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Roboscan Internet Security Free Roboscan Internet Security Free

Works well! 5 stars by Solfire (Read all my 3 reviews)
Roboscan just works for me! I'm using an older PC and it has virtually no impact on performance, whilst still providing me with good protection and a firewall! I can't think about anything bad to say about this program. Sure false positives pop up now and then, but I have experienced that with virtually every AV I've used. Roboscan is a great AV if your current one is grinding your system to a halt. Between this and Herdprotect, I've not had an infection in years! Highly Recommended! :D
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Best uninstaller 5 stars by MinMin (Read all my 3 reviews)
Found and got rid of all the files and registry entries that Iobit Uninstaller actually installed sneakily without telling me. This is the best uninstaller by far - it runs the program's uninstaller and then has various scanning modes to check for other leftovers the basic uninstaller doesn't uninstall. It finds almost all uninstallers; certainly heaps more than Wise, but not quite as many as MyUninstaller, which is now my backup uninstaller. But Revo is my first choice!
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MyUninstaller MyUninstaller

Comprehensive list 5 stars by MinMin (Read all my 3 reviews)
This is the only uninstaller I've found so far that lists as many uninstallers as System Explorer. I'll use this to get rid of any programs that Revo can't (which is only about 1). If it was able to find and get rid of leftovers like Revo it would be the best!
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IObit Uninstaller IObit Uninstaller

Don't trust it 1 stars by MinMin (Read all my 3 reviews)
Running it for the first time automatically installs its updater in its own folder without telling you. God knows what else it tried to do without my knowledge; I just used Revo Uninstaller to get rid of it quick smart. I don't trust software that tries to do stuff behind your back...
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RightNote RightNote

Old style notes software 3 stars by rogerrabbit (Read all my 17 reviews)
If you want an old style Notes taking software, this is one of the best. Well laid out, clean and colorful interface, easy to use with numerous features. No ribbon, no multi-platform (unless you include Evernote sync in the Pro version), no drag and drop anywhere on the page, no OCR from images. So what it does more than anything else is make you realise how brilliant OneNote is by comparison and how far things have moved on since the days when programs like this were the software of choice for organizing your information.
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360 Internet Security 360 Internet Security

Most impressive 5 stars by Solfire (Read all my 3 reviews)
It's quite an amazing piece of software, considering it's free. Lightweight too, full of features, 5 AV engines built into it (you need to activate the Avira and Bit Defender engines yourself inside the program with a single click, bit it's easy enough). Seriously awesome and all for free!
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Notification Area Cleaner Notification Area Cleaner

Also works with windows 8.1 5 stars by Compulink (Read all my 6 reviews)
After trying various Antivirus and Firewalls for my new laptop the notification area edit screen got cluttered. This little program opened up a command window and entered the necessary commands. Simple to use and works as expected.
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Good ui but crackly playback 1 stars by bolgwrad (Read all my 6 reviews)
I've been using Foobar for ages, and AIMP seemed to have edged it due to the skins and straightforward ease of use. But then I noticed that everything playing on AIMP was crackly - now this is probably a codec issue and nothing directly to do with AIMP, but AIMP is the only audio player on my system that has this problem, and there's no configuration option that helps, in spite of the advanced options panel. So sorry, I can't recommend it at all.
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System Explorer Portable System Explorer Portable

Excellent 5 stars by OnePiece (Read all my 7 reviews)
System Explorer is really an excellent utility I have installed on all of my computers. It provides every kind of information you could imagine about your operating system and its processes. The reason I like it most is that it is easy on the resources, has a nice little task bar icon showing the actual CPU load, and hovering that icon I get a pretty little auto-hiding window containing the most important parameters, such as the memory consumption. So for me it is primarily a system monitor, but in case I see anything funny going on, I can use its rich functionality to find and terminate the misbehaving process or service, if needed.
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PhotoDemon PhotoDemon

A couple of problems 4 stars by morganfj978
Update to my previous post... -- 1st Still no help files, Developer has stated he has not developed them at this time since program is being updated almost daily... This is a problem.. but most items are self explanatory. Developer will answer questions via link in Help. -- 2nd The Photo presented in Snapfiles is not the current version but actually the Nightly release (kinda like a Beta) which has a few extra features... Snapfile DOES has the current Stable version but photo is a bit different. Nightly version is available from developer's website. After using the program for a bit I found it fairly easy to use. It works as well if not better than most other Photo editors.. However the Nightly Version has a couple of items only available on programs like Adobe Lightroom... Big update. Missing so far are the paint brushes and drawing tools available on other programs.. Also the Masking is somewhat slack.. However this is a work in progress... Nice simple program for Photo Enhancement! 3+ to 4 stars
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Gimp Gimp

