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Impressive 3D 4 stars by busybusy Oct 17, 2011 (Read all my 186 reviews)
Once you run this program all you can say is Wow! You wish all apps had the graphical functionality this program exhibits. The downside is while simply rotating a picture the program crashed. The system I am running should be able to handle the program fine but there was no reason for it. I still would recommend it as a viewer and organizer are its strong points. The import does work with my Canon which is nice but as another reviewer noted you have to have the destination set before hand. Editing feature would be a welcome edition to the tools already provided. I hope they continue developing because this would be a front runner to any viewer. show Review details
Still great 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 05, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I figured I'd update my review since it was so old. I am still using Pictomio, still love the features, 3-D view, albums, import, filmstrip, thumb view, etc... This has a lot of options but isn't OVER the top with them and handles viewing extremely well which is what makes it so great. If you have an older system or need "updated" graphics drivers or a decent graphics card, etc... you may get some freezing or skipping with this. There could also be other issues like low ram or infection on the PC. When I ran my old HP pavilion, I had many freeze ups with Pictomio but it was my system. But yes, for those with older systems or outdated graphics drivers, it may take a bit more resources to run this, mainly in the 3-D viewing. Importing works great but you have to set a different destination folder other than what you're importing from or it won't save the pictures, else it would be simply overwriting what's already there. Kodak Easy Share doesn't seem to work with Pictomio but my Olympus does. Kodak is too proprietary to it's own camera, not the fault of Pictomio. Great viewer, a must try if you haven't. show Review details
Great but confusing! 3 stars by naturelover91 Oct 24, 2010
I really love this app!!! My old one was soooo slow that I was happy to find this one. I really like the way it looks and it's features. I never really liked to use apps like this one, but this one might make me like it! There are just two problems I encountered right in the beginning. The first one is that after the pictures uploaded from my camera it didn't create a new folder in my 'Pictures', it looked like it hadn't copied them from my camera so I copied all into a new folder in my 'Pictures' section.( I hope it will work better that that!)The second problem is that it freezes very often(but the luckily unfreezes again). Hope to find solutions. :) show Review details
Fresher than fresh... 4 stars by ice_magistrate Jul 03, 2009 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I've tried free image browsers all the time (not just because of it's price..but i got fed up with acdsee a long time ago). my usual image browser was Fastone image viewer..and it's actually good, but i needed a fresher UI since..the preset UI in Fastone cant be changed or added to..tried Pictomio a few times and the 3D addition was a fresh way to view image files. Just a warning though...it can have trouble when youre opening up a folder with a few thousand files in it. Other than that, there`s no other 3D way of viewing you 2D files that`s free and has this nice UI. I stay away from Picasa because it`s a Google app...hated their app since i've tried using google desktop... show Review details
Very pretty but slow 4 stars by DrGerm Oct 30, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I installed v 1.2.24 and WoW this is a nice looking program, but it turns my computer to mush. There are a few options under settings that you can turn down some graphical details which helped and then I just flipped through my pictures for 30 minutes. This is a very fun and appealing image app. There is also a window, which you can pin, that gives you easy access to EXIF data; very cool. And the program has built-in GeoCoding application to include the use of either Microsoft or Google, although you have to pay to use this feature. One weird problem though is that it is not displaying any of my tags. There is an "Index Status" which states there are "267,120" tags in my album, but all the tag fields are empty and the tag index in the library is also empty. Another problem is that it seems not to display my .tiff files. A beautiful free app, but I do not recommend unless you have a decently performing computer and until some bugs get ironed out. show Review details
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