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MP3Gain screenshot


Great product to lower mp3 volumes in batch5 starsby gaiusgracchus33140
I needed something to lower the volume on a large number of Mp3 files. I had trouble getting Audacity to do it - it seemed to only do some of the files in a given directory or collection. Furthermore it only was able to do edits by converting to wav files first then back to mp3 (!!!!??) Then I tried the Sobolsoft volume program and it puffed the size of my mp3 files to almost twice the original! So the MP3Gain was the best option by far. Not only does it not increase file sizes, it will do the edits without having to do any conversions to intermediate wave files. At first I was confused about how to get it to lower the volume below the target of 75db. So that is the only pain - that you have to work around this limit. How I did it: Select 'Add folder' (note it will edit your files IN PLACE) Change "Target 'Normal' Value" to 75 (it won't go lower) Click 'Track Analysis' (will test all in folder - takes a while if lots of files - skip the following step if your volumes are already less than 75) Click 'Album Gain' (should be one of the icons on top - makes all in folder 75 Click 'Modify Gain', then 'Constant Gain' Set slider to lowest amount (on mine this was -12db) Click the down arrow by 'Track Gain' and make it be 'Constant Gain' Click 'Constant Gain' (changes all tracks to -12db) Keep doing the constant gain edit until you get volumes as low as you want.
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Q-Dir screenshot


Keeps jamming up!2 starsby mymonaro2003370 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I had been using this program for some years up until two months ago. On Windows 10 and Vista the program kept freezing. Also, when one would attempt to copy from one pane to another it would not work, also deletion of files would not work. Disappointing, as I did like the program. I have now moved to a competitor's product.
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Avant Browser screenshot

Avant BrowserAvant Browser

Keep your eye on this one.4 starsby kpupright799 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I loved that the GUI did not immediately scream "Windows". It's a beautiful layout and easily personalized. The problem I'm having is compatibility with sites we use at home. Sometimes it partially loads pages and sometimes not at all, but it almost never fails to get a prompt to upgrade to a supported browser at least once around the web. I would say that lack of compatibility is the only reason I won't stick with it. But, all is not lost. Smart people made this thing and it's no doubt that it is on the rise, so smart people will fix it. One day it will be a fine player in the game.
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CubicExplorer screenshot


Best i have used, and still do4 starsby bawldiggle (Read all my 4 reviews)
A shame this app is no longer developed. I still use it with its rare bugs that I am used to. PROS: very customizable, inc. all toolbars (except MenuBar). GUI can be customized to any layout, very versatile (default is 4 panes). I am using Navigation pane + tabbed files pane, on a small monitor-laptop w. Chrome skin. Portable: automatically remembers last session, particularly handy if I forget to connect USB-storage. Bookmarks: provide instant access to any folderfiledrives (incl. USB-storage) + custom-folders in bookmarks + bookmarks can be renamed + rearranged by dragging. Settings: table style, very well designed and easily accessible. Simplifies comparing multiple-folder contents and copying-moving between folders or drives. Customizable (local) hot keys (brilliant). Add new folder or file hotkeys. Very simple drive navigation. Suit users of all ages. CONS:- Deleted folders and related files-tab remain visible (a bug) CE does not refresh itself up the folder tree. Renamed or new folders show false-positive alert (bug). "Version Manager" is no longer relevant, developer web-site is gone (not a deal stopper). Renaming drives results in a false-positive alertwarning (bug). "Show all foldersfiles" feature does not show system-files. Still requires WinExp. Forum is gone. Don't give up on CE, once settings are mastered this is a v. smooth experience.
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Second Copy screenshot

Second CopySecond Copy

Back 2 2nd copy5 starsby arnvid442 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Have used this for many years, but tried Backup4All - well tried is wrong. I purchased, and never used it. Sure great features, but I will not use my life learning all - so I just uninstalled backup4all. Got 2nd Copy again as it give me all I need, and it's reliable, and that's a major issue - that I can control my backup when needed, leave them and know I got a program that works every time, and a program I don't have to read all those help files to be able to use correctly.
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Backup4all screenshot


For me - too much, too little use3 starsby arnvid442 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Used a fair number of software for backup, and purchased this for more than a year ago - but have hardly used it. Sorry, I want to use my time on doing what I do, not finding out all options on a tool that should make life easier 4 me. Getting rid of it now, and go for a better tool that I'm sure I will find here on snapfiles.
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Comodo Dragon screenshot

