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Great little image editor 5 stars by Mortsid Aug 16, 2009
Has Curves and Level adjustment. Allows editing of jpgs and saving as jpg. (Photoshop doesn't allow this). Many other adjustment are straight forward and easy to use. Fast and easy!! show Review details
It`s ok 3 stars by gimpguy May 07, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I wasn't highly impressed with this software. The interface is alright but the app seems to be a bit sluggish and doesn't really feature half of what other free image editorsdjusters do. It's a bit stuffy to me. Like the curves option, very slow responding and I am not running some OEM petty PC for the record and have enough resources to run anything. So perhaps it's an OS issue with it, DK but at first, it wouldn't allow me to open a pic, click OK, it would just hang. I really wasn't impressed with it but once again, Even if not "the best" it's still a decent freeware and you can't lose out from trying it. show Review details
Not for Vista 64-bit 3 stars by pcs800 May 06, 2009 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I have Vista 64 bit (I know, I am sorry too). This app crashed when i tried opening a photo the first time. The second time it was fine, but then crashed again while editing the photo. Seems like a nice looking and feeling app and probably does fine on 32 bit OS's. One thing I was unable to find is a way to resize a selection area after dragging it out, which is crippling for a photo editing app IMO. show Review details
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