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A professional software for free 5 stars by hanna.hrischka520 May 14, 2018
Best cleaning, tuning and optimizing tool around. You'll find nothing better. To henerey773, I see you are not familiar with computer programs, you must always go to Options, there you find SkipUAC. It's not an autostart object as you mentioned. Look at Google. If you uncheck Each Folder display settings in PluginCleaner, you're folder settings will not be lost. Good luck henerey773! show Review details
Good for system restore, but warning 2 stars by henerey773 May 11, 2018 (Read all my 33 reviews)
After running this once, I emailed the developer: I tried out your Tweakpower 1.003 and I really liked how it presented various operations. I especially liked how it gave easy access to System Restore, both making a new one and deleting old ones. That was great! However, I don't recall giving permission for it to start with my Win7. Some other utility alerted me to a new startup item. I didn't like that. Then after I 'quarantined' the offensive startup, now the exe won't run. Apparently it relies on that startup item. I like that even less. Please consider a different approach. He replied, but just with a terse Thanks, implying this was all by design. One final warning, I noticed after running it that my Win7 Folder Options were changed by this. I keep most of my folders in Details view. This changed all of those to Icons view. Good luck! show Review details
Has potential, but not there yet 3 stars by Klatuu May 02, 2018 (Read all my 23 reviews)
The software has no Help File - reports it as 'Coming Soon'. Considering that, I was cautious as to what I picked when making changes to increase the start up and shut down speeds. After applying the changes, it didn't seem to make any difference. And now three annoying small alert boxes appear that you have to click OK for each time you boot up. I assume this is to indicate things are being adjusted. The program did report an issue in the Device Manager - a driver not working from an uninstalled Anti-Virus. But, you cannot fix it from the software. You have to go to SystemDevice Manager and uninstall it from there. Nice interface, but overall the program needs to be tweaked for things to work better, and the main reason I tried this was to get start up a bit faster, and help load things better. It failed to do that for me. show Review details
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