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ScanTransfer screenshot


Limited transfers without a subscription fee4 starsby jpwilson
This program is incredible to use, and makes transferring files to your computer a snap. However when I updated to the latest version I was disappointed to find it limited the number of files that can be transferred in one session.
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Gammadyne Mailer screenshot

Gammadyne MailerGammadyne Mailer

Great software!5 starsby art.bellows794
I have a large mailing list and with its one-time fee, Gammadyne Mailer saves me a lot of money. Reaches the inbox better than sendblaster. Help file always seems to have the answer. Never seen it crash. Packed with useful tools.
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ImgDrive screenshot


Easy to use5 starsby jjx874415
Small and useful software,free with no ads
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Supremo screenshot


Not really free for personal use2 starsby bazbsg807
I have problems with this company. I downloaded supremo to try for personal purposes which is supposed to be free. I want a backup to teamviewer, which I also use for personal purposes, which sometimes locks me out of my PC and I have to ask my brother in law to go to my house to reset it. While testing supremo I got disconnected. I reconnected and it told me I already had a connection and that this second connection means I'm a commercial user and so I will be blocked after 21 days trial period. Their customer service told me there's nothing that they can do about it. So from my point of view, it's a lie that it's free for personal use.
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Advanced Renamer screenshot

Advanced RenamerAdvanced Renamer

An attractive interface and advanced features5 starsby remonn (Read all my 4 reviews)
There is not one thing I couldn't do with this great software.
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BootSafe screenshot


Bootsafe rules!5 starsby wwarshaw811
This is the program I've been looking for to easily boot into safe mode. No more trying to press F8 in vain! No more msconfig! AND NO MORE SHIFT + RESTART, TROUBLESHOOTING, ADVANCED OPTIONS etc in Windows 10! And it's free! Just run it & it boots right into safe mode. Tested with Windows 7 Pro SP1 and Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update ver 1709. And it offers to restart in normal mode after starting in safe mode! Anyone who needs to start a PC in safe mode on a regular basis MUST HAVE THIS PROGRAM! And no I don't work for Foolish IT but this program is so helpful I had to rant!
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iTunes CPU Redux screenshot

iTunes CPU ReduxiTunes CPU Redux

it just works 5 starsby barrett.mike24835 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Runs in the background and doesn't get in the way, just reduces iTunes load when needed.
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Revo Uninstaller screenshot

Revo UninstallerRevo Uninstaller

Why don't developers give a useful name4 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 26 reviews)
Like so many other downloads here (NOT Snapfile's fault) the link reads revosetup.exe -- This is coming from the developer. So why not Revo Uninstaller 2.05.exe ? Do they not archive their versions with useful names? I have the last version's installer archived as Revo Uninstaller 2.04.exe -- This is so I can sensibly revert if needed. But also, having just revosetup then forces me to rename the file as Revo Uninstaller 2.05.exe The fact that it's named revosetup seems lazy. At least it has revo in the name instead of just "re". What's that file I downed a few days ago? Re?
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Find.Same.Images.OK screenshot


Simple to use, fairly fast, very effective4 starsby Harlan (Read all my 59 reviews)
Effectively locates duplicates and near-duplicates, even if two files are somewhat different. User can adjust degree of similarity, although only coarsely. Many dark pictures will look alike at less than 100 similarity selection, and "better" image may require human supervision. I found this more accurate, faster, and easier to use than a couple of other free ones I've tried. Selecting specific files and folders to compare could be easier. This is from a great developer.
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Stretchly screenshot


Limited functionality and flexibility, huge2 starsby Harlan (Read all my 59 reviews)
Reminders pop up as expected and are effective in forcing breaks, but there are few options and little flexibility as to timing, repeating, and appearance. Changing messages requires editing a .json file. Programming methodology results in a fully portable but enormous application. This one needs more work.
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SysGauge screenshot


Great UI for understanding one's system5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 26 reviews)
Very easy to understand real-time monitoring tools in a single small package. But in the System Analyzer panel it identifies KeyScramber (running) as an Error with "Number of handles is too high". Is that a feature or a bug? But keep up the good work!
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Winyl screenshot


Not the best, but still my favourite4 starsby GnomeSlice (Read all my 2 reviews)
Winyl may not be the most powerful player out there, but it's still my preferred player for home use. The program is very lightweight, extremely easy to use, has Last.FM integration, several internet radio stations, and a very nice interface. The hotkeys, visual popups and overall feel come together to make a very slick and lightweight player. There are some great community-created skins over on the official site as well, for further customization. I've found a lot of more powerful (and more popular) players like mediamonkey or foobar can be extremely cluttered and difficult to use. Not so with Winyl. If you don't require an insane amount of features for power use, consider giving Winyl a look!
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Swift To-Do List screenshot

Swift To-Do ListSwift To-Do List

Cannot contact support tried 3 times within a4 starsby buy986
This is my only complaint. I just want to be assured that there is a human behind the scenes and if I need help it will be there. The other complaint is that the android version doesn't work. Well it does but after it downloads all the data it doesn't sync. So, it doesn't work. If it did I would be a very very happy camper. As it is I am a happy camper but cannot work remotely on my phone. Other than that this is the best that the web has to offer. It syncs tasks and documents with ease. It imports rtf files and pastes html data fairly well, not perfect, also pastes images. So out of 100 I'll give it 87 I just wish support would just contact me.
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ERUNT screenshot


Works on windows 8.1 and all previous windows5 starsby FreewareForever (Read all my 3 reviews)
I use it to save the system from viruses and registry trashing. Works for me on Windows 8.1. Must be working on the latest Win 10 also. Erunt is better than the system restore.
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Hekasoft Backup & Restore screenshot

