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Betternet screenshot


Unlimited free vpn!5 starsby yassertariq (Read all my 89 reviews)
The most salient point is that no registration, logging in or credit card is required. Just install, and connect. It does not save any logs, IPs, ports, user information or timestamps. And for ensuring privacy, OpenVPN with AES256 encryption and 128 bit AES-CBC for IPSec is employed. The main drawback is that after it connects, it opens the page of Twitter.
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RegScanner screenshot


Great tool, part of great package5 starsby Harlan (Read all my 52 reviews)
This is an excellent tool. It improves on the built-in Registry Editor in just about every way possible (nothing can make the registry easy to work with or understand). It still works perfectly in Windows 10. Instead of downloading this, however, you should get the entire Nirsoft Utilities package, which has dozens of other handy, reliable, lightweight tools for viewing and managing all sorts of system data and activities, combined into a portable, easy-to-install and -use package which receives small improvements nearly every week.
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FileMenu Tools screenshot

FileMenu ToolsFileMenu Tools

Excellent collection of tools5 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 2 reviews)
Excellent collection of tools that are available in practical ways. Very useful. In addition to the resources already available, the software allows you to add new ones.
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X1 Enterprise Client screenshot

X1 Enterprise ClientX1 Enterprise Client

Search fails with enterprise level sharepoint3 starsby Minuet (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've been using X1 for several years and upgraded to 8.4.1 because of the advertised feature of being able to search SharePoint. I also added paid support. However, I am not able to search our Enterprise SharePoint. I thought there would be be a simple explanation, like it only works with some SharePoint configurations which is probably true. However, support has been very slow and unable to provide an answer. Otherwise it's a great tool, although this version doesn't seem to do anything more than the last version. In fact, I liked the interface of the older version better for viewing more results without scrolling. This version shows everything so large that I find myself scrolling a lot. Perhaps there is an option to shrink it, but I haven't found it. It does not respond to the standard windows zoom functions. If it searched SharePoint as advertised - easy 4 stars. If I could adjust the size of results - and have them persist, 5 stars. Again, X1 continues to be a great tool, the old version is a 5, this one 3 even though it does everything the old one did, but it doesn't satisfy deliver on the 'new features interface'.
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Mozilla Firefox screenshot

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

Still a great browser5 starsby LowStrung (Read all my 10 reviews)
User customizations, which have always made Firefox so flexible, are still possible. Also, I'm seeing great performance as far as speed is concerned, and stability as well. The memory leaks I found in an earlier version haven't shown up in 43.0.4. So far I haven't encountered any difficulties in handling the sites I visit regularly. Some of the UI changes are a bit disconcerting. The first thing I noticed was that the buttons on the bookmarks toolbar were displayed at the very bottom of the toolbar, which had a very large top margin, but I eventually fixed that by editing userChrome.css, which has always helped me tweak the UI in the past. Some extensions may cause Firefox to start up a bit more slowly, particularly Adblock Plus. At any rate, although I previously felt satisfied with my very old version of Firefox and was refusing to upgrade it, I'm glad I eventually gave in and installed 43.0.4!
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KeePass Password Safe screenshot

KeePass Password SafeKeePass Password Safe

Slick software program superb security5 starsby Dragon10 (Read all my 42 reviews)
With the introduction and 'roll-out' of an entirely new MS Operating System with Windows 10, although perfectly satisfied with my current Password Manager, I felt it time to change to one that had been updated more recently. I selected a couple from the 'Freeware' range and installed KeePass Password Safe. Suffice it to say, I do not think the other program will even get a look in now. KeePass installed without issue or error and integrates well with Windows 10. I found it to be intuitive to use. I consider this to be an extremely slick program while, also, being remarkably complex. Yes, it takes a wee while to 'find your way around', so to speak but did not find it difficult to comprehend or use. In all honesty, I doubt I shall utilize the full complexity of the program but it is, nevertheless, reassuring that there is plenty of scope and more options contained within this program, should I choose to initiate their use. This review would not be complete, if I failed to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of its developer Dominik Reichl. To offer this highly commendable KeePass Password Safe program as 'Freeware' is incredibly generous. There is an option to donate and although my personal circumstances preclude such a gesture, at this point in time, I would certainly hope to do this justice in the not too distant future. I have no hesitation in recommending this program especially, when compared to other programs in its category, as it continues to be developed.
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Directory Report screenshot

Directory ReportDirectory Report

Excellent tool for disk space management5 starsby binaryman332
The tool is very easy to use. I quickly found data files left over after I uninstalled my game
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Emsisoft Emergency Kit screenshot