Why is the interface always so bad? 1 stars by elliotlord5153
Over the years, I've downloaded Gimp to see if I can use it but I've always been put off by the interface with the floating tools. Why won't you lock them for god's sake? It's so unusuable as all the separate windows get in the way of each other. It looks like the first ever attempt at making a graphics program. I'm sure it functions well enough but sort it out!!!
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Earth Alerts Earth Alerts

Excellent weather information 5 stars by damiencross2011220
I have had Earth Alerts for a very long time. I have enjoyed the program since it is accurate in nature. However, I have a friend that his fiancee is in the Philippines, and gets her weather reports from television. I have had some disputes with my friend about the information I have received from this program, but I love it because the information provided, is factual. I will have this program in my computer until I pass away.
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AutoIt AutoIt

This is a real problem solver 5 stars by Jim561
I just installed AutoIt yesterday. Within a couple of hours I had rewritten a kluge of .bat and .vbs that I could not get to run properly as a scheduled task. Works perfectly in AutoIt. Until proven otherwise this will be my go-to windows scripting platform.
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CintaNotes CintaNotes

Very useful 4 stars by orodeshah194
Well, I am taking notes for a long time, so I have checked many note taking programs, this one is special. 1) it is light 2) it is fast 3) you have great shortcut keys 4) for me the best was and is their support team, they respond you in few hours ...
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Music to MP3 Converter Music to MP3 Converter

Easy to use, no messing around 5 stars by stewy_b22669
Only looking for an audio converter. Really happy with this. Functional and fast. No issues to date.
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WinDock WinDock

A bit tedious to set up, but works flawlessly 5 stars by OnePiece (Read all my 7 reviews)
WinDock does one thing, but it does that very well. It has a really flexible configuration system. For sure, configuration is a bit tedious to use -- still, you only need to use it once. Fortunately, the setup you created can be exported and later imported, so it really is a one-time task. When the program is set up, it is a joy to use and (so far) it worked well for me with any kind of window. Important is the multi-monitor support. In fact, you can create completely different setups for the individual monitors, which is a rare trait. The set of features could be more comprehensive, but one can combine this with other freeware to cover every window management need.
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AquaSnap AquaSnap

Nice program for a single monitor environment 4 stars by OnePiece (Read all my 7 reviews)
AquaSnap (the freeware version) is an easy to use program with a nice set of features -- as long as you want to use it in a single monitor environment. For multi-monitor support, however, you need to buy the professional version (which is not expensive by the way). Still, for me, it is a real letdown. So, if you do not mind the few (not so important) features missing from the freeware version, and do not need multi-monitor support, then I can fully recommend this program. If you need multi-monitor support and can afford to pay a few bucks, then buy its professional version, it is worth it. But if you want a good real freeware that has flexible configuration, and can easily dock your open windows into predefined positions on one or multiple monitors, then you can find a better program here at SnapFiles in the Desktop Tools category.
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Advanced SystemCare Free Advanced SystemCare Free

Just wow 2 stars by gimpguy (Read all my 1158 reviews)
At one time I praised this software, now I despise it. It's been a long time since I've used it and when I installed all I saw were adverts for purchasing it's other products, get pro version, etc... I can't say it installed anything out of the ordinary or any major system integration,just a typical install as far as that goes. I did use the IObit uninstaller though, to uninstall the system care and itself. With little to no features unless paid for now and the absolute UI nightmare this has become, I can't even recommend it any more. I've changed my comment on here and my rating.
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VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)

One of the better media players 2 stars by asrs2007 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have been using VLC media player and some others for some time, but after my last update I noticed all my settings were gone. I have two acoustic dips and a peak in my room and in an old version I set up correct settings after considerable effort, then saved them. Old method of saving these won't work anymore. so I just gave it up as there are many more alternatives with better interfaces, features and use less resources while not forgetting user adjustments. VLC forgets graphical and parametric equalizer settings at each exit among other things. I wouldn't recommend it over the others.
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360 Internet Security 360 Internet Security

Great program 4 stars by bossman7580213
This has been a really excellent performer. Easy installation. It also removed virus and malware that windows defender did not detect. I would recommend this to anyone. At least to try.
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Has reader, virtual printer, creator and writer 4 stars by melen001 (Read all my 15 reviews)
This new version is an excellent substitute for Adobe Acrobat. It has a reader, virtual printer and creator/writer all in one. Has practically all the necessary features and options that you will ever need. The reader has a nice looking interface where you can even edit if desired. Try it is really very fast and won't slow your machine. I have set it as my default so just give it a try and all this is actually FREE. Enjoy...
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Wise Program Uninstaller Wise Program Uninstaller

Fast easy 5 stars by geoiii (Read all my 3 reviews)
I installed Wise Uninstaller and got rid of a program that I couldn't uninstall for several hours, it took me five minutes to do every thing with Wise. Very good program, thanks .
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Rapid SEO Tool Rapid SEO Tool