Hekasoft Backup & RestoreHekasoft Backup & Restore

My fragile Chrome profile5 starsby WanjiSanji (Read all my 5 reviews)
Finally I can back up and restore my Chrome profile, which has taken to being corrupt every couple of weeks, and which takes a lot of work to restore (as not everything is brought back by having it backed up to Google). I have not yet had a chance to restore, but the backup itself is very easy, and stores the single .backup file in a folder of your choosing (I made a new "Chrome" folder in My Documents, so it would be caught in my SpiderOak backups). Has the option for dozens of different browsers.
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CSVFileView screenshot


Simple and clean.5 starsby notaxe232
Works like a charm. I first tried the free viewer from Microsoft, and it was awful. Stuff all out of whack and column titles stuck way off out of line. This one is great. Everything justifies in line and it's easy as heck to use. Also pretty tough to beat the price.
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Buttercup screenshot


Wouldn't import from dashlane or roboform2 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 26 reviews)
I know, it didn't say it would but since it does do some other imports I gave it a try. No, it wouldn't import from Dashlane or RoboForm. I don't see any advantage to Buttercup either,so I don't want to start over with passwords.
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Flagfox screenshot


Great utility5 starsby mwmoseley593
Works well.
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Freemake Video Downloader screenshot

Freemake Video DownloaderFreemake Video Downloader

This used to be a very useful app...1 starsby OriginX (Read all my 4 reviews)
This used to be a very useful app, but unfortunately I can no longer recommend it to anyone. The last version I used, 3.8.0 stopped downloading anything from the Youtube. Instead, it started nagging to upgrade to the latest version. Unfortunately, the latest version, 3.8.1, limits the length of the video you can download to 3 minutes. Want to download longer videos? You have to buy the full version. To sum up: stay away from Freemake Video Downloader.
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W10Privacy screenshot


Add privacy!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 186 reviews)
I really appreciate the time it took to create this utility. I was Shocked to see the amount of data items that are being collected. This gets rid of a lot of potential issues noted in security blogs. Just wanted to shout out to Bernd Schuster for his hard work and say Thanks!
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Folder Colorizer screenshot

Folder ColorizerFolder Colorizer

Folder colorizer 2 is simple and convenient5 starsby dawggiedawg177
I found Folder Colorizer to be very simple. If you want to colorize a folder right click on it and choose "Colorize!" from the context menu. In case you prefer a custom shade
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Folder Lock screenshot

Folder LockFolder Lock

Adequate quality if compared with price5 starsby jamesrichard067449
The best part is that it is least complexed. This software is dependable in terms of data security & can be managed by the not-so-tech-savvy-users like me.
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RightNote screenshot


Excellent notetaking software5 starsby rogerrabbit (Read all my 18 reviews)
Excellent at what it does, which is organising notes in a clear and attractive tabbed interface, which is easily searchable. It even includes a built-in spreadsheet. There are numerous options to help with tagging and sorting notes and a large collection of icons, plus AES password protection. OneNote it's not, but then it is not meant to be. It's more traditional notetaking software and there is room for both. It's a shame upgrade protection is only 12-months, not until the next major version, but that is quite common these days. Highly recommended.
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3uTools screenshot


Outstandig freeware, forget itunes labyrinth.5 starsby SERGITO (Read all my 6 reviews)
Finally a way to manage easily your iPhonei/Pod/iPad without the unpleasant iTunes: rigid, trouble-full, slow, non practical and unfriendly software. Now You can really browse the inner places of Your device, copy, retrieve and preserve info that otherwise You will lost forever. It all started when my iPhone 5, iOs 10.33 stops allowing whatsapp to work at all. I uninstall the app and then try to install it again, but somehow iOs avoid that possibility, showing the never ending circle of downloading or installing, but never completing the process. With this software I was able to download the app, and install it via 3uTools. With the last version of iTunes You can not manage Your apps, so 3uTools is now THE option. And now my whatsapp it's working fine without having to restore the whole iPhone. I can not believe it is free. That's it.
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CompactGUI screenshot


This is a caveat regarding the program3 starsby jealexander1950990 (Read all my 4 reviews)
There is no information as to how it will affect the readwrite values (wear and tear) on an SSD. It also seems to have issues with games and with Windows 10. One should only use this software if one is willing to take a risk. It may also increase CPU usage in Win 10, especially on SSDs.
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Auslogics Registry Cleaner screenshot

Auslogics Registry CleanerAuslogics Registry Cleaner

It really saved my pc5 starsby geormac1985990
I'm actually using this program and definitely need it. Can't remember exactly when I saw it first time but I remember it was a free trial version, really useful though. Then I also tried Auslogics Boost Speed for my Windows 7 PC. I couldn't really believe it but my PC changed greatly, it stopped being wonky and slow. Now I've got two Windows laptops, both of them are cleaned by Registry Cleaner and I repeat the operation normally twice a month. I can recommend Auslogics because me and my family are really pleased with how it works. Thanks Auslogics! This really works.
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MakeRoom screenshot


Ultrafast5 starsby ftrani250
Perfect to understand what to delete to "make room"
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XMind 8 Free screenshot

XMind 8 FreeXMind 8 Free

Overpriced 1 starsby wolfyfrog333
Overpriced for the one thing i needed to arrange PICTURES and thoughts.This may be okay for someone that don't need pictures.But i found something with rich text for free that will do what i want
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Everything screenshot


Software excellence5 starsby smaragdus (Read all my 9 reviews)
This is one of the few programs which deserve the highest possible rating- free, tiny, light, fast, stable, easy to use, feature-rich and highly customizable, an absolutely excellent piece of software.
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Complete Internet Repair screenshot

Complete Internet RepairComplete Internet Repair

Best internet repairer4 starsby mohammadraee544 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I tried it to fix my Internet connection and it seems to have done a good job. Thank you.
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