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Google Chrome Google Chrome

It's a utility for google apps 4 stars by EmpressTrudy (Read all my 11 reviews)
As a heavy user of Google apps and Google cloud printing you NEED Chrome. Fair enough. It works well, isn't too bloated and runs fairly elegantly. My only two quibbles is that font rendering is weak AND, 'running in the background' doesn't always work nor do Google Now Alerts.
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Flame Painter Flame Painter

Strange...yet remarkable! seriously amazing. 5 stars by g.chambers487
I'm just getting started with Flame Painter 3 Pro and it can produce some beautiful light ribbons but I have only begun to explore. I have been looking for something like this for artwork and finally found it. Copy&paste function is great for quick work with external software such as Gimp. Plug-in saves your time while working with Photoshop. I am thrilled to explore new features of this application. However, price of Pro version was a bit above my budget but I must say that I don't regret buying this at all.
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Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

Superb free software 5 stars by j.johnson534378
I was a little suspicious at first as it sounded to good to be true, I did a bit of research and thought that the makers must have written them, however the only bad reviews I could find was that it was slow sometimes. I found it easy to use and extremely quick too, some of the speed problems may be due to antivirus I use Kaspersky and had no such problems. I would definitely recommend this software.
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Excellent dictionary software 5 stars by iwillneverstop (Read all my 22 reviews)
It does contain everything I need for a dictionary software such as lookup dictionaries, capture word on screen, full text translation. It additionally offers text-capture plugins for Adobe Reader, IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and speech-engine add-ons, e.g. Natural Voice Packages. Besides, there is a portable version which is valuable in my case. I highly recommend it.
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HTTrack HTTrack

Great program 5 stars by Sam_the_Man (Read all my 52 reviews)
Saves a lot time being able to access the needed information that a website has without having to print it out or be concerned that it may not be there in the future.
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Spectacular ! 5 stars by krell3520
It's surprising just how many utilities you need to install and review just to find one that's any good. This one is very good for a few reasons: To begin with it passed the VirusTotal.com test !! An amazing number of potentially good utilities are filled with malware but not this one. Thank you ! Nice user interface with 32 & 64 bit installs. Easy to use with quick results. Compares well feature wise to other similar programs without all the add on adware and tool bar junk. I noticed it can also create transparent areas in your desktop icon if that's something you want. I use this feature. Nice! Best of all it runs as an executable so it really doesn't install all over your system. I wish more software developers did this. Two second install. NICE ! Tip of the hat to the developers. Job well done and I really appreciate that it's free.
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KeyScrambler Personal KeyScrambler Personal

Extra layer of protection 5 stars by dvdshonna96 (Read all my 10 reviews)
Easy to use. Install and it does it's job adding an extra layer of security to your web browser. Previous review states that it doesn't work with Pale Moon. No longer true. I use Pale Moon and Keyscrambler installs and works without any problems.
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VisiPics VisiPics

Set it up properly and you won't find better 5 stars by Softwary
This is everyone's favourite duplicate image finder and it is spot on, fast and never crashes even when you throw thousands and thousands of images at it. You can also save the search and return to it if you wish to go through things manually. Use the slider to determine how similar you want the pictures to be (I choose exact, at the top). Then choose next rejection criteria which I choose lower resolution. Let it run, then it will auto select. I am super careful about old duplicates and chuck them all on an old hard drive that is just for duplicates. You never know. Stick the drive back in the drawer and forget about it and return to your PC with (if you're like me) Gbs of space saved. You can also choose to delete by least favourite folder for instance. Take 5 minutes and you will never use anything else to search for image duplicates. If only I could find something as reliable for other file formats.
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Honeyview Honeyview

Excellent comic reader 5 stars by YomizMi
Many years using HoneyView for reading comics. It's the best one.
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AudioShell AudioShell

Great utility!!! 5 stars by busybusy (Read all my 125 reviews)
It is nice to be able to access the Tag information without having to access it through an application. It simple to use, work well and I like the addition of Podcast section. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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BackgroundCMD BackgroundCMD

Excellent add-on 5 stars by busybusy (Read all my 125 reviews)
The program installs seemlessly and is amazingly useful. It is hard to believe that Windows did not have this built in already but whatever. I just wanted to thank Neer Roggel for making this cool tool available. Two-Thumbs Up!!
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

