition) screenshot

Safe PST Backup (Free Edition)Safe PST Backup (Free Edition)

A good tool3 starsby addy458653
I tried the trial version. restore option wasn't available in here. however, a fine tool for those who seek to just store their pst files. I am using Mail backup X for my MAC. the tool backs all my mail files in real time plus claims to restore if i lose my Internal HD some day through a mirror base. the tool imports pst files as well. this tool has made it easy for backing up mails across platforms.
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FreeFileSync screenshot


Usable and very fast5 starsby sergei.gnezdov770 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I have a Photo library collection with 47 GB and 84 GB. Smaller one was created with older Mac Photo app and bigger with newer. I run compare by file size and date time with this tool and it was very fast. In comparison, I used several other tools and all tools a much longer time (more like go make some tea, take out trash, talk to wife, etc.). The presentation of differences is superb. In my case I wanted to figure out how different directories are and not quite to synchronize. "Space" temporary hides directories. All in all the usability was top notch.
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AIMP screenshot


Excellent player5 starsby snap844 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Clean interface, many features, plays HD audio files
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ContaCam screenshot


Great program easy to use.4 starsby SubwayGOP (Read all my 3 reviews)
Great program, not difficult to use. I have a dedicated PC running this software for my 2 cameras. I had no crashes, the up time for this program has been about 2 years straight. The only time I've had to reboot the PC was due to Windows updates.
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Wise Program Uninstaller screenshot

Wise Program UninstallerWise Program Uninstaller

Excellent program!5 starsby mdkspambuster89
I downloaded WPU to remove a piece of malware (Chromium) from my (Windows 10) computer because it would just not be uninstalled in the normal way. I first used the WPU safe uninstall option, but that gave the same problems as before, so I then went for the other option: "Forced Uninstall". One minute later the Chromium malware program had disappeared from my PC. I therefor recommend this program! (And Snapfiles, who I have been relying on for years now!:) Regards, Michael Kouwenhoven (Netherlands)
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HazteK TrueIP screenshot

HazteK TrueIPHazteK TrueIP

Easy to use. does what it says.5 starsby mosselpan153
Great software. Does what it says. Simple clear interface. Easy to use. Fine notifications. Forget any other software, just use this!
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PrivaZer screenshot


Eats disk space1 starsby dan-fan-cc417
Every time Privazer is run on a drive, some free space disappears and is unrecoverable. I have a virtual drive, which when mounted is 768 megabytes. This drive contains only a few data files. Large amounts of data are temporarily added and then removed. The info in the files changes, but the overall size of them varies very little. Yet, as I use Privazer on this drive, I observe that over time the free space keeps dropping. Eventually it reaches the point where Privazer says there is insufficient space to clean the MFT table. Yet the total size of all files and folders on the drives is still as before - well under 100 megabytes, as shown by Windows Explorer. To fix the problem I copy all files elsewhere, reformat the virtual drive, then copy all files back. Voila, about 700 megabytes free again. I have reported this to Privazer several times over the years, have never received a reply, and find that the problem still exists in the latest (3.0) version.
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Sylpheed screenshot


Excellent email software5 starsby blackhorse (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have used Sylpheed for about five years now. Previously I used some other well-known email software for 15 years but always experienced a problem moving it to a new PC due to the compressed mailbox format. There are no such issues with Sylpheed which I've found to be extremely stable and reliable. Mailboxes are simply folders on the drive. It handles multiple POP3 accounts with ease with a choice of signature on each account. Email is displayed as text which is what I prefer. If you want to see any HTML version you can open it in a web browser. Images are handled nicely, appearing in the body of the email and attachments tab. Sylpheed has a nice feel to it which is what you want when dealing with email all day.
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Kaspersky Free screenshot

Kaspersky FreeKaspersky Free

Unsuitable for older equipment3 starsby blackhorse (Read all my 2 reviews)
I installed this on a ten year old laptop that I still use regularly (and very effectively) in the hope that it would be a lightweight solution. Immediately Kaspersky Free was using between 24 and 75 of the CPU whenever I did anything. In fact I struggled to uninstall it because everything I touched was "not responding" due to the resource hogging. I realise this is old equipment but the whole anti-virus industry needs a rethink. These programs do little more than they did years ago yet clearly use vastly more resources than they used to. No one wants an antivirus center stage on their system dominating everything.
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Lightshot screenshot


Just excellent5 starsby Timppa (Read all my 2 reviews)
I use this almost daily - really wonderful!
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Microsoft Office Starter screenshot

Microsoft Office StarterMicrosoft Office Starter

Great3 starsby onlinetimesheet
Microsoft Office Starter 2010 gives home users who are buying preloaded PCs the ability to perform the most common and basic productivity tasks right out of the box. Office Starter consists of Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising.
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My Family Tree screenshot

My Family TreeMy Family Tree

Excellent, works straight out of the box.5 starsby adylane885
Excellent piece of Freeware, works very well.
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KeePass Password Safe screenshot

KeePass Password SafeKeePass Password Safe

Password-managers don't get better than this5 starsby Shelduck (Read all my 2 reviews)
I like everything about it:
-free and open source
-actively updated
-fully featured and yet compact (3MB download)
-plenty of plug-ins for customisation and enhancement
-cross-platform support with various ported versions
-great interface
-strong encryption algorithms (some via plug-ins)
-provides security measures against password-stealing and key-logging.

