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ReNamer Lite screenshot

ReNamer LiteReNamer Lite

It works!4 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I use to 'fix' the names of music files that seem to change at will. Whether its deleting the first two or three characters or stripping from the end. It simply works. The proofing feature makes this great. Try it and you will determine quickly whether its for you or not.
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HDDExpert screenshot


Great portable hddssd tool5 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Like the speed. Like the interface. Sure other tools do this too, but the extra touches are nice on this one. Go ahead, give it a try. Would like to see fan control and identification built into this in future revisions.
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WhatsApp screenshot


Awesome app5 starsby dlcracked445
Its really Awesome App Using Everyday :)
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OpenOffice screenshot


Excellent program5 starsby triiv1 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Open Office answers all of my needs and does it as professionally as costly similar programs!
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Wise Data Recovery screenshot

Wise Data RecoveryWise Data Recovery

Get back anything 5 starsby millerlucas90986 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Thanks for it, I get back the lost photos in my PC, that is so valuable.
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Wise Care 365 Free screenshot

Wise Care 365 FreeWise Care 365 Free

New features of system protection is perfect!5 starsby millerlucas90986 (Read all my 2 reviews)
When upgrading to the new version, I have found that there is a new feature named "system protection", which is really useful. I can prevent some application which is trying to modify my startup, browser and so on.
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Q-Dir screenshot


Disappointing1 starsby bawldiggle (Read all my 3 reviews)
I have tried Q-Dir twice in last 5 months. Two major let-downs are the amateurish GUI and accessing "Settings" Q-Dir desperately needs a table-style Settings "pagewindow". The mammoth menu on menubar is not convenient for initial setup, nor for ongoing tweaks. (If not a settings window, then sub-meus on on the menu would be an improvement) GUI is amateurish, all components are cramped in. Active panel "tab" is not easily identified at a glance. Tab captions need some white space to facilitate easy (eye) "scanning". Drive links are way too small for convenient drive changes. (Its time the developer removed the failed "Warning" on the home page, which is supposed to be funny, but will put a lot of newbies off.) This app could be a real winner for those of us who work on laptops (small monitors). I prefer 2 panel setup -- Folder + Files pane with tabs for multiple file-panes. Presently I am using CubicExplorer (developers web-site has vanished in past 3 months) and is vastly superior to Q-Dir. I think CubicExplorer is available here on
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OpenOffice screenshot


The best alternative to Microsoft Office5 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 3 reviews)
The "Best" alternative to Microsoft Office.... PERIOD
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XMedia Recode screenshot

XMedia RecodeXMedia Recode

Simply outstanding5 starsby Shodan816 (Read all my 40 reviews)
A great piece of software, and free. Fantastic. You've got nothing to lose by trying it.
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PDF-XChange Viewer screenshot

PDF-XChange ViewerPDF-XChange Viewer

The awesome pdf viewer!5 starsby olivi78305
PDF-XChange Viewer and it's new version - Editor - are the very helpful softwares in my work. The are excellent alternatives to Adobe. Now I have Editor on my computer and I can say - I love it.
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Hexonic ScanToPDF screenshot

Hexonic ScanToPDFHexonic ScanToPDF

Excellent program5 starsby jacques.butcher343
Installed it and was scanning on Windows 7 using a very old Epson printer in a minute or 2 without even rebooting.
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Microsoft Security Essentials screenshot

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft Security Essentials

Is it doing anything at all?3 starsby Montag (Read all my 2 reviews)
To be quite honest, I don't even think this does a thing for security. I've been running it for quite a while and scanning with it and it found nothing. HitmanPRO found 42 malware and spyware programs on my computer, fixed them all, and MSE found nothing.
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HitmanPro screenshot


Found malware that others could not find5 starsby Montag (Read all my 2 reviews)
My laptop had slowed up quite a bit and I attributed it to age. I tried ALL antivirus, malware, and spyware programs to find the problem. None of them found a thing wrong -- except HitmanPRO. HitmanPRO found 42 problems and cleared them all and my laptop runs as smooth as the first day I purchased it. I tried ALL programs on SnapFiles and only HitmanPRO did the job. To the programmers -- THANK YOU!!!
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Titlebar Date-Time screenshot

Titlebar Date-TimeTitlebar Date-Time

Not bad4 starsby Kerry4444 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I like the idea, but it has a flaw on win10. When you hover the pointer over certain areas, the time and date blink. If it weren't for that it would be awesome.
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Qoppa PDF Studio screenshot