Nice tool 4 stars by JamJar (Read all my 26 reviews)
I've put very good price, but that's the price it is now - 47 I think this is Euros, certainly not UK money. At the price that used to be, as it is on here 79 Euros, no way it's not worth that. However you do have to watch this company as regards licence because they sly, but their website says use on any 3 computers, this is a cracking deal, or one computer 39 Euros. I think Snapfiles haven't rated this as high as it should be. It's a lovely interface, it has a comprehensive way of working and easy to use. It also has the cool features of been able to go side by side with competition, like any good SEO tool should. One of Blumentals best efforts. A really good program.
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Recuva Recuva

Many false unrecoverable file flags 3 stars by bcscheps569
I accidentally deleted over 100 files from a flash drive (trying to move the directory "tree" of those files). The "Recuva" program shortly found them (although most of them, Recuva had "red flagged" as being unrecoverable, due to over-writing). THAT, I found strange (since I'D CEASED USING the flash-drive immediately following the deletions and until I got "Recuva" running). Nonetheless, I "undeleted" each of those flagged files...after which, almost all of them proved to be intact and fully readable by their host program ("Word")...they were NOT "unrecoverable!" In addition to the many, just-deleted files, "Recuva" found MANY other files-deleted from over a year ago (but I wasn't interested in attempting to retrieve these, so didn't). Undeletion was a slow, painstaking process, as each file must be selected and "undeleted," individually (save them to a different drive as you go, to avoid overwriting the deleted-files-yet-to-be-retrieved). "Recuva" ultimately salvaged almost ALL my files and recreated their original folder-trees. It would be dandy if Recuva displayed the DELETION-DATES of the deleted files...BUT it does NOT. ALSO, one of the (INDEED, corrupt) files I'd retrieved to a desktop folder, defied almost all means to get rid of it - Win7 kept stating "This File Does Not Exist," EVERY time a "cut" or "delete" attempt was made on it via the GUI (graphical user interface). Its icon defiantly remained on my "desktop" screen UNTIL I DID delete it via DOS command-prompt.
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360 Internet Security 360 Internet Security

Deserves to be no.1 5 stars by danielson (Read all my 7 reviews)
Lightweight, fast, no nagging sounds or ads, feature filled... What more can someone ask from a freeware program? Have tried and tested many, even shareware and this one takes them all! Simply a must for security minded people.
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Geek Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller

Good uninstaller, but lacks features 3 stars by realbull2009250 (Read all my 34 reviews)
This is a good uninstaller. It supports x64 programs and will do what you want it to do; uninstall programs and scan for left over files. The only weak points this FREE version has is that it lacks many other features compared to similar software. It is NOT perfect on uninstalling leftover files as many may believe. The PAID/PRO version is much better and list the following features on their website: Real-time installation monitor, Batch Removal, Start-up programs management,Thorough and complete removal, Modern interface, technical support. It is good as a quick moderate uninstaller, but if you want something more thorough you will have to buy the PRO version or choose another uninstaller such as Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11 or Comodo Programs Manager.
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BitDefender Free Edition BitDefender Free Edition

None better for laptops 3 stars by smeagal1912 (Read all my 12 reviews)
If you use a computer that is basically on 24 hrs a day then many other Av's will probably serve you better. However if you use a computer that is on at random times or no particular schedules (like most laptops) then I can't think of a better AV. With most Av's you have to be on at a particular time to make sure the scheduled anti-virus scan executes. Bitdefender is smart enough to run scans when you are on, based on memory use and the like. It updates automatically. Its free. Very unobtrusive. Uses very little resources. It also sports some HIPS features. It has blocked me from several malicious websites, terminated toxic downloads and kept me safe in public places. I will get the paid version soon.
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Combofix Combofix

Essential tool - but handle with care 5 stars by plasticpig72701 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have used this tiny program to resolve issues with so many computers and it has never let me down. You do need to know what you are doing in terms of disabling existing antivirus etc and you do need to be patient while it does its job, but seriously it has been of huge assistance to me in the past. The other comment I would make is never download it until you need it. It is updated regularly and as such you are best to download the latest file at the point of need.
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Q-Dir Q-Dir

Good but could be so much better 3 stars by plasticpig72701 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have used this for a number of years. I find it strange that it is the one file manager that I keep uninstalling and reinstalling. Whereas others I have just stayed with. I like the 4 pane layout, it is neat and simple, but it is the lack of configuration options that frustrates me. I would like to suggest that anyone who likes this tries Justmanager which you can configure to have as many panes as you want. I find 3 columns works well. It has been in alpha stage for ages, but has never failed me. I just wish that Q-Dir would evolve a little more, then perhaps I would not feel the need to keep uninstalling it.
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.NET Version Detector .NET Version Detector

Useful little applet 5 stars by DataRat (Read all my 15 reviews)
I'm happy to find this useful little applet. From time to time new software asks what version of Net I have, and ...I dunno ! Now I do. The DataRat
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