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ContaCam screenshot


Not user friendly3 starsby fungi2c548
Installed this on my computer (twice)to attempt to connect to IP cameras installed on my network. Tried 100 different ways get them to work...very frustrating....and the help file doesn't.
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus screenshot

Ad-Aware Free AntivirusAd-Aware Free Antivirus

Testing this out again.5 starsby darkocean (Read all my 35 reviews)
The last time I tried this was in 2006. I'm running away from a very popular, now turned bloatware anti virus program. I hope this one doesn't bombard me with pop ups notifications, slow my computer down, or be super hard to uninstall.Also the old one stopped catching viruses, I think it don't bother. This one is looking very nice so far. It doesn't play well with anti-spy where programs that "bite." It takes 179.5 in memory. I hope this one behaves itself I'm looking for a anti-virus to upgrade, but first need to see what this one does. I'll come back later and post a new review on if this is good or not. right now it is acting nice, so give it a try. My browser is fast again, so I don't think it's a memory hog.
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Microsoft Security Essentials screenshot

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft Security Essentials

Nothing faster or better5 starsby jfheff7 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Have been using Security Essentials as primary source for anti virus and malware prevention since Window XP, works just fine. Just use Malwarebytes free anti malware program every once in a while and all will be fine on a Windows PC.
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RogueKiller screenshot


It does what it says it does.3 starsby darkocean (Read all my 35 reviews)
It found 9 rogues in my computer however, when I tried to select one to read it's full file path it make it impossible to go back to the list, as there isn't any back button. Doh! The scan took almost two hours, I'm NOT going through that again! forget it I'll find another way to find them and get my comp cleaned out.
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus screenshot

Kaspersky Anti-VirusKaspersky Anti-Virus

Not recommended you can do better.1 starsby darkocean (Read all my 35 reviews)
1. It won't allow you the simple thing of updating the program without paying for it. 2. It's scan took over thirty minutes, and when it was done didn't find anything; that's a good thing as at least it didn't give me false positives. 3. This reminds me too much of AVG. I hate AVG now what with all it's upgrade nags, heavy load on the memory and slowing everything way down. 4. On the plus side after running the uninstaller I looked in regedit and got rid of the "left overs". It only a few compared to the HELL of trying to get AVG out, So at least it's an easy remove. 5. I like it when an Anti Virus is completely free from the get-go, if it proves it self over a month I keep it that's how it was with AVG until they got money hungry. So ya, I advise staying away from this program as it looks like it's going down that road now too. In the past I don't remember it not letting users update, this isn't a good sign. 6. I suspect the highly positive reviews to be bought ones or sock puppet accounts. BEWARE.
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VLC Media Player screenshot

VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player

Great!5 starsby Raverx (Read all my 13 reviews)
VLC probably will play anything you throw at it. As simple or at technical as you want it to be. Great player!
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Total Network Inventory screenshot

Total Network InventoryTotal Network Inventory

Great network audit tool5 starsby squakk826
I would definitely recommend TNI to system administrators who have a network with a big number of nodes. Price is OK, cheaper then alternatives (Lansweeper, for example) and there are all tools i need, including software, license audit, hardware inventory http:www.softinventive.comhardware-inventory and schedule check in network, alarming about inapropriate versions or outdated licenses etc. Overall, good GUI and performance. IMO lack of deployment tool can give minus to this software
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Snipaste screenshot


Excellent capture tool5 starsby smaragdus (Read all my 7 reviews)
Truly portable, easy and extremely handy to use Snipaste shines in post-production of captured images- the option to paste the captured images onto desktop in floating, resizable and movable windows makes Snipaste unique.
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Eusing Clock screenshot

Eusing ClockEusing Clock

A nice clock but not portable4 starsby smaragdus (Read all my 7 reviews)
Eusing Clock looks cool but it is not portable- it saves settings in Windows registry- "HKEYCURRENTUSER/Software/Eusing Clock". I prefer truly portable software and that is why I decided to dump it.
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Macrorit Disk Partition Expert screenshot

Macrorit Disk Partition ExpertMacrorit Disk Partition Expert

Amazing and efficient!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 157 reviews)
First off one of the most attractive things that determined me to download and test this software the size of the program, only 4mb. All others were like 30-40mb which are huge. So I just needed to resize the a partition this program did it is seconds. I am impressed and extremely happy with this program. Two-thumbs up! Get it, use it, rate it!
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Logo Design Studio screenshot