Qoppa PDF StudioQoppa PDF Studio

Best pdf editor for linux5 starsby ibull977
For me, I dual-boot both Windows and Ubuntu on every single computer of mine, so I have the need to find a single PDF solution under both platforms. I find Qoppa PDF Studio to be the best one hands down, especially version 10 and the new v11. PDF Studio probably has more than 99 of the functionality of Acrobat, but only for a fraction of the price. Better yet, you can install it on at two computers, be it Windows or Linux OS. One of the best features that PDF Studio has but is lacking in most other Acrobat alternatives is the OCR option. You can create searchable PDF directly from your scanner from within PDF Studio (install sane daemon to do this). If you don't want to deal with saned, then you can use Simple Scan to scan your documents and use PDF Studio to do the OCR work. I found that I have been using my Ubuntu for more than a week now without booting into Windows, because PDF Studio has all the features I need to deal with tons of PDF work. Thank you Qoppa for develop such an amazing software at a reasonable price, especially for us Linux users.
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Seanau Icon Toolkit screenshot

Seanau Icon ToolkitSeanau Icon Toolkit

Nothing special1 starsby bolgwrad (Read all my 14 reviews)
No drag'n'drop from Explorer, very limited range of edit tools - no 'fill'? - Seanau Icon toolkit comes across as an icon editing project that wasn't finished, but they released it anyway. If you're a habitual icon editor, you'll already have your own apps and workflow, which Seanau Icon Toolkit won't do anything to improve, shorten or speed up. It might have one or two dedicated icon routines (eg layering) that other software doesn't do as easily, but it does nothing you can't do elsewhere. And an extra minus point for putting large homepage buttons in the UI.
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RocketCake screenshot


piece of cake with rocketcake...4 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I've never in my sane mind ever thought of building a website. It's just to complicated. All this knowledge about coding and HTML and who knows what else is just not in my league. But with RocketCake it's a breeze for no need of any know-how is needed what so ever. Just pick-out a template and start typing... drop your pictures... add YouTube videos and you name it and it can be done. And when you're finished you can keep you new website on your computer or publish it when you like. It's that simple and FREE so give it a try... I will. Enjoy
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Active UNDELETE screenshot


Doesnt work on network drives2 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Doesnt work on network drives other free programs here work just as good... for free!
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Cathy screenshot


Very fast5 starsby shawndarichuk607 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Cathy is great for finding files on slow network drives located in other cities. This program is a must-have for any office job.
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MP3Gain screenshot


Simple and easy to use5 starsby shawndarichuk607 (Read all my 3 reviews)
The interface couldn't be simpler. Click to scan files. Click to normalize files. Done.
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TeamViewer screenshot


I highly recommend teamviewer.5 starsby Seanr55
Was looking for software that I could access my wife's laptop to help her fix problems and do updates while she is away. In my search I ran across TeamViewer and decided to try it and see if it was what I needed and if it works. It has a very clean and organized interface and is very easy to use. I've used it twice so far and worked very well accessing a remote computer that also has it installed. Have the other person give you the ID Code and Password for their system and you are logged on. I've had no crashes or lockups yet and I was on the 2nd time for at least a couple of hours. The one thing I want to point out the most; is that it is 100 free for home/private use and what is great about TeamViewer is that it is fully functional for home users. Some companies disable features or water downs the home version of their software. Not TeamViewer, no disabled features or reduced functionality.
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Folders Popup screenshot

Folders PopupFolders Popup

Great product except for this...4 starsby cla4wp3j578
Folders Popup is wonderful free software! It is easy to use and is very versatile inasmuch as adding additional items, including websites, etc. and then just clicking and going directly to it. The only (Big) problem I have is the Continuous Nag Pop-Up Screen. Since this product is free, if the developer wants a donation or money for it then one or possibly two reminders should suffice and if people don't respond just stop sending reminders. But every so many uses of the software it generates a reminder to send money for the product which is very irritating and doesn't make much sense since again it is free. I wish the developer would cancel that most intrusive pop-up! Thanks.
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Zemana AntiLogger Free screenshot

