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Yikes 1 stars by gimpguy Oct 02, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While I feel the intentions were good here, I can honestly say I won't be using, let alone buying this. The color replacing on edited image was sloppy, even on basic images. It would make more sense to click on the duplicate editing image rather than the original to change color. The interface is extremely easy, unfortunately that doesn't come close to making up for lack of a good program. I can name fifty different freewares that will outrank this by 100-1 in every aspect, price wise, quality and interface. I apologize but any amount is TOO much for this, even free I can't honestly say I would use this. If it needs work, I suggest giving it away free, building it up, working on it, then once a good product, put a price on it. show Review details
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