Logo Design StudioLogo Design Studio

Great work!4 starsby daniroxx66
I utilized this tool to design logos from my business work! It works perfect :) I am glad to buy it with this price! But I wish that will be available in lower price :)
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AllDup screenshot


Does everything i need4 starsby aasland496
I've tried a few find duplicate programs over the years. I've never really found one I liked much. Typically, they are too simple or too difficultawkward to use, even for experienced users. Not to mention that it's always scary to let a new and unknown piece of software identify and delete important data. AllDup is not perfect - the interface is too crowded and a bit confusing at first. Way too many buttons. But I really needed a good duplicate finder and decided to spend a few minutes to figure everything out. Once I got the hang of it, it's a very powerful and useful tool. I've identified and cleaned up many gigabytes of duplicate files. Is it the best duplicate finder out there? I have no idea, but it works and does everything I need it to do.
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Classic Shell screenshot

Classic ShellClassic Shell

A must have app! makes windows useable again!5 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 4 reviews)
It is on my top 5 apps to install on any of my new computers. i install it right after firefox. i just cant say enough good things about it. best thing since sliced bread! this app gives back what microsoft seems to take with every new os release. useability of your computer. it unmacs your pc. many of us actually use computers and need features more useful than something for a 5yr old.
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Machete Lite screenshot

Machete LiteMachete Lite

Not enough down & dirty volume control3 starsby conaughy772
Machete Lite does well for simple edits and audio extractions and cuts. But and that's a big BUT. You can't adjust audio volume. How many times I just wanted to increase or decrease volume on a poorly mixed video- too often. Nobody adds this simple function to their down and dirty freeware.
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SearchMyFiles screenshot


Excellent search portable freeware5 starsby ricohflex77 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This is how you can achieve being able to navigate to a folder, and let NirSoft SearchMyFiles search that particular folder. It is faster and much better than Windows search. You simply go into main menu, click on Options. Click to enable "Explorer Context Menu". That is it. The next time you are in Windows Explorer or Total Commander; place your cursor on any folder, then simply right click on mouse and choose SearchMyFiles from CVontext Menu. Nirsoft SearchMyFiles will open with that folder already input into the "Base Folders" of the Search Options window. You can input whatever search criteria you wish. The two window pane system is in fact superior. It lets you control search criteria in window 1 and the search results in the other window 2. You can press F9 to open any search result file; or choose in Options to Open File On Double Click. The software remembers your last Base folder and the next time you run the software, it defaults to your last used base folder. If you have many base folders; it remembers them too. Just select from a scroll list. Overall an excellent search software. Portable and FREE.
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio screenshot

DVDVideoSoft Free StudioDVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Free but adware adware inclued not optional1 starsby GRIM_LORD655
DVDVideoSoft v6.6 is pulling a shady practice to forced you to upgrade to the latest version with (adware adware included as not optional) they call it Open candy. Adwcleaner + Malwarebytes have trouble to remove the junk who reinstall at every reboot.
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Workrave screenshot


Workrave truly rocks!5 starsby kipper1399
I know many laud Workrave for helping to prevent the adverse health effects of sitting immobile for long periods and repetitive motion injuries. For me, that is just icing on the cake. This unassuming little code has ramped up my productivity about 500. Lets just say I am prone to laziness not by choice but because my minuscule attention span keeps me hopping from chair to chair. All that changed when my wife, obviously fed up with my lounging around while my dissertation is still pending, diplomatically introduced me to Workrave. That was about 4 weeks ago and my research is already well under way toward completion. With workrave, I am committed to exerting at least 8 hours of effort a day, and I persist with my programmed activities until it tells me to stop working and go find something else to do! Sure, I still get to take 10 minute breaks, stretch a little, raid the cookie shelf, and hydrate. If you are lacking productivity in your life, look no further than this nifty little program. It does more than Covey and all the other productivity gurus put together. I love it!
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SnailDriver screenshot


Wrongly identifies system devices3 starsby jfheff7 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Incorrectly idetified motherboard and device drivers hp dc7900 intell e8400
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UpdateFreezer screenshot


Does not work to block skype auto updates.2 starsby Raverx (Read all my 13 reviews)
Next to 'Skype', there is only 'NA'. Not much good if you want to block the forced Skype auto updates.
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ZHPCleaner screenshot