Comodo DragonComodo Dragon

Thought i had found it!2 starsby kpupright799 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Looked really nice to start with. Its similarities to earlier versions of Firefox were comfortable and encouraging. Then the fight started. I had abandoned Firefox due to bloated operation and crashes, and it didn't take very long to figure out that this browser shared some of the same health problems. Certain popular web pages were extremely slow and non-responsive. Resource use was up in the 60 range for even the simplest pages. I got better use of it after disabling most of the realtime and general anti-virus protection features of the Comodo security program, but if you have to go around commando just to get pages to load it doesn't seem very helpful. Nice try, but still looking for an answer.
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Mozilla Firefox screenshot

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

Good, but with exceptions. literally.3 starsby kpupright799 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Once upon a time, google was simple, fast, and excellent. Now it is huge and invasive. Firefox seems to have followed the same path. As always since I first started using it, Firefox has had excellent design and interface. The problem has come since the early 30s versions and the browser getting more and more bloated. Resource use in this last build is astounding, and I'd love to send the plugin container to another planet, set fire to it and bury its ashes. Constant "breakpoint" errors leading to crashes prompted repeated clean installations trying to gain stability to no avail. Getting a system crash and good ole blue screen was the final straw. Haven't seen that since Bugle was a pup and have no desire to deal with it for the sake of just trying to look at the internet. It may work for others but for now I've had my fill. The search continues.
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Total Network Inventory screenshot

Total Network InventoryTotal Network Inventory

Very good inventory software 4 starsby alextraddle971
This thing saves me days on network inventory. The product has a simple and clear interface, its easy to install and configure. The only thing that is missing is scheduled report generation. I really want the program to not just scan on schedule, but also to generate preconfigured reports as well so that I can browse them using a Dropbox folder.
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Qoppa PDF Studio screenshot

Qoppa PDF StudioQoppa PDF Studio

Cross platform solution for pdf users5 starsby iwillneverstop (Read all my 24 reviews)
I always like cross-platform apps. Almost no learning curve when switching between operating systems. This app provides me the ability to manipulate pdf files (add, edit, delete, ...) as well as the OCR functionality for multiple languages (including English and Japanese).
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Bitvise SSH Server screenshot

Bitvise SSH ServerBitvise SSH Server

The free version is more than enough for home5 starsby iwillneverstop (Read all my 24 reviews)
It includes everything that I need such as - Opening ports for local networks - Settings for Windows accounts - Settings for Virtual accounts - Terminal, file transfer, ... It is really great for providing such a free home version.
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Tunnelier screenshot


Cannot believe it is a freeware5 starsby iwillneverstop (Read all my 24 reviews)
There are a lot of nice features such as: - Profile management - Terminal - Remote Desktop - SFTP. Moreover, it is updated quite often.
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Wise Folder Hider screenshot

Wise Folder HiderWise Folder Hider

Very easy and efficient.....5 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This software is very easy. Installation is fast and no hidden adware. Hide what ever you want and it will be secure with a password you assign. Wise has other good tools that you can also check out and most are completely FREE... enjoy
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SyncBack Free screenshot

SyncBack FreeSyncBack Free

Been using it for a long time5 starsby newpond2000985
When my hard drive recently crashed, I lost this program but not my data. When I got back up and running, I couldn't remember the name of SyncBack. It just did it's thing. Finally, I found it again and it's now on my new hard drive doing what it's always done; quietly keeping my data safe. I've been using it for a very long time and even though I'm not familiar with the latest version, my review is based upon a long history of success with it.
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CintaNotes screenshot


No use to me without drag'n'drop. hangs.1 starsby bolgwrad (Read all my 15 reviews)
I do a lot of text work that involves compiling a new file from several source text files. Something for which CintaNotes would be suited, don't you think. Well it would if you could sit there with a few open folders and simply drag and drop text into a new file, but with CintaNotes you can't. It also hangs if I try to 'insert new note' from the menu. Disappointing.
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WizTree screenshot


Best of its type5 starsby Harlan (Read all my 55 reviews)
This is super-fast on NTFS drives compared to any of its competitors. It's not as entertaining or attractive as the graphical space-analyzers, but its clear reports and simple interface are excellent and to my eyes more useful. This version (2.01) extends its reach from NTFS-only to all types of drives, making it an all-around winner.
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BitDefender Free Edition screenshot