Zemana AntiLogger FreeZemana AntiLogger Free

Works and free...4 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This little app is good to have on board. It's additional protection and you won't even notice it's on your PC. This is a one time "install & done" software for there is nothing to do afterwards unless you want to shut-it-off for there is no configuration what so ever. So if you want to protect yourself from keyloggers this a a good alternative to have and it's FREE... enjoy
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Vivaldi screenshot


The real Opera browser4 starsby realbull2009250 (Read all my 58 reviews)
Since Opera dropped their own Presto browsing engine for Chrome's Blink engine, things haven't been exactly the same. If you're a fan of that Presto engine browser then you should try Vivaldi which is made by former Opera developers who want to bring back that same experience. While this is the first 1.0+ release it is not a fully fleshed out browser, but it is very good for a 1.0+ release. It ran and started up fast on my fast Windows 7 64bit laptop with no problem, faster than Opera and FireFox. It feels really light and fast like the old Presto engine Opera. The one feature that I really loved about the Presto engine Opera was the tab stack and split window view. Now it is in Vivaldi! You can stack tabs and then view several windows simultaneously. And you can add extensions from the Chrome website and NOT a separate proprietary extension website like Opera. The only weak point I found is that certain options aren't added yet, but surely as the browser develops they will be included. If you are using Chrome or a Chrome based browser then definitely try Vivaldi.
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Tor Browser screenshot

Tor BrowserTor Browser

Anonymous brower3 starsby tsr850
Tor has provided the user a simplified browser which requires no configuration and from the get go your up and running. Installation of this application went smoothed with no glitches. click on the icon and your up and anonymous. Pro's Main GUI is basic enter a URL and your on your way. A green onion icon in the upper left will show you what nodes your IP is going through, and you can change these at a second, this makes it very attractive in protecting your identity. I ran checks on tor to determine if it was hiding my IP and it did without any problems. Cons: Tor in its comments indicated not to add extensions on as this would degrade its protection so on will have to run the browser as is.However Tor stated one can download the complete package to insure all features could be implemented. Depending on the nodes at the time the browser is open can slow down the web page to a small degree that is being opened, but is acceptable in my opinion Conclusion: If your needs are a simple way of hiding your identity and IP Tor browser will work
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360 Total Security Essential screenshot

360 Total Security Essential360 Total Security Essential

Unfortunately on the way to being bloated3 starsby mcr0161
I have used 360 Total Security for a year or two. It was the fastest and least obstructive in my opinion. Unfortunately now it's beginning to feel like a virus itself and is well on the road to being bloated. I'm sure other readers will be oh so familiar with this if they've used anti-virus software over the years! For example, I have Auto Update turned off but, looking at the Windows Task Manager, I see that the program hogs the CPU for several minutes after booting up. I don't know what it can be doing for all that time as everything else has long since finished loading and it delays me starting work effectively. If you exit the program completely (supposedly) the Task Manager shows QHActiveDefense.exe and QHWatchdog.exe still running and ending the processes is "denied." The interface looks simple and as if it would be fast but seems sluggish. Sometimes a "quick scan" seems to take forever to cancel. I have also had a number of what seem to be false positive malware alerts.
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Sync Butler screenshot

Sync ButlerSync Butler

Best in class5 starsby gramsay70396
Best graphic interface & interactions to help guarantee perfect back-up results across multiple platforms.
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Rufus screenshot


Invaluable5 starsby Sayles (Read all my 3 reviews)
When I had a corrupted Laptop, Rufus let me format a USB drive with a UEFI bootable Windows 10 iso and get it back up and running when everything else had failed. It is another one of those tools that has to be in your IT bag.
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AnyDesk screenshot


Top quality free remote access5 starsby Sayles (Read all my 3 reviews)
Excellent program that loads in seconds and even has password enabled unattended access feature. Ideal for fixing my Mother-In-Law's IT problems without her having to do a thing. I found this program to be easier to use than LogMeIn or TeamViewer and it is now one of my go to programs.
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McAfee Stinger screenshot

McAfee StingerMcAfee Stinger

Good for specific malware4 starsby dvdshonna96 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Stinger may provide help, getting rid of specific malware. And the specific malware threats are listed. But beware. Setting the "GTI" sensitivity to high or very high will lead to a lot of false positives (malware you won't see on the threat list). If you set the sensitivity to high or very high, MAKE SURE stinger is set to "report" (not "remove" or "repair"). Being a novice, I reloaded my OS on the first false positive. After a series of false positives, I decided to do a little research on how the program works and no longer use highvery high sensitivity scans.
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