Strange and not worth the time2 starsby Harlan (Read all my 56 reviews)
Installation routine is weird, in that it creates a desktop shortcut and runs an executable file, but then apparently deletes them upon first use. Runs slowly and is not easily cancelled. Automatically shuts down any open browser before it starts to run, but they can be re-opened once the run gets going. It scans all browsers and related areas in the registry, and appears to be pretty thorough in finding potential problems. It gives no context in the online display (which was distorted and displayed improperly on my 1920x1080 Win7 display). The results shown on the screen provide no context (what the problem is with each identified item, or which browser is affected). There is a text log file created (in mixed FrenchEnglish) which includes hints as to both the problem and the browser, but only hints. The online information is extensive and readily available for each item one-at-a-time, but you need to read French. I don't see any reason to use this in preference to the many other available programs with the same function.
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Waterfox screenshot


The best of the firefox clones, but!5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 15 reviews)
Waterfox does a great job of auto-importing one's FF Profile, and then runs complex web pages a bit faster (it seems, for me). All good so far. BUT, next time I ran standard FF 45.01 my "about:config" "xpinstall.signatures.required", tweaked to a 'false' toggle, it was reset to the default 'true'. This results in some unsigned extensions not working. For me the obvious one was my Speed Dial home page, which still oddly worked in W'fox but not in FF. I had to go into the FF about:config and toggle it to false. Who knows what other tweaks it may have reset?
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SharePod screenshot


Needs iTunes to work! 1 starsby kar_mc158
I am trying to manage my ipod touch without installing itunes on my computer, which is why I downloaded this. Kind of defeats the purpose when you have to install itunes to use this. Waste of time!
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Vivaldi screenshot


Great browser4 starsby Mog89R (Read all my 4 reviews)
I have two browsers Opera 12.18 and Vivaldi. I keep old Opera because of its email management. If Vivaldi managed my emails I would have only one browser. It amazes me how customable is Vivaldi and I like that. I would not regard it a slow browser
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Plex Media Server screenshot

Plex Media ServerPlex Media Server

Awesome movievideo manager and server5 starsby rga.dawg395
This is an awesome local application that uses a robust media server to let other devices stream content from the server. Once installed you can manage all your movie/video content from the server computer, then access the content from multiple devices, or from the web, or from cloud space. Some of the features are limited in the Free version, mainly the number of devices you can stream from, and some of the other features like Movie Trailers, Previews, Cloud access, etc. All of the features are enabled with a Plex Membership, which is a very nice value at 39.99 per year. Even without a Plex membership (Plex Pass) you can do quite a lot with it. I use it mainly with my samsung smart TV. The samsung smart TV has a Plex app which makes playing the content very easy. I also have a Win7 Plex player on my laptop, and a Plex player on my Android
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SnailDriver screenshot


Labour saver4 starsby paddy.c12499 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Confess I approached this neat little app with some trepidation but found that it basically does what it says it will do, with some minor qualifications. SnailDriver will install its download folder (called "Snaildriverbackup", oddly)to D unless switched to C, something I failed to notice which resulted in it doing its business in my System Reserved drive. Operator error! SnailDriver found and downloaded sixteen outdated drivers, half the installations failing. Scanned again and used the check list to repeat the procedure in blocks of four, and it worked perfectly! Also offered to update my fractionally dated graphics driver,which I personally wouldn't recommend. Could use a tad more configurability, but hey, its free! A keeper for me.
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Boxcryptor screenshot


No free filename encryption1 starsby computergenius (Read all my 4 reviews)
It apparently does not work without signing up with an online account. You have to go through lots of hoops to find out that filename encryption is not free and you must pay for their service on a yearly rate. Total waste of time.
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Textify screenshot


Useful tool4 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 7 reviews)
Its not often we use this program, but it exists and is useful when an error message occurs. It works fine.
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VMware Player screenshot

VMware PlayerVMware Player

Quality5 starsby paddy.c12499 (Read all my 5 reviews)
A genuinely excellent piece of kit this, and virtually idiot proof. Tested to date with two flavours of Linux and my venerable copy of XP, and it has performed flawlessly. Beats others I have tried by a large margin, and I will almost certainly purchase the pro version.
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Text Speaker screenshot

Text SpeakerText Speaker

The price is the issue2 starsby Shodan816 (Read all my 41 reviews)
"Balabolka" is free, and it's great.
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Q-Dir screenshot


My favorite file manager in windows5 starsby hreeus (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've tried quite a few file managers in the past years but I keep coming back to Q-dir. I've had no issues running both portable and installation versions on Win xp, Win 7, Win 8 and now on Win 10. Program settings can be a little awkward but for a free program I can't complain.
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