I've got it on my Windows laptop and I've got KeePass2Android on my phone and consider them indispensable.
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Gimp screenshot


Powerful, but exasperating2 starsby biggeros302
The program is rather powerful, but even more irritating. I simply hate its irrational interface and the way in which he sometimes execute the commands messing everything up. Selecting something is sometimes a torture. In the end it is free so it can be a useful choice, but whenever you can use something else, be it even paint.
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TicketCreator screenshot


Awesome solution for in-house ticketing.5 starsby SNUSA1 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Takes a while to understand, but once you get it.... This thing is a POWERFUL tool! Incredibly customize-able & can print on everything from regular printers to thermal POS receipt printers. Works FANTASTIC as a POSinstant ticketing solution. (Need one ticket, ONE CLICK. Need ten (all at once), only a couple of clicks. Replace your tickets and keep track of what's been issued..... Reporting and so much more. With a little imagination you can do some crazy things with this tool in a business environment! (that it wasn't even designed to do) We're replacing ALL paper tickets with this! (no per ticket fees. Buypay once and use unlimited on one PC!) Only negative (also a positive) is: This is a desktop application. So you won't be selling tickets online with it. (not designed for that purpose) Almost forgot: Bar-code inventory capabilities in one version. (Issued tickets can only be used once.) Have not tried the smartphone integration yet.
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Replace Genius screenshot

Replace GeniusReplace Genius

Genius!5 starsby iwilliams2003822
Really needed a tool to perform search and replace which stored the selections I made and then repeated them on future files I gave it. Excellent & Free!
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CDRoller screenshot


Overjoyed4 starsby aa.a233
Used CDRoller to recover data from corrupted DVD-R. After I finish projects, I archive all project files to optical disks. Unfortunately one disk was unreadable. Installed CDRoller and recovered 8,576 files from five different projects. Life saver!
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HDDExpert screenshot


Hddexpert declines2 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Seems like the developers have spent more time finding ways to monetize the errant button pushes instead of keeping a simple and good interface/application available and updated. RIP
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Double Commander screenshot

Double CommanderDouble Commander

Very good usability5 starsby sergei.gnezdov770 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've been looking for a good file manager and have tried quite a few: FreeCommander XE, MultiCommander, NexusFile5, xplorer2 as a successor or 2xExplorer. Nexus was awsome, but it does not have file search. FreeCommander and MultiCommander have all the features, but ... not intuitive. This one has the features and manages to stay easy to use. Best balance so far.
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AKVIS SmartMask screenshot

AKVIS SmartMaskAKVIS SmartMask

Wayyyy overpriced4 starsby edwardgudz529 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Not saying that it is not good but there are so many other tools like this available for a mere fraction of what this costs. If you are looking into background removal tools, do your homework first. What they are asking for this is simply highway robbery.
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Active@ Disk Image screenshot

Active@ Disk ImageActive@ Disk Image

Great little program5 starsby arware24583
I work in IT and I got my company to purchase this product. It's great for Microsoft OS imaging. I use it for syspred and non syspred images. Works great. I store my imaging on a portal hard drive and restore from it. Cheap and practical. A++
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) screenshot

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

Epson gt150005 starsby hugee101957
Works with Epson GT15000 A3 scanner in Windows 10 64bit, changing profiles a bit fiddly but overall a nice bit of software that does exactly what it says.
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Hotspot Shield screenshot

Hotspot ShieldHotspot Shield

Decent but privacy is iffy.2 starsby antivenum790
Fairly easy to install and use, but it allows others that use the service to route portions of data through you and vice versa. They also may cache information you accessed for later use. You can find this in their Terms quite easily. While in their Privacy Notice they say they don't save any personal identifying information they go on right afterwards to say this, and I quote. "Please note, however, that for purposes of this Privacy Notice, AnchorFree does not include your IP address or unique device identifier within the definition of Personal Information." That means they do save unique device identifiers and IP addresses. Though they say they don't tie it directly to your online activities nor do the cookies they may install. While the free version shares things with advertisers they also say they don't control what those people do with the information. Not top tier and ads are annoying, but if you have nothing else and don't trust other free VPNs it is something to at least use. Wouldn't trust it with anything truly sensitive.
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ClipAngel screenshot


Very handy5 starsby tormozit157
Nice app but consumes much RAM. Not a problem for me but can be a problem for you.
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NetTime screenshot


Time tastic!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 176 reviews)
I starting using this program some time ago and now updating another machine an needed a program that I know worked at keeping good time. It has a small memory foot print, simple to configure, and just simply works!! Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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