The best multi-tabbed file explorer 5 stars by xp565
I use it on all my desktops, old versions were a little buggy, but not now. Just one regret : I'd like to have more than one line for the tabs !
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ContaCam ContaCam

Frozen camera? 3 stars by gvlt55595
I have had ContaCam for about 3 weeks and have noticed a few things. 1-The option to review is odd. That is to say I am not able to review the footage because the camera seems to be frozen. I mean that I have a clock in the target area and the time NEVER changes. 2-I have found that when I search for the folder containing the footage or pictures, I find them under .avi but I also find these other files which are designated as: Dc100, Dc101, Dc 102 etc. I CANNOT delete those files when I clear out the folder. Any ideas?
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Video To Video Converter Video To Video Converter

Brilliant piece of software 5 stars by ynysfi (Read all my 5 reviews)
Brilliant piece of software, fast versatile and truly free. An absolute must have.
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Clover Clover

Time saver 4 stars by oteotd (Read all my 47 reviews)
This app is something that should be included as a default in Windows. I guess it is not because MS figures it is not that useful. I find this very useful. You can now for example switch between two different flash drives without changing windows. I would have rated a 5 if it was easier to find the settings menu. The icon should not be a wrench, it should be a clover with a gear inside of it, this way it would bring more attention that this icon is settings for clover. Please note that due to the changes in your computer, your explorer will most likely crash during install. This is due to the changes clover makes. Not a big deal. Just click the restart option and you are good to go.
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Toolwiz Time Freeze Toolwiz Time Freeze

Simple and effective 5 stars by dvdshonna96 (Read all my 10 reviews)
Couple of clicks and your computer is protected from malware, spyware, etc. Also has a file locker to protect selected files and folders from any changes. I've never been a big fan of anti-virus programs (avast, mse, norton, etc.) and have quit using them altogether. I still use malwarebytes and superantispyware in demand modes only. But no longer bother with programs that have 100+meg of virus definitions and have to be constantly updated. Not overly concerned because I reload my OS once a month, but using Time Freeze gives me extra confidence that I can live without any of the large anti-virus programs that bog my old computers down.
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Useful and easy 5 stars by Ubiquitous (Read all my 2 reviews)
I had been looking for a tool to synchronize my files between a flash drive and several different computers. This one is not only small and fast it is also portable. It has worked flawlessly for the past 2 months and I am very pleased with the operation and the results. Good job and kudos to the developer for an excellent and useful piece of software!
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CopyTrans Manager CopyTrans Manager

Ipod touch music made easy!! 5 stars by epfoldes993
Never having owned an Apple product before (always a PC user, & don't care for those little handheld i-gizmos that everyone's walking around with nowadays)..I bought a used iPod Touch to use as an MP3 player to play backing tracks at gigs. To my shock, I found that you can't just copy and paste music from PC to iPod: No, you need to shoot a fly with an elephant gun, & manage everything via iTunes, which I've never needed or used. I think Apple configured this so that you buy music apps through their online store, so they get even richer than they are now. NOT! After hunting everywhere for a simpler solution, I finally happened across Copytrans Manager. First, there's a utility to download some iTunes drivers that it needs (not iTunes itself, just the drivers), which takes 1 minute, and then it only took me a few minutes to understand/master the Copytrans interface. Very intuitive. 3 steps: (1) Click "Add", (2) Select the music from your hard drive, (3) click "update". BANG! The songs are on your iPod! Only 1 labor-intensive part: I need my tunes grouped into sets (for the gigs), so I had to go in and update the "album" field on each track with that song's set number, so after loading all the tunes, all I do is click on "albums", & all my sets pop up in numerical order! Click on a set & there are the tunes. Very cool. This program is easy to understand & use, runs fast, keeps things "synced" like iTunes does, & it's FREE!! Thank you, Copytrans! You had the silver bullet!
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Right Click Enhancer Right Click Enhancer

Free version mostly a come-on for paid vers 2 stars by Harlan (Read all my 47 reviews)
When this was at version 3, the free version had a full set of capabilities. Too full, apparently, because with version 4 they made most of the features active only in the paid version. 10 isn't much money, but this is a pretty minor utility, and I don't like that they misrepresent crippleware as freeware.
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World Clock World Clock

