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Not bad 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 11, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
At first set up, it didn't quite work, I set up my email account and it wouldn't retrieve messages, said there was an error. Final solution was to delete the account and start over which finally worked. It took a while to get messages which is alright since I have a lot of them but eventually did retrieve all of them. The interface could use some updating since the mail icons look a bit retro, no big deal though and not part of how I rate this. Even though I had it set to sort by date, newest first, it still always goes to bottom of page to oldest, I also cannot copy any text or links from the email body. It has a lot of options, very easy to set up an account and manage them, and seems to respond fairly quick. It just didn't stand out amongst other email handlers though. I also didn't like that when I maximize the window, my inbox side window disappears. When I uninstalled it said it was running and had to be stopped, well, ok I know to hit the task manager and quit the process but how many out there that won't and leave them scratching their heads on how to uninstall it? It should have an option to stop the process from the uninstall itself. All in all, a great email handler but needs a lot of improving. With changes made, this could be one of the easiest and best of it's kind. show Review details
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