BitDefender Free EditionBitDefender Free Edition

None is better than bitdefender...4 starsby melen1717 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Bitdefender is a Free version of the award winning antivirus BD. It is extremely easy to use as well as installation is quite fast. This is a 'set it and forget it' antivirus for there is no configuring. Automatic up-dates... scheduled scans... excellent malware detection and it always rated in the top 3... access to up-date logs & threat logs... non intrusive... low on resources and it's FREE. What else would you want? Maybe for those who want to configure settings or whatever this is not for you but for the rest this is an excellent choice. Enjoy...
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TheSage screenshot


New version somewhat disappointing3 starsby LowStrung (Read all my 13 reviews)
I've been using TheSage for a few years. It's an excellent reference work, but I do not like the new user interface. The program takes a lot longer to start up than previous versions, probably because it now uses the .NET framework. I've usually found .NET apps slow to start up, but with TheSage that's very pronounced. The program has become bloated; not surprising, because aside from the extra drive space taken up by the latest version of .NET, which I had to install to use TheSage, the program files themselves take up twice as much space as those of the old version. Also, the new tree-style side panel menu at the left uses up a lot of horizontal screen real estate, squeezing the definitions into a small pane at the right. Aside from the awkward interface, the rest of the app is still good. The tab-based interface in version 6.2 was better, however, and .NET was not required, so I have reverted to that version.
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Microsoft Snip screenshot

Microsoft SnipMicrosoft Snip

Easy to use4 starsby Sam_the_Man (Read all my 54 reviews)
If you already have a screen capture program that you're comfortable with, I would recommend that the user just stay with it. However, if you're looking for a screen capture program that's easy to use with no learning curve this one fits the bill. Personally, I like the voice recording feature and the ease of emailing what I've captured. I can't think of anything negative to say about this one. Sooooo, unless you're looking for more extra features, I'd say this program will meet your needs.
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FreeFileSync screenshot


Great for large jobs5 starsby shawndarichuk607 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I use FreeFileSync for all of my backups. It's very fast and simple.
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WinMerge screenshot


Makes work so much easier5 starsby shawndarichuk607 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I like how it can compare files based on content. There are lots of times where files have different date stamps, but they're actually the same file, so synchronization is not needed. WinMerge is one of those programs that every computer should have.
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SEO SpyGlass screenshot

SEO SpyGlassSEO SpyGlass

One of the best seo tools.5 starsby th.brennan78916
Good tool which is really user-friendly and easy to use. The price is excellent for such variety of features. White-label reports and cloud solutions are great. Surely has its own minor issues, but in general it is one of the best on the market.
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Crystal Security screenshot

Crystal SecurityCrystal Security

Great extra layer of protection5 starsby fuzzy178795 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very impressed the user interface is first class , and after a little look easy to understand it does inform very well , the scan is very good and will list all relevant files, updates well and it is a great as an extra layer of protection , in the early days of using Crystal Security but think it will be a Keeper would recommend you give it a Try.
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Microsoft OneDrive screenshot

Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive

Easier than dropbox, much easier to quit out5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I don't like to leave these cloud services running all the time. with dropbox finding the exit via the tray is in a submenu. with onedrive exit's the first tray popup entry. it's the little things.
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WinStep Nexus screenshot

WinStep NexusWinStep Nexus

Perfect launcher!5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Been using this for years with no problems such as Gimpguy mentioned in 2012. for me it runs in under 29 megs. no slowdowns. maybe it's because i keep the eye-candy at a minimum, no animations, no sounds. YMMV but i highly recommend this dock.
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Opera screenshot


Annoying, set as default browser, opens full2 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This late May 2016 Opera37.0.2178.43 release immediately annoyed me because it set itself as my Win7 Default Browser, didn't ask, no notice given. The easy way out was running Firefox again, and it asked, as is polite. The other minor trivial annoyance was opening in full screen. Why do they assume that? I uninstalled it, maybe better next time.
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ReNamer Lite screenshot

ReNamer LiteReNamer Lite

It works!4 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I use to 'fix' the names of music files that seem to change at will. Whether its deleting the first two or three characters or stripping from the end. It simply works. The proofing feature makes this great. Try it and you will determine quickly whether its for you or not.
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HDDExpert screenshot


Great portable hddssd tool5 starsby reboots695 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Like the speed. Like the interface. Sure other tools do this too, but the extra touches are nice on this one. Go ahead, give it a try. Would like to see fan control and identification built into this in future revisions.
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WhatsApp screenshot


Awesome app5 starsby dlcracked445
Its really Awesome App Using Everyday :)
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OpenOffice screenshot


Excellent program5 starsby triiv1 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Open Office answers all of my needs and does it as professionally as costly similar programs!
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