Emsisoft Emergency KitEmsisoft Emergency Kit

Very useful and free5 starsby reco388 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is one of my MUST-HAVE gems of software. Great interface, effective protection (although not real-time, but on-demand) and affordable price (FREE).
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DeskPins screenshot


Works very well, a favorite5 starsby bawldiggle
DeskPins has solved a long term problem I have had for 10+ years, with a text editor that has "always on top" generic option but fails too often. DeskPins is perfect solution as it is instance-specific so I can have some window on top and others not. Perfect for Windows Explorer that normally minimizes. Works perfectly on Win7 x86. Is not strictly portable as it does write 4 new keys to the registry. But a small price to pay for a perfect performer
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URL Gather screenshot

URL GatherURL Gather

Pretty amazing4 starsby busybusy (Read all my 150 reviews)
URLGather is pretty great. It is able to import bookmarks from IE, Chrome, Firefox or common bookmarks html files. The search function is fast. The portable aspect is a bonus and allows you to unify all your browsers from different systems. A couple of issues and additions I would like to see to enhance this amazing tool. 1. When exporting the links as URL, if the description text string for URL exceeds 256 it should truncate it. Currently it pops up an error box notifying you of the length is too long, but after you close it it does not continue the progress bar just sits there. It would be nice if it would allow you to change it on the fly, truncate it, then at the end create a log of those that match that condition. 2. To EDIT the an URL your currently have to right-click->property. It would be nice add a hot key like F2, similar to windows rename command, to quickly edit file names. This would improve the editing to one key thus allowing to user to modify content faster. 3. SAVEs - I notice that when you import bookmarks and do your editing that it does this all in memory until you exit the program then it saves everything to Record.UGR. It would be nice to either add a save button or have an option to have it save automatically every 5 min or adjustable time interval. I like this program and hope it keeps being improved. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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HDDExpert screenshot


Quick portable drive health checkup4 starsby busybusy (Read all my 150 reviews)
HDDExpert is a small portable tool to get a quick picture of the hard drives health. The interface is simple and displays all the needed information to determine the current state of a hard drive. It also displays the S.M.A.R.T information but to most it is meaningless numbers but the pop-up text information does help. It would be nice if it had Red-Yellow-Green on each of those S.M.A.R.T elements to get a visual on if a one or more items are getting close to their threshold. This would add addition information to help users out. I just added this to my Portable Apps list. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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Autorun Organizer screenshot

Autorun OrganizerAutorun Organizer

Has some big problems in current version1 starsby mogsington478
Appears to be a lightweight startup delaying organiser. After a few restarts though, more and more items are getting run two or more times during the boot. Not good. So go through every item in the program and cancel any delay change so I can safely uninstall the program. Uninstall program. Check Autoruns. Nope. A few items still duplicated, and 9 items moved to Task Scheduler as "DelayedItemsByChemtableSoftware" from where ever they were before (startup folder? reg-run? who knows!). Seriously don't touch it unless you have a registry AND software backup point you can go back to.
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URL Gather screenshot

URL GatherURL Gather

Perfect 5 starsby alfehans874
Possible to import books marks from Google Chrome and drag and drop between browser - Tested on Chrome and IE. Just add google Chrome, then clik on File > Import from the browser you want to edit. Different browser can import at the same time and drag and drop between them.
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Swift To-Do List screenshot

Swift To-Do ListSwift To-Do List

Good program that's cost prohibitive 3 starsby dana.demerchant705
I loved how the program worked but 100 dollars is excessive . They have a free version but it's limited to 200 entries .
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) screenshot

Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free)Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Difficult to use - intermittent problems1 starsby noresterguy502
For example, when I do a scan and then click on fix it hangs up and I have to shut down and re-open the Start Center. There are many problems such as this in the current licensed version. And the support... what support?
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Comodo Dragon screenshot

Comodo DragonComodo Dragon

Trust it3 starsby skullbox206 (Read all my 2 reviews)
A good browser and I'm just using it to open this site. Some features missing but good.
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Lunascape screenshot


Beat it1 starsby skullbox206 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I think it's one of the most inaccurate browser of all times. I've tried to use it by curiosity. A horror.
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Tresorit screenshot