What I needed when I needed it 5 stars by hostile177729 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I work with people around the world. I needed something quickly that was easy to set up and showed me all the timezones I was interested in. This application does exactly that. The solar terminator is a nice touch too. The only minor feature I would like to see is dragging the selected zones around on the grid. On the other hand you can set them up so quickly I just deleted them and recreated them in less than a minute.
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Computer Time Manager Computer Time Manager

Just what I've been looking for... 4 stars by mchyde225
I've had the hardest time monitoring my kids' computer usage. Up until now, every program I've tried has either been something where the developer abandoned the project, was buggy, or was something that required a subscription. The program works! I've been using it since it was first posted, and have no real complaints. The one area I think could be improved is that of documentation. There's not much of a help file, so beefing that up would certainly help. All in all though, it wasn't that hard to figure things out.
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TimeBoss TimeBoss

Good classical parental control 5 stars by tim.thomas.as184
I, myself, love Time Boss. It allows me not to just block, but also to reduce access to some sites, so now he can play MMO, but not for the whole day. The program is relatively cheap, if you take into account, that the new version (3.11) comes with licenses for 3 computers!
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SearchMyFiles SearchMyFiles

Great utility! 5 stars by sangro407957
Found a string of text inside a folder in seconds, which neither the Windows search function nor Google Desktop did. Definitely a keeper.
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Feedreader Feedreader

Simply the best 5 stars by AmitKB (Read all my 7 reviews)
I have been using this feed reader for over 4 years for instant notifications and it works great. Interesting thing is that I tried to switch some popular one but could not found better than this one and had to switch back. I like its simple design.
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PDF Shaper PDF Shaper

Easy-to-use, does what you want, does it righ 5 stars by bobogrady (Read all my 2 reviews)
I was looking for a program to extra numbers from pdf docs to input into scientific stats program. The tables in the PDFs weren't organised in a straightforward way, so experimented with several programs and this was the only one that extracted them and kept their tabular form (as opposed to merging random cells, generating each line as a separate object etc). So very grateful I found this one that completely does the job! Yes be aware it does ask to install some third party software which you can decline, but make sure you look out for it.
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iPhotoDraw iPhotoDraw

Great annotationimage editor 5 stars by vdubgolf9647
It was already a great annotation and quick image editor, but recently image tuning was added like contrast and saturation. It's very well implemented and easy to use!
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SpeedyFox SpeedyFox

Extremel good with no issue what so ever..... 5 stars by melen001 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Just ran SpeedyFox latest up-dated version and it does work and it did speed up my FireFox. You can also compact FireFox database using CCleaner. Just check the Compact Database option under FireFox and youre done. What ever SpeedyFox does I haven't read on yet but it does speed up your browsing a lot. Nice to know that give it a try and try CCleaner Compact Database option and let us all know what you experience. Does FF hog much of your resources (memory) try Firemin, this little tool will free what ever FF hogs and it is extremely light and does what its meant to do. Been using it for a few months with no issues what so ever.
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Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

Excellent, easy, free. what's not to like? 5 stars by bzirkone202
Used this program to recover nearly 500 photos that I had deleted from an sd card in my digital camera because I thought I had saved on my PC. The photos were not saved on the PC and naturally, I panicked. I had serious doubts it would work and suspected it to by spyware.. but I was desperate. It worked. It was fast. It was easy. I highly recommend the product and will keep it installed in case of future accidental deletes. I tried another program first (paretologic) and it was pure junk, possibly malicious adwarespyware and held the images hostages until I agreed to pay and allow some kind of Trojan browser to install. Zero Assumptions worked.
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Sketchup Sketchup

A very good program marred by one flaw. 3 stars by BrianAdams (Read all my 4 reviews)
I have always liked this program but could never figure out why you cannot save your work to your own computer as a 3d file like a .OBJ or something. I don't mind that all you're work is saved to their 3d warehouse but why not a local copy? I never thought that was asking to much.Other than all of that it is a great first time 3d program.
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AnyDesk AnyDesk

The easiest I've used... my go-to tool ... 5 stars by melen001 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I find AnyDesk an excellent tool and it is easy to use, 1 second download and install, stable, reliable, a no fuss tool, uses very little resources, can set password protection if desired and quite frankly the easiest remote tool i have ever used. Been using TeamViewer for quite a while but find this to be much better with no hassling around... Just one thing, it's BETA so will have to see how it works out and when the stable version arrives i assume that it will have some features limited but still it's my go-to-tool for the moment... so easy my 97 yr old mom can use it......
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