Good, but limited3 starsby OnePiece (Read all my 10 reviews)
The main purpose of Tresorit is to provide a cloud storage protected with strong cryptography for sensitive data. It fulfills its promise, and I am convinced that the level of security it provides for free is adequate, even unmatched. Why can I not recommend this service if it is so good then? Because of its limitations. Not the size of the available storage -- 3GB is not much but for free it is acceptable -- rather the fact that the number of devices it can sync with is limited. Not only limited, but VERY limited: the free plan only allows 3 devices to be synced. This ruins the whole service to me. I have a work and a home desktop computer, a notepad, a tablet and a mobile phone (I think such a config is not so uncommon), but I can share my files only between 3 of these using Tresorit. Of course, one always requires an important but sensitive file on the device they could not include in the sync. So my advice: use it only if 3 devices are enough for you, otherwise use a normal cloud storage with an additional automatic encryption program like CryptSync.
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NirLauncher screenshot


Best software4 starsby haloce.dark293
I would like to say is the software is really nice and useful
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Sumatra PDF screenshot

Sumatra PDFSumatra PDF

Great pdf reader and epub and mobi and djvu 5 starsby wtalderson242
Sumatra PDF not only quickly reads pdf's, it reads epub, mobi, djvu and probably more. Unique in the PC world on a windows computer. It not only reads all these well, it remembers where you left off so you can return to reading at the right place. I am pleased to read epub, mobi without a Barnes & Noble or an Amazon reader. 5 stars for sure.
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Memory Booster screenshot

Memory BoosterMemory Booster

Works great!5 starsby Nicholas (Read all my 59 reviews)
My system must work very hard all day long. So it looses performance after an hour or so and then the irritation of a slow computer begins. This inconvenience now belongs to the past thanks to this handy utility. Memboost starts up with the system and then sits in the background keeping memory in top form. If you wish you can see it working on the foreground. Certainly this useful gem is one of the best things in life that are free!
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free screenshot

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FreeMalwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

The best anti-virus software I have ever used5 starsby tandlyoung659
I started using this software years ago and can only say that it has become better over the years. Simple to use but most importantly, highly effective. I am now using it on Windows 10 and up to now it seems to work perfectly. The full scan taking about 45 to 50 minutes on my laptop system. The latest version perhaps doesn't have as easy or simple an interface as previous versions however, this is evened up by the interface being more self explaining which in my opinion makes it better to understand for the novice and more informative for the intermediate user. I have upgraded to the premium version which gives great real time protection. It should be mentioned here that the premium version is not free. As for the free version, get it downloaded and used, you cannot possibly ever regret it. The software also has a feature called Chameleon, which attempts to get round viruses that tries to block or disable anti virus software programs. Finally, Malwarebytes doesn't seem to take up much processor percentage or RAM when on startup or running.
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Replace Text (BK ReplaceEm) screenshot

Replace Text (BK ReplaceEm)Replace Text (BK ReplaceEm)

Superbly useful5 starsby TroyPolloy389
Fantastic and effective replacement tool; is capable of ignoring extensions and processing all files of a specific extension within subfolders. I have used it to instantly alter hundreds of command script batch-files in our observatory automation system. 5 Stars? ALL THE STARS!!!
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ZipInstaller screenshot


A must-have.5 starsby pananacakes496
ZipInstaller's function should come standard with the OS. I've used it for years on several computers and it's worked perfectly every time. I wouldn't set up a Windows machine without it.
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TeamViewer screenshot


Easy to use and best remote tech support5 starsby Anandajoti (Read all my 5 reviews)
I often have to help people are not technically proficient and this has proved to be the best software: easy to set up, easy to use and safe for both sides.
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EasyNetMonitor screenshot


Great free easy tool for network monitoring!5 starsby tim.thomas.as184 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Does what it says.
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Sqirlz Morph screenshot

Sqirlz MorphSqirlz Morph

Simple and fast5 starsby ehmjaysee
I wanted to create a GIF file where I morph one photo into another and back again. Sqirlz made this a trivial exercise. And the installer was lightweight. And Free!
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Balabolka screenshot


Amazing features for free5 starsby ihoussami313 (Read all my 2 reviews)
No other program comes close to what this is giving away for free. Don't be without it. Works very well.
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Vintager screenshot


Very handy app5 starsby codevlad274
Substitute need for Photoshop. Less features then Lightroom but much simpler to use and free. Great effects!
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360 Total Security Essential screenshot

360 Total Security Essential360 Total Security Essential

A good program ruined1 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 16 reviews)
Loved this and gave it a glowing review when it was 360 Internet Security. But this latest version, which automatically replaced 360 Internet Security Essential is horrible. Tags way too many programs that are perfectly safe as viruses, and also tags any URL's you may save to your desktop as viruses! In some cases to get these things whitelisted takes multiple steps and screen locations to actually have it whitelist! Total Security Essential is absolutely horrible. What a shame since 360 Internet Security was fast and reliable! Unless the only thing you use your PC for is to web browse and email, don't even think of using this!
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